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Giada Nuñez

Giada Nuñez is a character played by Ethereal. She was originally created by Wes.

Giada Nuñez
Giada Nuñez
Species & Gender Anthro/Kitsune
Organization: Origin
Occupation: Salvage Crew
Rank: Junior Employee
Current Placement: OIF Reaper

Physical Description

Giada has long brown hair and goldenrod eyes. She has a human-like body with a furred fox tail, paws for feet, and large brown-furred ears.


Giada is a very outgoing and flirty person, enjoying teasing others for her own amusement. She loves pretty objects and tries to dress as nicely yet casually as possible.

History & Relationships

Giada is an immigrant from some other universe who was granted citizenship in the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 39 at the age of 20 under a special program. In return she is obligated to provide 3 years of service to the YSE, such as serving in the Star Army of Yamatai, by YE 46.

Social Connections

Giada is connected to:

  • Tina Nuñez (Sister)

Inventory & Finance

Giada has very little of her own.

Giada currently has 500 KS.

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Wes on 2017/08/23 18:22. Adopted on 2018/06/28.

Adoptable purchased from Ledronas on FA by Wes.

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