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Evangelin Mikratos

Evangelin Mikratos
Species and Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33A
Year of Birth: YE 36
Organisation: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Technician/Engineer (Armourer)
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: Uprising

Physical Description

Evangelin is a Nekovalkyrja, Type 33A that stands at exactly 5’6”with an athletic look that catches the eye more than she would like, her legs start off with slim calves that then bow out in a rather shapely matter to a pair of strong, thicker thighs and a heart-shaped rear that is toned and round – Evangelin’s hips taper in to her waist and taut stomach that shows hints of the powerful abdominal muscles beneath before reaching the soft curves of her full and round c-cup chest, much like the rest of her body Evangelin’s arms are toned and lightly muscled yet not bulked out.

Evangelin’s face is rather heart-shaped and pale, a stark contrast to the short bob of lavender-hued hair with a fringe that falls down to cover her piercingly red eyes, with the dark curtain only really being pulled back on the rare occasion she is pissed off – Evangelin is tailless and has two cat-ears the same colour as her hair that stick out the top of her head, with a somewhat cutesy button nose and pert lips adorning what little of her face shows.

Though it often appears she is wearing the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 with a red panel Evangelin is usually wearing a Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 29 swimsuit for mobility that is occasionally paired with her Midnight black Type 40 Plate Bearing Vest with a simple volumetric uniform thrown over the top.


Evangelin has a bit of a reputation for her abrasive personality, she is seen as blunt, cold and calculating – speaking exactly what is on her mind with no hesitation, the lavender-haired neko judges both her own and the actions of other harshly, letting people know who messed up, how they managed to do so and why. Evangelin likes to be prepared and can come off as paranoid by some people when seen occasionally strolling around the ship in a ballistic vest, though as a result of all this she is an extremely hard worker that knuckles down to get the job done with ruthless efficiency.

When fighting, Evangelin has a tendency to get up close and personal with the enemy – drawing her flail and shield to rush them, showing no mercy nor quarter as bones are broken and metal is swung.


Evangelin Mikratos was created towards the start of YE 36, she was just another one of the many Type 33A Nekos that were pumped out and almost immediately showed her abrasive personality alongside the ruthless efficiency that followed suite – as well as a knack for fighting the old fashioned way.

While her military career has been nothing history-making the lavender-haired armourer managed to push forwards through each mission to prove most of the rumors about her were true, rising to the rank of Jôtô Hei by mid YE 40 for her multirole abilities that managed to make dealing with her troubling personality worthwhile.

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills Fighting: In addition to her standard training, Evangelin has shown a high level of skill in the use of flails, shields, shotguns and pistols – she fights with no frills or sense of showiness, just brutal effectiveness. Technology Operation: Being an armourer, Evangelin is trained to know the suits of power armour fielded by the SAOY inside and out – though she strives with most pieces of technology used by the Yamataian Military. Repair and Maintenance: As an armourer, Evangelin is used to fixing up broken suits of high-tech armour as if it were second nature to the lavender-haired neko – though she can fix most broken things. Engineering: Evangelin has taken an interest in designing her own weapons systems for use by the SAOY, though she tends to only further these plans in the little bit of spare time she allows herself to have.

Social Connections

None, yet

Inventory and Finances

Star Army Standard Issue Items Ke-M2-D3000 Forearm Ellipsoid Shield that bares scratches and marks from previous battles Type 40 Plate Bearing Vest in Midnight black A Zesuaium flail with a Gravitic drive in the head to help crush suits of enemy power armour

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