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Igia Sakkarah

Igia Sakkarah
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Iromakuanhe, Maekardanii Height: 173cm (5'8โ€œ)
Gender: Female Weight: 61,2 kg (135 lbs)
Age: 30 (AR 914) (Vigil of Parolov) Measurements: 80-64-88
Employer: Sunavi Corporation/Independent Bra Size: C
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer Eyes: Yellow
Rank: Ing.MSc Hair: Gray
Current Assignment: Sunavi Corporation/Independent

Igia Sakkarah is a player character played by Rawolfe.

Physical Description

She is about 1.73 meters in height and weighs 61 kg that makes her body look slim and yet well-toned, though her breast size is noticeable being cup C. She has the unique trait of colored hair, being gray, that most of the time is loose. In addition, she has yellow eyes that are brought out even more by her chalk-white skin. There are no known medical scars on her body, both done intentionally or just with a tattoo.


Like her mother, she is kind, polite, and always supportive to help out where is asked or needed. But like her father, she is also strict, harsh and uses her knowledge to her advantage to improve the conditions or given situation she might get into. Igia is not a person you would see her turn down a good offer if she sees or gets one. Another part of what motivates her is the thrill of adventure and solving the unknown, she might look formal when she is in business meetings. But when she picks up her adventure clothing, she dives into the strong exploratory feelings that run in her blood.

There is however a difference in interaction with formal contacts like businesses or governments, she is formal, well mannered, and tries her best to stay civil. When she is interacting with her crew, her friends, or people that are generally close to her she is more loose, friendly, makes a joke here and there. In her family, whatever the relationship is between her brothers and sisters, she stays kind, warm-hearted, and supportive as the eldest of her family. But due that she is the eldest of the second wife of her father, she has no inheritance claim as head of the house.


Igia Sakkarah was born in YE 02 in the Equatorial region , Mazerin. Under the care of Barika and Taheya Sakkarah, who were well known for their wealth. Taheya is the second wife of Barika, as Panya is the first wife in this bigamous marriage. Igia is the eldest child of Taheya and is raised to become an example towards any future brothers and sisters. She received private tutoring at a young age and traveled with her father, who was an important trader between Mazerin and Maekardan and planets, to learn more about the stars and different cultures of the Iromakuan. Her thrive and will to learn more, to understand more in education fits perfectly with her star sign of Parolov and eventually graduated with a degree in engineering and science.

She joins the archaeology teams to help the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth to understand their past more and better fill in gaps in their history. Igia was part of various dig sites and is known in the Commonwealth as a respective ruin investigator. She was rather recruited by the Black Wing Enterprise to do engineering projects for them. This was her golden ticket to explore the unknown and meet new people. However, she was occasionally asked for independent dig site projects for various other species.

After her adventurous dig at the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, she was paid for her services and additional awards were given for the artifacts that she returned to them. With this money, she started her negotiations with the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and New Dusk Conclave that would lead to the creation of Sunavi Corporation. She would still continue her operations as head of S.E.A.R.C.H. Initiative.

Skills Learned

Igia Sakkarah has the following notable skills:

  • Communications: Due to Igia nature to interact with various species, she knows the following languages:
  • Technology operations: Her knowledge is mostly focused on engineering. But she is taught to work with computers, networks, and other systems.
  • Knowledge: In this, she sparks pretty much the brightest, she knows about history and has a great interest in discovering different species backgrounds and the way they lived.
  • Engineering: She knows extensively how to design ships and eventually be part of their construction. The engineering part also helps her operate better in ruins, she can detect traps and disarm them better.
  • Humanities: Is something of her science education, it is primarily focused on the sociology of how people think, to understand them.

Social Connections

CHARACTER name is connected to:

  • Barika Sakkarah (Father)
  • Taheya Sakkarah (Mother)
    • Masika Sakkarah (Sister)
    • Sabah Sakkarah (Sister)
    • Abasi Sakkarah (Brother)
  • Panya Sakkarah (Mother)
    • Nizsm Sakkarah (Brother)
    • Ragab Sakkarah (Brother)
    • Bedario Sakkarah (Brother)
    • Naima Sakkarah (Sister)

Inventory & Finance

  • Summer clothing
    • T-Shirts (5x)
    • Dress Sky-style (1x)
    • Light black pants (3x)
  • Winter clothing
    • Thick navy blue pants (2x)
    • Sweaters (3x)
    • Thick black coat (1x)
  • Accessories
    • Insulation mask
    • Bags (2x)
    • Red scarve (1x)

Igia Sakkarah currently has 3250 KS.

OOC Information

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In the case rawolfe becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character StatusActive Player Character
Character OwnerRawolfe

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