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-====== Ilona Zaraki ====== 
-Ilona Zaraki is an [[:​characters|NPC]] controlled by [[guide:​Game Master|GM]] [[user:​kim]] who appears in [[plot:​whitemeadow]]. 
-^  Ilona Zaraki ​ ^^ 
-|  {{:​character:​2018:​ilona_head.jpg?​direct|}} ​ || 
-^  [[language:​Yamataigo]] Name |  更木イロナ ​ | 
-^  Species & Gender ​ |  [[species:​nepleslian]],​ Female ​ | 
-^  Original Birth Date  |  1/​1/​[[calendar:​ye 23]]  | 
-^  Organization: ​ |  [[faction:​asteria]];​ [[faction:​asteria:​uial_lug_free_company]] ​  | 
-^  Occupation: ​ |  Doctor ​ | 
-^  Rank:  |  Knight ​  | 
-^  Current Placement: ​ |  [[plot:​whitemeadow]];​ [[character:​sutauto_isao]] ​  | 
-===== Character Description ===== 
-Ilona'​s original appearance as Etsuko was of a petite [[species:​nekovalkyrja]] with fair skin, teal hair that she kept in a neat braid with bangs and bright green eyes. Her default personality as a medic was of a cheerful, energetic and shy young woman with a light Mezzo-soprano voice. Her pre-programmed hobbies were braiding decorative cord, origami and therapeutic massage. 
-===Current Appearance=== 
-  * **Height: ** 5'​10"​ 
-  * **Weight: ** 150 lbs 
-  * **Hair: ** Silvery blonde, midback length, braided crown 
-  * **Skin: ** Porcelain white 
-  * **Eyes: ** Almond shaped, Semi-opaque green opalescent with flecks of red and blue (like green opals) 
-  * **Body Measurements:​ ** 36-30-43 
-  * **Bra: ** 32C 
-  * **Distinguishing Features: **  Thin white scar running along the curve of her cheek to the bottom of her bottom lip; same body shape and measurements as [[character:​aleksasha_bloodtree]]. ​ 
-**Voice Sample: ** [[https://​​JcJm4tYWdAQ|Saori Hayami]] 
-**Personality:​ ** Ilona is a soft spoken and fairly level headed young woman who tries to give others the chance to fully express their thoughts before she contributes to the conversation. Her original shy demeanor remains in regards to her personal life but she is personable with a good bedside manner, full of smiles and positivity, and empathy as appropriate for the situation. She makes it a point to know everyone within her Free company and will go out of her way to make small casual conversation with them in passing, instilling a sense of deep trust between her and the people that rely on her on and off the battlefield. As a medical professional,​ she values life and seeks to preserve it whenever possible but will fight to protect the people within her charge. ​ 
-Her time as a combat medic in the service of the [[faction:​yamatai:​Grand Star Army]], [[stararmy:​star army of yamatai]] and the [[faction:​united_outer_colonies:​united_outer_colonies_peacekeeper_forces]] has forced her reconcile her duties as a doctor versus her duties as a soldier. She is highly skilled and trained in combat but direct confrontation is not her first choice nor is she a pacifist. If she thinks she can save more lives by killing than allowing someone to live, she will take the single life every time but she is not callous. The lives of those she has been unable to save weigh on her mind but she deals with her guilt through devotion to her work. 
-A hold over from her time planetside as a nekovalkyrja is her fear of thunder. The unexplained,​ uncontrollable noise of natural phenomenon terrifies her and makes her seek comfort from the nearest willing person. She will cling to the person until she falls asleep or until they calm her down between rolls of thunder. ​ 
-Her current hobbies include astronomy, bird watching, braiding decorative cord, and cooking. Her desire is to experience life to the fullest as a normal person with only one life to live. One day she hopes to experience love, and if the way is good, to raise a family. 
-===== History & Relationships ===== 
-{{:​character:​2018:​ilona_neko.png?​direct&​300 |}} Ilona started life as a Etsuko, a [[faction:​yamatai:​Grand Star Army]] Medical [[species:​nekovalkyrja]] in [[calendar:​ye 23]] during the [[faction:​elysia:​history:​wars:​fourth_elysian_war]]. She served under the supervision and alongside [[character:​sutauto isao]] as a part of the [[stararmy:​fleets:​second_fleet]] in defense of [[planet:​yamatai]] and followed him when much of their forces were shifted to the [[stararmy:​fleets:​first_fleet]]. She lost track of her senpai when he suddenly transferred to parts unknown in [[calendar:​ye 29]] during the [[stararmy:​history:​first_mishhuvurthyar_war]]. ​ 
-She served happily in service to [[faction:​Yamatai star empire]] until her military career took her to [[system:​taiie]] as part of the [[stararmy:​fleets:​fifth_expeditionary_fleet]]. She stayed with the 5th Expeditionary fleet and was disheartened by the treatment of the Taiie survivors at the hands of the administration of [[stararmy:​bases:​pisces]] but was part of the riot that allowed the 5XF to return to the battlefront despite the restrictions on departures from Pisces at the time.  
-In [[calendar:​ye 30]], many hard truths were uncovered by Senator [[character:​tange-katsura ayana]] and [[stararmy:​ranks:​Taisho]] [[character:​ketsurui-motoyoshi katsuko|Motoyoshi Katsuko]] on [[stararmy:​bases:​hotaru star fortress]] that left Katsuko Empress and the departure of [[character:​npc:​ketsurui uesu]]'​s departure from known space. She like many of the 5th Fleet, made the hard decision to stay with her sisters during the break of the [[faction:​united_outer_colonies]] from the [[faction:​yamatai star empire]] feeling that the Empire had betrayed them. When Yamatai ordered that the 5XF were to return all military equipment, all 5XF nekovalkyjra were instructed to return their bodies (since it was classified as military equipment), she transitioned from her [[species:​nekovalkyrja]] body and had her consciousness placed into a cloned [[species:​Nepleslian]] body made by [[corp:​stalwart_defense_industries]] during the production of the [[corp:​ni-aria]],​ favoring a human body to another synthetic one. 
-During the UOC Black out in [[calendar:​ye 32]], she joined forces with [[character:​aleksasha bloodtree]] and the beginnings of what would eventually become the [[faction:​asteria:​uial_lug_free_company]]. She plied her abilities as a medical professional to keep the company moving until they reached [[planet:​asura_iii]] where they were formalized as an [[faction:​asteria:​free_company|Asterian Free Company]] in [[calendar:​ye 39]] and were assigned to accompany [[character:​npc:​aniseth whitemeadow]] to [[system:​heled]]. 
-Like many of the members of the Uial Lug, she was shocked when her friend and Knight Commander, [[character:​aleksasha bloodtree]] decided to sleep with [[character:​npc:​aniseth whitemeadow]]'​s personal retainer and sworn knight, [[character:​sutauto_isao]] before the two elves were formally married by elven ritual. The appearance of [[character:​sutauto_isao]] was a greater surprise to Ilona because she had served with him in the [[faction:​yamatai:​grand star army]] and remembered a very different soldier. ​ 
-Ilona took the news of Isao's subsequent banishment to heart and asked Aleksasha to allow her to go to Isao and help restore the shattered samurai to some semblance of who he was before the [[stararmy:​history:​second_mishhuvurthyar_war]] and the death of his wife. Perhaps, with some measure of guilt, Aleksasha allowed Ilona to go to Isao and stay with him as part of Isao's forces.  ​ 
-===== OOC Notes ===== 
-This NPC was created by [[user:​kim]] on 2018/02/03 01:43.\\ 
-Current portrait by [[user:​kim]] using a base by [[https://​​|Yasa Hime]].\\ 
-Etsuko portrait by [[user:​kim]] using a moe base by [[https://​|Nukababe]].