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-====== Zoia '​Morioka ====== 
-Zoia Sivaro is a [[:​characters|player character]] played by [[user:​edto_xar_sivaree]]. 
-^  Zoia Sivaro ​ ^^ 
-|   ​{{:​species:​vekimen:​sivaro_female.jpg?​nolink&​300}} ​ || 
-^  Species & Gender: ​ |  [[species:​vekimen]] Female ​ | 
-^  Year of Birth: ​ |  YE 33  | 
-^  Organization: ​ |  [[wip:​morioka_clan]] ​ | 
-^  Occupation: ​ |  Retainer ​ | 
-^  Rank:  |  Retainer ​ | 
-^  Current Placement: ​ |  [[plot:​scythe]] ​ | 
-^  Weight: |  85lbs/​38.5kgs ​ | 
-^  Height: |  4'​7"/​139.7 cm  | 
-^  Measurements:​ |  B24 - 22- 24  | 
-===== Physical Description ===== 
-Despite looking like most every other Vekimen, Zoia isn't attractive by even Vekimen Standards. Flat chested, straight, near curveless frame and a minimal bottom gives her an awkward, gangly appearance. She never believed she had to be muscled to be effective in combat, knowing that muscles would only serve to slow her down. With thin arms and thin legs, the only thing "​thick"​ about her was her tail. She knew that her tail had to be capable of feats of strength that her limbs may not be capable of performing. 
-Recently, Zoia had been getting hormone shots due to having her contraception implant, which has started to give her a more womanly figure. She has small but noticeably there breasts and a slightly curvier body. Her lower body is still heavily muscled. She has a Gold and whitewood band inlayed into her horn, the transtion from the horn and the band seamless. 
-===== Personality ===== 
-Zoia is a very direct, straightforward person. She isn't afraid to flat out say something, or call someone out should they be doing something deemed wrong to her. She is arrogant, and elitist, despite her race having little to be arrogant or elitist about. ​ 
-One major flaw to her, is that she will follow rules to the wording, not to the intended meaning. If someone where to scold her for eating her lunch in the gym, saying "You can't do that" she will think she cannot eat, rather than if they said "You can't eat that here" to which she will find another place to eat.  
-She is strongly against the [[species:​vekimen:​military|VDTF'​s]] sudden decision to create styles to fighting. She strongly believes that pigeon holing something in such a way takes away from it. She has broadened that ideal to all fighting she has learned about, finding the long list of Yamatai Martial Arts to be an eyesore. She strongly believes that if you are going to teach someone to fight, teach them how to fight. What works best for them, will work best for them. There is no use to teaching someone one specific art, especially if all the arts can mess someone up. Being good at fighting, and being good at a single martial art are two totally different things to her. One is a hobby, the other is survival... 
-===== History ===== 
-Zoia Sivaro was born in [[calendar:​YE 33]] on the [[faction:​vekimen_defensive_task_force:​colony_station]]. ​ 
-Zoia hasn't had much of a life to have much history. She was born and then placed in the VDTF Education system to learn what she needed to do to be an effective member of the small Military Society. Combat training, Officer training, and she was getting close to her final stretches of school when the Yamatai Star Army rescued them from the NMX. The VDTF's attempt to extend an Olive Branch to Yamatai in the hope to demonstrate their appreciation,​ while at the same time trying to help themselves out, they sent some of their youth to live in Yamatai for a time.  
-Zoia was one of those youth. Being sent to [[location:​tsubomi:​zenjinkaze_fighting_high_school]] due to her fascination with [[wip:​faction:​vekimen_defensive_task_force:​vekryu]]. Like any Sivaro, she is talented when it comes to book smarts. Mathematics,​ theoretical and practical physics, as well as astronavigation come to her easier than it would to most. Her true passion was martial arts. Vekimen in close combat are not a pleasant thing to deal with, but Zoia has brought it to a new level among Vekimen. Her drive for perfection in everything combat related made her a force to be reckoned with. She brought a grace to the Vekimen martial arts that was rare for the brutal, vicious, and animalistic nature of their fighting. ​ 
-As she was there, she participated in many fights, rarely losing. She became feared by the student body, by all but one. [[character:​sutauto_kunio|Kunio]] was one of the first students to appreciate her, after she ate his stomach at least. The two were close for a short time, but it seemed that is was not meant to be.  
-The school decided to Expel her, due to her visceral, apparent lack of concern for the safety of her peers. She was slated to return to her people and accept the punishment for failing her mission. On her way to her shuttle home, Zoia was intercepted by Taisho [[character:​morioka_naoko]]. The once Elf had taken an estranged interest in her, challenging her to a fight. 
-The fight was short, and as expected she lost without getting a single shot in on the elf, but even still, she had impressed her. Something about Zoia's tenacity convinced the Taisho to take her into her crew, and graduate her from the school she had just been expelled from. Not to mention a sudden promotion to Retainer and Personal Attendant of the [[faction:​asteria:​morioka_clan]]. 
-=== Scythe that calls the Lost === 
-This is a summary of https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​threads/​scythe-aside-the-scythe-that-calls-the-lost.42337/​ 
-===== Skills Learned ===== 
-Zoia Sivaro has the following notable skills: 
-  * Fighting: Specialized in [[wip:​faction:​vekimen_defensive_task_force:​vekryu]] and Vekimen small arms 
-  * Communications:​ [[species:​vekimen]] language; can speak Trade and Yamataigo, but doesn'​t like to 
-  * Mathematics:​ Theoretical and practical physics 
-  * Medical and Science: Knowledgeable in general anatomy 
-  * Physical: Tunnel running, contortion, acrobatics, general athletics. 
-===== Social Connections ===== 
-Zoia Sivaro is connected to: 
-  * The [[species:​Vekimen]] ​ 
-  * [[character:​sutauto_kunio]] Boyfriend 
-  * [[character:​bhelith_blackspear]] Clan Head 
-  * [[character:​Dallas_McClosky]] Friend 
-  * [[character:​hashimoto_nenna]] Teacher 
-===== Inventory & Finance ===== 
-Zoia Sivaro has a successful Adult Video career that has garnered her quite a bit of attention, and funds. She realistically has more money than the alien knows what to do with due to this. 
-  * Misc bleached Vekimen Skull 
-  * [[wip:​vekimen_eva_tier_one]] 
-  * Small heat lamp 
-  * Goggles 
-  * Respirator 
-===== OOC Information ===== 
-In the case [[user:​edto_xar_sivaree]] becomes inactive: 
-  * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES 
-  * Can this character be [[guide:​Adoption|adopted]] after I've been gone for a year? YES