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Iemochi Seinosuke

Senator of Virginia, progenitor of the Neo-Caelisolans, VIP of Elysia, former Chief Science Officer, former SOFT leader, biowarfare expert, inventor, husband and doctor. Iemochi Seinosuke is a player character played by Ethereal.

Iemochi Seinosuke
Species: Neo-Caelisolan
Gender: Male
Year of Birth: YE 19
Height: 5'8“ (172cm)
Weight: 150lbs (68kg)
Organization: Senate of Yamatai / Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Senator / Ex-Chief Science Officer / Ex-SpecOps
Rank: Senator / Ittô Juni
Current Placement: Virginia

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'8” (172cm)
  • Mass: 150lbs (68kg)


Sein was once a NH-31 however his own actions caused him to become an Elysian. He appears as a Caucasian male with a slim, lightly muscled bodytype. His skin colour is paler than most, but still looks healthy despite exposure to all sorts of chemicals. Stands with a straight back but tends to slouch a lot when sitting or working in a lab. His wings are large and ravenlike in shape yet coloured in the colours of fire and sunrise. Sein has bright emerald eyes, warm and soft. He seems to always be smiling and has small dimples in the middle of his cheeks. Sein has medium length (for a guy) straw blonde hair which is unruly and generally all over the place. It seems like he's just woken up virtually all of the time. Sein once had a small burn mark on the right side of his face under his chin where a Bunsen burner once flared up during an experiment however his species change healed the scar.



Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Seinosuke aka. 'Sein', 'Seino' or 'Mochi' is incredibly curious and logical person (albeit a tad eccentric), generally courteous and affectionate but perhaps a little too flirtatious for his own good. Whenever someone has a question, he's always happy to answer and inevitably goes into a hour-long spiel on the ins and outs of said topic. He always seems animated, but seems to never sleep. He can be found in the dead of night poking at some gizmo or pondering over a theory. Despite all this, he seems to look like he's just woken up though this is more due to his night-owl manner than poor maintenance of his equipment.

Sein is also quite paranoid, making sure as many contingency plans and fail-safes are in place in whatever he's doing. This can lead him to distrust the work of others. “I've reset the power grid.” “Have you?” “Yes.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “I'll make sure.” “I told you it's done.” “I know.. I'm just checking..” In addition, he tends not to think of his creations as intelligent beings most of the time. Just a means to an end, it wouldn't be beyond him to just incinerate one of his failed creations alive.

As time has gone on aboard the Kaiyo and eventually the Kaiyo II, Mochi's experiences have forced him to become more comfortable with fighting than he once was.

  • Likes: Violin, ancient weapons, lost civilisations, pranks, whiskey, pocket watches
  • Dislikes: Bad punctuality, cluttered workspaces, rare steaks, unfinished jobs
  • Goals: To break free of his father's grasp one way or another.

Social Connections

Seinosuke is connected to:

Recognised Family / Friends


Blood Family


Family (or Creators)

Sein is the fifth-born of his siblings, three sisters and a brother. His mother died in childbirth, leaving his father devastated and causing his immediate estrangement from the family.


Seinosuke was the son of an extremely wealthy man, the youngest of his siblings. However, instead of being in the upper echelons of society he was disowned at the moment he was born. The one thing his father loved more than money was his wife. She gave her life in giving Sein his. His father was so broken and lost he told his faithful butler - Lexhur - to take the boy far away and to never let him see his son again.

Gladly, Sein never bothered about social standings. His father seemed like a distant concept that had given him a small deposit to start life. From the start of his journey he was interested in the workings of the world, the way life springs from a seed, the way power was generated and wavelengths beyond the visible spectrum. Without much else of note to decide his future on, this was the path he chose.

Originally having trained as a biologist specializing in bio-engineering, Sein was soon 'scouted' by the Star Army following his graduation. Unbeknownst to him, he was approached by a man and a woman in suits. They explained to him that his skillset as a scientist was perfect for the role of a Science Officer on board the YSS Kaiyō.

He accepted, the idea of being on an ACTUAL vessel where he could explore the vast depths of space for amazing and undiscovered wonders! It was a dream, perhaps he would even come across some discovery that would better the universe and perhaps show he was worth the death of his mother.

Sein was promptly whisked off to a training ground where he was placed among a group of cadets. He struggled through basic training, taking a lot longer to adjust to the environment and learn than his comrades. Spending your life in a lab tends not to help physical capabilities. Eventually - after what seemed like an age - he managed to complete the training course at which point he wasn't actually scouted for his abilites alone. It was his father's doing, making sure he would be put far out of sight and mind.

It was at this point the plan hatched. He would join the Kaiyō, having signed on for it after being tricked by his father. He would be far enough away from his father that his influence would not be present. In this environment he could work hard, gain favor and perhaps come back as a distinguished member of the Star Army. Hopefully he'd be pretty much untouchable eventually, his father having no influence over the crew he'd inevitably form strong bonds with.


Sein began his journey onboard the YSS Kaiyō by looking over all the electronics onboard, much to the surprise of their Captain Teien Eden who didn't even realise he was aboard. During their first ever crew meeting, Mochi (as Eden had coined) introduced himself looking rather dirty from all the work he had been doing. During their first combat, he ascertained that Meissa Nashira could blow up the hostile ship from within, using a onboard missile to rupture the hull - allowing the Kaiyo to triumph.

Their second combat, a unknown shuttle filled with power armor. Mochi suggested and set up the Graviton Beam Projector to trap the shuttle from getting dangerously close to the ship - preventing the self destruct from harming the Kaiyo. In addition, he recorded the first known audio of L'Kor speech, allowing SAINT to eventually create a translator. Between missions, he dissected pieces of L'Kor carcass - not gathering much from what remained but sending what he knew to Star Army Intelligence, for which he was later returned everything SAINT had gathered from the L'Kor. Awarded the Exploration Medal.

Queue Love Day. Mochi had finally found an intact cadaver and was well through stripping it down. A vial of pheromones spilled from his work, shattering to the floor. These pheromones affected much of the Kaiyo's crew, unveiling the inter-crew attractions to each other and can be credited for many of the couplings to follow in the coming months. This was the event where Teien Eden and Saki first kissed. Catching Arbitrated Iemochi's eye across the room, they talked properly for the first time and realised they were interested in each other.

When the Kaiyo encountered a L'Kor Battleship, Mochi estimated a layout of the unknown class of ship, allowing the Away Team to cripple the target from within and allow the Kaiyo's squadron to destroy it. Mochi also acted as the translator for the first L'Kor-Yamataian dialogue, which ended when no diplomatic solution was found.

Mochi commanded and organised the Kaiyo's crew to survey a previously uncharted planet. Despite casualties, they recovered 2 undamaged L'Kor fighters/bombers.

Mishhuvurthyar. Breaking in through the hull of the Kaiyo. Mochi having to command the efforts to repulse one of the many breaches. Arbles went down under NMX fire, Mochi guarding her while the medic patched her up. During this time he was overrun and grappled by one of them, which she shot down.

During Eden and Saki's wedding, Mochi was put in charge of keeping the men in line before the Empress. He managed - just about - to do so, experiencing the first wedding of his life. Sometime around then, he was awarded his Survival, Combat and Service awards. The joy of the wedding later compelled Mochi to shed his shell of a Minkan life, leaving his past behind and becoming an Elysian after months of planning with Arbitrated. The process for doing so cost him his remaining “inheritance severance” money, as well as months of tireless work to create the body he now inhabits.

The Kaiyo enters an alternate universe, Mochi plots starcharts of where they've been and runs some experiments. He determines the universe is the same as ours, yet different in small ways known as the Mirror universe. Breaking free of their captivity to the larger alt-Kaiyo, Mochi holds the ship together along with Anastasia Barlow and gets them safely away without blowing up (with the help of the local deity).

Shortly after, Arbitrated Shan announced she was pregnant with Seinosuke's baby, not only that but they were twins! They were married, during which Iemochi Chiyo gave him his mother's ring, the first time he'd ever heard from a sibling. He almost broke down realising what this meant, what all this meant.

Seino decided to try his hand at inventing something and came up with the Integrated Retroviral Infusion System (IRIS) shell and Mutagenic Assault Weapon to project it. This was made as a private project and only he has the plans or working product as of now.

The Battle of Komorebi occurred, during which Mochi had to lead an excursion party to flank the enemy and break them while they hammered the rest of the Kaiyo forces. He used his Xiphos to butcher one and capture a enemy shuttlecraft.

Seinosuke was finally convinced to inform Elysia of his creation of the Neo-Caelisolan body, having been one himself for many months. He contacted The Elysian Senate and had a virtual meeting with Antonius Castor through IIS video chat.

He led SOFT 501 in a station assault, which went great until a L'Kor suicide bomber detonated beside the station reactor they were overloading. This caused the death of Hanna Madsen and Anastasia Barlow to be presumed KIA, though the rest of the SOFT team extracted with the mission complete, Mochi almost boiling alive inside his armor. SOFT 501 was promptly disbanded afterwards, its members separating, Mochi to Elysia.

Elysian Placement


Following the events of the Kaiyo, it was recognised that Mochi's achievements in creating a new race needed to be resolved by The Elysian Senate. To fix this, he was requested by Star Army Command to a garrison nearby Elysia Novus and given promotion to Ittô Juni. His correspondence with Senator Antonius Castor allowed him special dispensation to perform services on behalf of Elysia and engage in talks regarding the new species he had created and its repercussions. Naturally, his wife came with him to the placement.

Returning to the Kaiyo

Upon an attempt on his life, Seinosuke was hospitalised, a fact that caught media attention. He was soon contacted by Teien Eden, his old friend and captain..

After a classified mission into an alternative dimension, encountering NMX and Yamatai from another possible timeline, Seinosuke returned to the known universe.

Senator of Virginia



Having been given basic Star Army training along with reading many manuals in his spare time, Sein is competent in using radio, along with the protocols, procedures and etiquette. He can communicate through many headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in and out of combat. Sein can speak Trade and Yamataigo with fluency. He can explain and give commands well over these mediums and face-to-face. Obviously, as a scientist, he is also well versed in the niceties of writing reports, hypotheses and many forms of official scientific documentation.


Having a doctorate in Bio-Engineering, Sein lives and breathes biology. At every opportunity he sinks his scalpel into some poor sample or another, trying to discover something groundbreaking or useful to his work. Any pets that may be onboard the vessel he sets foot on better be locked up tight or risk being turned into waste biomass. One may walk into Sein's lab unannounced and face some half-grown mutation of a creature the man calls an 'experiment'. Due to the obvious pairing of astro/xenobiology and bio-engineering, Sein has a pool of knowledge that encompasses both subjects.

He is the only person to have ever accomplished cross-species ST into a body physically identical in most ways to the old body, requiring many months of hard research and exorbitant amounts of money. This has made him somewhat of a name in Elysia.


Sein has the highest level of science training available in the Star Army, having studied in a civilian science school and gained a doctorate. Therefore, he is adept in everything from using robotic exploration equipment to performing dissections. He has a keen interest in physics above other areas of science outside of biology, keeping up to date with the practical and some theoretical uses of the laws of the Universe.


As a graduate, Sein has a strong grasp of mathematics. Physics is mostly equations and expressions on how the universe is pieced together and so to understand physics one must understand maths. He can manipulate imaginary numbers and use statistical analysis as well as having competency in useful algorithms.


When you see something biologically useful, the next step is to analyse and manufacture it. Sein can run several tests to figure out the contents of a compound by using the Ke-G1-E3101 function of his scanner. Limited synthesis can be done after an extended period of time of an unknown substance, but Sein is generally limited to known compounds.

Technology Operation

The “engineering” part of Sein's doctorate basically says it all, half of his degree was regarding how machines operate, work and how to alter them.


The military training program was quite tough for Sein, but he powered through and has a pool of combat knowledge. He can operate in Yamatai-like conditions and zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Sein can also use energy pistols, knives, and power armor with hesitation, leaving it to the pros usually.

Lexhur, the family butler, organised secret lessons in Bartitsu knowing the boy's father would send agents. With the same incentive, after months of daily - mostly solo - training Seinosuke has learned Tai Chi and Kyusho-Jitsu to a level of mastery.

During his training for SOFT 501, Sein gained a huge insight into how to fight, being taught the various special ops martial techniques and more.


Seinosuke Iemochi has the following items:

Operator Loadout

Maester Loadout

Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor - SOFT 'Maester' Loadout

Left Shoulder Dorsal Right Shoulder
Gauss Cannon Leader Support Pack Shoulder Shield
Leg Pods Utility/Cargo Handheld
Capacitor on left leg, NSB Launchers on right Buttpack - Medkit & Cutting Torch Mutagenic Assault Weapon
Left Waist Wings / Tail Right Waist
Zeusaium Makhaira Xiphos Yes / No 1 Pulse and 1 Sleeping Gas Grenade


Seinosuke Iemochi is currently a Ittô Juni in the Star Army of Yamatai. He gets paid 5000KS monthly. Saw first action 31日 9月 YE 38. On hiatus from 28日 8月 YE 39 to 20日 3月 YE 40. Current savings around 40,000KS. Promoted to Ittô on (November 27th 2017), Nitô on 10日 8月 YE 39.

OOC Discussion

Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO

Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

Can this character be killed forever by anyone but the creator? NO

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