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Hirai Arisu

Hirai Arisu is an NPC played by Sourdoughy.

Hirai Arisu
Species & Gender: Minkan Female
Date of Birth: 14日 7月 YE 19
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Cook
Rank: Santō Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kenage

Physical Description

Standing 5’2”, she is a slender female with a lean build. Her shoulders are slim and well-defined, with pronounced collar bones that stand out. With a pinched waist but large breasts and hips, she has an attractive hourglass figure. Her facial structure is delicate, with sharp cheekbones and a narrow jaw, while her forehead is large. Rounded ears sit evenly on both sides of her head, being small in comparison to her skull.

Her hair is long and blonde, the structure being wavy. She takes great care in maintaining its softness, only using gentle products and shampoos and never curling or straightening it. Her eyes are purple, framed by thick lashes, while her eyebrows are narrow. Her skin is pale, and forgetful as she is, she often forgets to wear protection against the sun, resulting in some nasty burns.


As determined as she is, it can result in her not knowing when to quit. If she’s in a situation where she wants to win, she will not give up until she has either succeeded at her goals, or has utterly and irreconcilably failed. She also has issues with admitting defeat, and can be a poor loser. For what issues her stubbornness can cause, however, it also leads to a great work ethic, and she never procrastinates or puts her duties off.

Forgetful, she has a single-minded focus for her craft, often getting distracted by researching some new recipe or whatever she’s planning on cooking later. While sometimes it doesn’t create problems for her, she is flaky, often missing out on plans she’s made with other people, and she can get distracted from whatever task she’s trying to accomplish. It also means that she can come off as a bit air-headed, not being able to completely maintain conversations and mostly speaking about cooking. However, this focus on cooking means she never forgets to turn an oven off or put her ingredients back into the fridge.


Hirai Arisu was born in YE 19 in the city of Geshrinopolis, Planet Yamatai. The child of two chefs, her mother died when she was little, and her father was left to care for her during her childhood. While he didn’t know how to cook before, he was forced to learn how in order to provide for his two young children, and Hirai joined him in learning how. Soon, she developed a passion for it, having used cooking as an outlet for her grief and as a way to connect with her mother, and she set her sights on cooking in a professional manner. She was recruited into the Star Army training academies, and graduated shortly after, being assigned a position on a ship as a chef.

Skills Learned

Hirai Arisu has the following notable skills.

  • Mathematics. Having received basic training in mathematics during her time in training, she can do simple algebra, trigonometry, and geometry.
  • Communications. She can send and receive messages and transmissions using shuttles, a standard Star Army communicator, headsets, ships, radios, etcetera. She is also fluent in Trade and Yamataigo. When using these methods of communication, she can also follow standard rules and procedures when making transmissions.
  • Technology. Is capable at operating most standard Star Army technology.
  • Fighting. While not advanced in combat, she has high physical strength, and knows both the basics of hand-to-hand combat and the utilization of firearms, as is standard for Star Army personnel.
  • Cooking. A capable chef, she is highly proficient in the art of making consumable meals, drinks, and desserts. She is especially proficient at creating cakes and similar desserts, having a sweet tooth and a fondness for baking.
  • Glass-Making. Her father runs a glassware making shop, and while she doesn’t often participate in his trade, she is capable of blowing and mounding glass into a variety of shapes. Overall, a useless skill, but one that’s interesting.
  • Flexibility. A naturally agile woman, she can contort her body to an almost ridiculous degree. She was simply born with flexible joints, although remaining active throughout her childhood and adolescence certainly helped maintain this agility.

Social Connections

Hirai Arisu is connected to:

  • Hirai Jun, her father. A kindhearted man, he’s awkward with women, and has only just reentered the dating scene after his wife passed away. He loves his two children, and is a dedicated father to both of them. He’s utterly incompetent at cooking, having attempted to learn how only to have his daughter pick up the skill instead. Owning an artisanal glassware shop, he sells handcrafted dishes and pieces of art.
  • Hirai Makoto, her brother. Born in YE 25, he is six years younger than her, and was only several days old when their mother died. Anti-social and stubborn, he tries to maintain an image of aloofness, although he secretly likes being shown affection. Talented at mathematics, he’s the reason the family business hasn’t gone bankrupt yet.

Inventory & Finance

Hirai Arisu has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

In addition, she has:

  • A lacy white apron that belonged to her mother.

Hirai Arisu currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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