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Kikios Leka

Kikios Leka is a player character played by Noodlewerfer.

Kikios Leka
Nickname: Kiki
Species & Gender: Elysian (Caelisolan) Female
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Yamatai
Occupation: Mechanic
Rank: Ittô Hei
Current Placements: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

Height: 6’0

Weight: 112 lbs

Skin Color: Chalk White

Wing Build: Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Wing Color: White

Hair style: Medium length, straight, styled so middle spikes up and almost exactly resembles a cockatoo crest, but not a Mohawk

Hair Color: Bright yellow (Originally blonde, when she was a Plebeian)

Eye Color: Blue


Kiki is energetic (Hyper, even), friendly, and cheerful. She likes to be around people, though when she is stressed enough she has a habit of pulling her feathers. She aims to gain kleos by helping people as much as she can. She highly dislikes being lonely, and when she gets too lonely she can start to get stressed. This is because her parents essentially abandoned her in the wars, and she got no attention after this.


Kikios Leka was born in YE 19.

Kikios was born on Keren a Plebeian to Elysian parents, her father of which was an engineer that taught her a few of her engineering skills. They became distant from her due to the wars with the Yamatai Star Empire, eventually all but disappearing. This led her to prefer being friendly and around people- she does not like being lonely, her parents disappearing led to her becoming stressed when she does get lonely. She became friends with Adrielphon Maroth who shared some of her engineering skills, and helped Kiki when her parents went missing- sadly, she was mostly alone otherwise, left to take care of herself. She still keeps in touch with her. She chose her rather unusual hairstyle to distinguish herself and stand out. As a Plebeian she received a small amount of education, but not much. Fortunately, when she turned 12, she received a Caelisolan body, and was able to receive much more education. She chose for her hair color to be bright yellow instead of blonde when she received a Caelisolan body, for the same reason she chose her hair style.

After Elysia allied Yamatai, she was relieved, as the wars were responsible for her parents disappearing. She became a citizen of the Yamatai Star Empire when she was 16, deciding she would prefer to be a Yamataian and began to plan joining the Star Army of Yamatai. She eventually did join the Star Army to fight both for kleos and to put her engineering skills to good use. She practiced her engineering skills by purchasing a damaged OI-T1-1A Onset shuttle, which she found an Impulse Powered Armor in. She modified the armor to have a winged back so she could fit her wings inside it. In YE 38, she purchased a wrecked FA4-A “Grunt” drone that had been found stranded, crashed into the asteroid belt in the Minyas system and sold, then repaired it (Its weapons systems were mostly destroyed so they were removed), however it went missing, having been used by Chlorate to escape the planet.

Kikios joined the crew of the Kaiyo II, and was cloned before their trip to Ayenee. One Kikios remained on the Kaiyo II on its trip to Ayenee and back, the other is currently on leave visiting Section 6 on 188604. On the Kaiyo II, she was promoted to Ittô Hei halfway through the third month of YE 40. Mark Oaklen adopted her as a sibling following Mission 11. During Mission 12 at Ayenee she mostly maintained the TTD.

Social Connections

Kikios Leka is connected to:

Cassielos Leka (Mother, 47, missing),

Phalegan Leka (Father, 47, missing),

Adrielphon Maroth (Friend, 20)

Chlorate (Adoptive niece)

Mark Oaklen (Adoptive brother)

Nerai'tha Uithersh (To-be sister in-law)

Kikios Leka (Artemis) (Clone)

Skills Learned


Communications is another one of her skills. She can operate a radio and use transmissions, and of course, is fluent in speech and writing, primarily Trade.

Engineering, Maintenence, and Repair

She is skilled in engineering, having experience repairing a couple spacecraft. This makes her good at repairing machinery and ships; she is skilled in maintenance and repair. Though her father taught her somewhat about this skill, she learned a good part of it on her own since her father disappeared. She mostly has experience repairing smaller craft, though.


She can operate a spacecraft. She is experienced in piloting small spacecraft.


None, yet.

Inventory & Finance

Kikios Leka has the following items:

OOC Information

In the case Noodlewerfer becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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