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Tesuro Urameshi

Tesuro is a player-character controlled by Seth Johnson, approved on February 27, 2007. Tesuro Urameshi was a Yamataian enlisted in the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 29. He was assigned aboard the YSS Yugumo of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet before its destruction due to infestation by the SMX. He was resurrected in YE 30 by the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces.

Tesuro Urameshi
Species: Jiyuuian
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5'10“
Weight: 175 lb
Organization United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces
Rank Cadet
Occupation Power Armor Pilot
Current Placement UCS Zenpyou Orders

Current Activity

Tesuro is currently assigned aboard the UCS Zenpyou as part of an anti-piracy effort by the United Outer Colonies.

Events Thus Far

The Yugumo I

Tesuro arrived on the YSS Yugumo as his first assignment in the Star Army of Yamatai. Upon his arrival he met Kanai Kiyoe and Kobayashi Ichiro. As per schedule, he met with the Shosa of the YSS Yugumo, Motoyoshi Kiyoko, with whom he found astoundingly beautiful and immediately found himself captivated with. The first briefing was called and upon entering the briefing room, the then small group was met with cryptic words painted on the wall in blood, relating to the destruction of Taiie; mysterious as there was no presence detected in the room at the time. The briefing was moved and Tesuro soon met two of his superiors, Creighton Marks and Itkatsu Kiyoko, and was placed under Creighton's jurisdiction for that time.

Later in the evening, Kiyoko held a large party that attracted most of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. Tesuro, not wanting to offend Kiyoko by not attending, decided against his better judgement and went. After being tossed around the dancefloor, he met an extravagant man by the name of Akira Sasaki. Missing the fact that this man was homosexual, he had a casual dance with him, which soon led in him fleeing after he realized Akira's orientation and his naivete in leading the man on. Noticing his absense, Kiyoko sought out Tesuro, now mildly drunk and half naked, in his bunks. They conversed for a while, and the situation soon became intimate and the two strangers ended up making love. Tesuro was unaware at that time that Kiyoko was romantically involved with Caine Ionoche, one of his superior officers.

Tesuro woke up early the next morning long before the scheduled briefing and departure and met a curious Nekovalkyrja named Kigetsuki Kishou. However, the two were confronted with a disturbing apparition: a phalanx armor holding its own bloody, severed head. It bore the name “DRACO”. Before the two could react, the vision disappeared, leaving only the smell of ash. Any attempt at recording the ghost had resulted in empty video and image files taken from Kishou's memory banks. Soon thereafter, Tesuro met two other new recruits Xanatos Zarthe and Roken Techard, just missing Nicholas Saiga as he quickly fled the room.

Upon entering his own quarters, he ran into Akira once again, and apologized for his behavior at the party. The two reconciled and decided upon being friends.

The briefing began later that morning, and Tesuro arrived onto the bridge and was formally acquainted with Caine, still unaware of his relationship with Kiyoko. Tesuro was ordered to the Science stations while Kiyoe, Kishou, and Roken each entered a Ke-V4 "Hyuga" Fighter under the instruction of Camellia Sarri, another Chui-ranked superior Tesuro had not met. While at the station, he met Dirj Lorne, the newest but eldest member of the starship. Soon afterward, the Yugumo departed and almost immediately detected three Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) ships (one battleship, two destroyers). The Yugumo launched into an all-out battle mode, with Tesuro and Dirj in control of scanning the enemy ships while a barrage of power-armored soldiers rocketed into battle with the SMX.

The Yugumo faced off against two Ghullfrashirv Escort and a Blrakkrashiverinth Battleship. All three of the ships were severely damaged, and the escorts fell with relative ease (although the Yugumo sustained the loss of the Sakura-class Light Gunship, YSS Katsukawa, in the fray). Despite the condition of the main ship, it greatly damaged the Yugumo, bringing its CFS down. In a final attack against the enemy, the Yugumo used the last of its energy in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, the Blrakkrashiverinth dodged the barrage just in time, leaving the Yugumo without power–stranded in space against an overwhelming enemy.

In the face of imminent death, the entire crew braced themselves for the end. But Tesuro, though he did not want to die, did not feel anything about his potential end. He searched in his mind for a reason but could come up with nothing. This thought scared him immensely, as up until that point he believed that he had a great passion for life, but his passivism to the face of death led him to question what he had to value. In that moment, the Blrakkrashiverinth too lost all of its power as it prepared its final attack, leaving it in worse condition than the Yugumo. Kiyoko ordered the ship to be put under watch in case it sprang back to life before she made her way to the medical bay to attend to her wounded comrade, Ritsuko. Meanwhile, the enemy ship was ordered for pickup as the rest of the fighters picked off the last SMX attack pods.

The entire crew was called to breakfast, Tesuro still in his disturbed state could not bring himself to eat, despite the behest of Kiyoko. Soon he began exchanging telepathic messages with Kishou regarding the apparition they had seen and how they would talk to Kiyoko. Kishou sensed he was disturbed, and her attempts to console him drove Tesuro to question whether her or anybody could understand the workings of his emotions, as well as the depressing fact that both his race and the Nekovalkyrja were both manufactured and are thus synthetic. This brought forth the question of his meaning as well as the meaning of the existance of those around him and if their emotions were synthetic as well.

With this thought he subtlely left the room, nearly in tears about his thoughts. He was soon confronted again by Akira, who had been witness to his earlier distress. Tesuro asked Akira why they felt and informed him about the fact that in the face of death, Tesuro felt only numbness. Akira responded, reassuring Tesuro with elegant, cryptic words regarding his thoughts. In this he implanted in Tesuro's mind not only the feeling that he was not alone in the way he felt, but that though his reason for living may not be evident, it is existant. The kind though puzzle-like words inspired Tesuro and almost immediately thrust him out his depression. Most, if not all of his questions still lingered, but he left with the assurance that he did not need to have all of the answers he sought right away and that the way he felt was normal. Again he was brought from the outskirts of human nature and pulled back into the whole, giving him a new outlook and a patience for the answers he sought.

After this he found Kishou, now ready to speak with Kiyoko about their sighting. During their discussion the three made their way to the Galaxy Arboretum, eventually coming forth with what they had seen. Tesuro and Kishou told Kiyoko about the strange apparition they had seen, and after an inquiry made to Yugumo by Kiyoko, it was found that the apparition was Shoi Draco Jaq, who had died aboard the YSS Namiko along with the rest of the crew save for Caine and Camellia. Throughout their conversation, Tesuro and Kiyoko exchanged intimate gestures and glances that were easily noticed by Kishou, who lated promised not to mention a thing.

Kiyoko then suggested the three exit the ship and explore the remains the SMX battleship. The two agreed, but Tesuro suggested that they all report to the Medical Bay and receive Soul Transfer backups (ST backup). The backups went off without any issues, aside from a slight panic side-effect from Tesuro, but before they could engage in their project, they were ordered to report to deck twenty-five and gather together with the rest of the crew.

It was found that the Yugumo was compromised by SMX forces, and although a brave resistance was held by the crew members, they were eventually overcome by the infestation and the Yugumo was subsequently destroyed. However Tesuro and the rest of the crew's ST data was released and salvaged after the destruction.

The UCS Akuro III

Eight months passed while Tesuro remained deceased, his and others of the Yugumo's ST data remaining unused and caught between the Star Army of Yamatai and the United Outer Colonies. He was reanimated by Tomori Rina, an Admiral in the UOC as part of an effort to collect fallen soldiers who they believed would be good candidates to fight for their cause. Despite a rather disturbing awakening, Tesuro thought hard about the decision that laid before him and eventually decided that he would rather defect and remain with those who fought to become a sovereign nation rather than rejoin an empire whose practices he questioned. At this point, Rina informed Tesuro that he would be upgraded to the rank of Cadet, an officer-in-training and would serve aboard the The Akuro III under now-Admiral Motoyoshi Kiyoko once again. These plans quickly changed however, as Tesuro was called to serve in the Chouteisha Squadron along with a number of other new Cadets.

The UCS Zenpyou

After completing his Advanced Officer Training with the Chouteisha Squadron, Tesuro was reassigned to the UCS Zenpyou in an attempt by the UOC to stymie a recent piracy problem.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin color: His overall build can be best described as “above average”. His muscles do not bulge out of his shirt but they are still plain to see. However, due to his height and natural body shape, he has the appearance of being much more slender than he actually would be. The Peacekeeper uniform serves to “slim” his physique even further, and the true shape and tone of his muscled figure can only be seen when nude. The hue of his skin, on a scale from pale-white to dark-brown is somewhere on the scale closer to white. However, his complexion is obviously tanned, but is close to white than brown.

Facial Features and Eye color: His eyes are a solid forest green, contrasting with the color of his hair. Being of Yamataian and thus Japanese ancestry, his eyes are a bit on the thin side, but not to the point where you cannot see the whites. Despite their thinness, when looked into they appear soft, gentle, and concerned. His typical expression is that of passivity. His lips, while not large or puffy in any way, are a bit more on the pouty side. One could say that he has “kissable” lips.

Hair color and Style: Tesuro's hair is a very distinctive sky-blue, with the roots being slightly darker than the tips due to sun bleaching. The style of his hair is simple, coming from the top/back of his head to the front. Oddly enough, given his ancestry, his hair takes on a very bushy and wavy feel to it. A few clumps of his hair can even curl up just a bit toward the end, but generally it takes on a consistently wavy look.

Distinguishing Features: On his left cheek he has a light birthmark in the shape of an upside-down crescent moon. It bears no significance to him as a person but it tends to draw attention at times.

Psychological Characteristics

At first, Tesuro is somewhat shy and reserved. While he is willing to speak and converse with others, he is not one to initiate a conversation with another person who he has yet to meet unless it is necessary (asking directions, etc). However, once one has gotten to know him, he is a friendly and helpful person. He has a strong sense of justice and national pride, and will fight for his land no matter what the odds are. Because of this he does not value his own life very highly. This does not mean he is unhappy or melodramatic, but he believes that giving his own life for that of another is an honorable thing to do and considers it to be the most valiant way to die. While he would not throw his life away unwittingly, he will protect those he cares for and those who rely on him to the death.

More recently since his soul transfer following the Yugumo incident, Tesuro has begun hearing a voice in his head and has become victim to bizarre and disturbing hallucinations and nightmares. While typically short and difficult to comprehend, they tend to disorient Tesuro and instill a feeling of terror or panic. The voice, while not suggesting Tesuro do immoral or inhumane things, causes him to look at situations and people in unpleasant ways. As an Out of Character differentiation, the voice is typically displayed in red italics.


Pre-Enlisted Years

Tesuro was born on YE09 as a Human to Akira and Yuko Urameshi. Unlike most others, his family owned a farm far from the Yamataian capital and most of the general civilization. Their crop harvest was aimed primarily toward the use of the government as a back-up source of food growth, or to be rationed out in case of an emergency such as martial law. Due to this fact, his family was more or less considered to be government workers and therefore had a vast amount of protection in regards to job stability and income. So long as they kept up on their duties, they lived comfortably.

From an early age Tesuro showed a great interest in exploring. His family's property was vast, and it was not unlike him to explore beyond its boundaries. Even as early as age four he had traversed most of his family's property and took a greater interest in the world around him. However, for unknown reasons, beit a latent mental illness or some other factor, at age five Tesuro developed crippling gorophobia and xenophobia. He could no longer leave his family's property without succumbing to massive panic attacks and black outs in extreme cases. For this reason he stayed inside more and began to take up an interest in reading and writing. His passion for exploration had not died, but instead was filtered through reading and eventually writing.

At age ten his sister, Yumi Urameshi, was born. It was at this time he began to do work out in the fields. Though the actual act of planting and harvest was done via machines, Tesuro became adept at handling the machines and toned his muscles through collected crop transportation as well as minor repairs (OOC: this is not listed as a skill since repairing farm equipment is not useful in the army). With the birth of his sister he became more estranged to his family, but not in such an extreme manner. More attention had to be aimed at the baby and this gave Tesuro more time to himself, thus increasing his knowledge and creativity, but stumping his social skills considerably. For the most part, Tesuro home-schooled himself, and most of his knowledge of mathematics would be achieved later when he enlisted in the army.

In his early teenage years he focused more upon his studies of the sciences, particularly biology and zoology. He had a natural knack for these as he grew up on a farm, but his interest for them did not truly blossom until adolscense. During this time he read many scientific articles and began to form his analytical nature. This coupled with his interest in the “outside world” and the artistic spirit he gained from his days of intensive reading and writing formed the whole of his personality: a deep, concerned individual with a passion for learning, though at times overanalytical and needlessly emotional.

At the age of seventeen, Tesuro and his family were needed to Soul Transfer into newer models, the newly created Yamataian. Weary at first due to his phobias, Tesuro eventually mustered up enough courage to leave the farm to have the transfer. The situation was not easy, as Tesuro had to be asleep when leaving for the capital lest he fall victim to another episode. Because of his special needs, Tesuro was put under anesthetic for his transfer so as to avoid any unnecessary damage should he panic during the process. Despite this fact, he nearly died during the transfer into his new body, and the fact that he sustained no mental damage in the process could only be described as miraculous. It was advised that Tesuro not be informed of his very close brush with death. To this day he has no knowledge of the event, though records of the occurence are well documented in his personal file.

Upon awakening in his new body, Tesuro was no long victim to his former mental disabilities, though he was shy and reserved, he did not fear people. In this, he had no knowledge of ever having been a goro/xenophobic and did not recall any of his blackouts or panic attacks due to said phobias. With the handicap out of the way, Tesuro could then finally join the Star Army of Yamatai, a dream he had held onto for the past few years. Wasting no time, just after his eighteenth birthday he shipped off to start his basic training.

Basic Training

Tesuro's time in training was fairly uneventful. He never caused any problems with the officers, nor was his performance notable or exemplary. He did struggle in mathematics for a bit, but soon caught up with his peers with little trouble. His only downfall was his lack of social skills, which left his interaction with others crippled. During war games and practice, he worked well in teams and could receive and administer orders with no trouble. However, when it came to friendly interaction he always opted to stay by himself, warding off any who tried to become friends with him. Noticing a trend, his peers eventually stopped trying and he spent the rest of his training in isolation.

It would not be until he took his first orders upon the YSS Yugumo that he would begin to engage in relationships with others. Relationships that were perhaps deeper than he had intended.

Notable Skills


Tesuro is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Tesuro is fluent in English and can speak and write correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.


Tesuro received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. He is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons he is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor.

Technology Operation

Tesuro is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


Tesuro received basic mathematics training, including up to algebra and trigonometry.

Art and Vocation

One of Tesuro’s most passionate pastimes is reading and writing, specifically poetry. Having spent most of his younger life separate from other children due to his own free will, he has developed a somewhat poetic soul. He is somewhat shy because of this and will not willingly share his poetry or allow others to even know that it is something he enjoys doing.


Having grown up and lived on a farm for most of his life, Tesuro has acquired considerable knowledge when it comes to plants and animals. He knows most of the flora and fauna native to Yamatai as well as a considerable amount from other places. With this knowledge he has a somewhat natural affinity to animals. While he cannot communicate with them or anything to that effect, he has the ability to diagnose some common illness and injuries in animals, as well as the condition of plants that may not be readily apparent to others.


Even in his early life, Tesuro had the responsibility of handling various farming equipment. As he got older, the machines he used became larger and more complicated. In this, he has become an expert at driving cars, trucks, and maneuvering large vehicles though he does not necessarily know how to properly use larger vehicles (i.e. if he has to drive a tank in an emergency, he would be able to maneuver it effectively but would not actually be able to enter combat with it). Regardless, his control over smaller vehicles like cars and trucks and some types of hovercraft is impressive.

List of Possessions

Uniforms and Clothing

  • (2) – Peacekeeper Uniforms.
  • (5) – dark purple cotton undershirts, UOC logo printed on the back.
  • (5) – dark-purple cotton boxer shorts.
  • (10) – pairs of water-proof Socks.
  • (2) – extra uniform pants: synthetic leather pants with reinforced and padded knees and seat with cargo style pockets.
  • (1) – black swim trunks with the UOC logo.

Outdoor Clothing

  • (1) – black rain poncho with the UOC logo printed on the the front left chest.
  • (1) – extreme cold-weather jacket, with gloves and headband/hat.
  • (1) – pair of leather boat shoes.
  • (2) – pairs of sandals.
  • (1) – pair of insulated winter boots.
  • (1) – pair of dress shoes
  • (1) – khaki-colored outdoor hat.

Civilian Clothing

  • (1) – black T-Shirt
  • (1) – pair of blue, denim jeans

Grooming Supplies

  • (1) – container of Cleansing Ointment.
  • (1) – bottle of shampoo
  • (1) – bottle liquid body soap
  • (1) – stick of deodorant
  • (1) – toothbrush
  • (1) – tube of toothpaste
  • (2) – washcloths, black
  • (2) – towels, black
  • (1) – 4oz Container of moisture absorbing powder
  • (1) – hair brush

Other Gear

Lost/Used Items

Among the following, Tesuro also lost all standard-issue Star Army of Yamatai equipment and accessories at the time of his death.

  • 1 white ringer T-Shirt with pocket on left breast
  • 1 Rank Pin, Santo Hei
  • 1 pair of Motoyoshi Kiyoko's panties (gift; not for wearing)
  • 1 Electronic Money Card
  • 1 notepad
  • 1 pen

Current Available Funds

5998 HS

Activity Log

03000 KS - ADDED - (Star Army of Yamatai, Standard Issue) 00001 KS - SUBTR - (ONE Pocket Notepad) 00001 KS - SUBTR - (ONE Black Ink Pen) 01000 KS - ADDED - (Star Army of Yamatai, Yugumo Project) 03998 KS - LOCKD - (KIA) 03998 KS - TRANS - (Funds Transfer: Hiewa Credits)

03998 HS - ADDED - (Initial Deposit) 02000 HS - ADDED - (Peacekeepers Standard Issue)

Notepad Entries

ENTRY #1 (lost)

(OOC DATE: 03/19/07)

This marks the first day of my time here on the YSS Yūgumo. The crew seems friendly, and I'm not exactly dreading spending time or bunking with any of them. The first person I met here was a woman named Kiyoe, Kanai Kiyoe. She seems like a rather upbeat lass and not the typical meathead Combat Arms enlistee one is so used to seeing. She complimented my hair, which I thought was nice…though odd. I've never been complimented on my looks before so I suppose I just don't know what to make of it. I'll be bunking with her for the time being though, which is another thing I find strange. The first thing that came into my mind upon realization of this fact is the possibility of an undesirable…well…“bathroom run-in”, I suppose you could say. While I take pride in my manners and would do all I can to avoid such a situation…the woman is not hard on the eyes and I suppose should the incident occur I wouldn't be completely objected to it.

Soon after I met the aforementioned, a man by the name of Ichiro approached us. I don't believe I caught his last name, so I shall make a note of that next time I see him. I haven't caught much of Ichiro's personality, but what I have seen is that he does have quite an eagerness to fight. Whether or not that makes him the typical “meathead” I so love to avoid has yet to be seen. But as far as first impressions go, he does appear to be goodhearted and I suppose his desire for combat is merely a desire to prove himself. Being a higher rank, he likely has more direct experience than myself, so I will certainly not write him off. I'm sure there is much I can learn from him.

I have yet to interact much with Creighton and Itkatsu, but there is no reason so far that I have to dislike them. However I know enough to note not to get in a barfight with Creighton, since he is at least fond of drinking and could probably work his way around a drunken stupor and put up a rather good fight.

Finally, there is my Shosa, Kiyoko. While I find her way of working to be somewhat unprofessional, her casuality does seem to give me the breath of fresh air that I have needed after all of the basic training I've been through. I do find her, however, to be astoundingly beautiful and kind. I have enough control of myself not to let this interfere with my work, however the incident today certainly didn't help to hide my opinion of her features (for lack of a better word). I can only hope that most did not notice and that it can quickly be written off as a fluke of embarrassment and typical new-hire stress.

But aside from that little slip-up, this day has gone well, and barring any unforeseen reason why I would attend this “shindig”, I look forward to a night of full and sound rest.

ENTRY #2 (lost)

(OOC DATE: 03/28/07)

Despite my instincts telling me otherwise, I decided to attend the party of my own accord so as to not risk offending the Shosa. The party was not what I expected, and I did not stay long as I was soon subject to the most grand display of sexual immorality I had ever seen or heard of.

I suppose one would think me strange for running away from a group of naked Nekovalkyrja, known for being the most sexual creatures in the Yamatai Star Empire, but when you are drowning in a sea of wild and horny nekos, the arousal is completely absent. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to talk with Miss Kanai and Ichiro (whose last name I still have not learned), though the former did have the pleasure of seeing me smash my face into the table. Even with all that the night would prove to provide more dilemma for me when I met a man by the name of Akira. Like me he is new to this ship, though he arrived later than I. Naively I got to talking with him and quickly learned what a strange yet fascinating person he was. I am disappointed that our conversation lasted only so long, as he seemed like the type of person with whom I could relate to on an intellectual level. Of course I do not wish to imply that I am smarter than my fellow enlistees, not at all; however there are certain areas of study, such as philosophical and metaphysical, that I would like to discuss with someone and unfortunately my only other comrades do not appear to be the type to be interested in those things (though I loathe myself just a bit for judging them like that without them having shown me otherwise). But much to my dismay, I overreacted to the fact that Akira's sexual preference was such that it involved an eye for me and the rest of my gender, and I foolishly ran off, leaving him there without a word. That was not something I would normally have done; I have no problem with his sexual choices and view them very objectively. With whom he enjoys to have relations with is his own business and I do not look down on him for favoring male genitalia over female genitalia; I am certainly not that shallow. However with all the other stresses I had endured over the night and the overwhelming sexual energy of the entire affair I entered a sort of “fight or flight” mode which ended with me choosing the latter. I hope to find that man again soon and apologize to him, he did not deserve such a harsh reaction and it disturbs me to a very high degree that I may have offended him and that he may now think me a bigot. But in another blunder of poor choices and confusion, instead of approaching the situation in a mature and logical way as I normally would, I decided to drown myself in alcohol and and bathe myself with cold water like a common drunkard.

That poor choice would prove to work against me, as I had been indulging myself in drink for about 20 minutes when Kiyoko came to my room, quite mysteriously. I could not imagine why she would come to see me, alone, seemingly without warning, but I was not about to deny her entry. I let her in and tried in vain to conceal my drunken nervousness, but despite my state she treated me with respect, and we began talking. She told me of her mothers and thinks of that ilk, and I found her to be most interesting. She became very relatable to me and in my mind I took her off of this far-off, otherworldly pedastal of superior ranking. It was not long after that that things became playful…and soon very intimate. I was taken from one world of seclusion, isolation, and a certain degree of naivete into this world of raw sexuality that only the two of us shared. I don't care to go into the details of our relations here, as that would be unnecessary and distasteful, but I will say that it was incredible. I know she had other lovers before me, but I hope that my time with her will stand out, and will allow me to seek her our again. It is a strange feeling, what I have now, in the very pit of my stomach. I know Kiyoko not very well, yet I have this yearning to learn more. I want to know her in and out: her past, her future plans, her passions, desires, likes, dislikes, how she feels, how she functions…everything anyone could want to know about another person. In doing this however, I fear I may have taken her from one pedastal to another, and I wish only to treat her as my equal; worthy of my interest and curiousity, but not revered as the object of sexual and emotional NEED. Such attention may scare her off, and I do not want to do that. I plan to take my relationship with her as far as I can, and I hope that she, too, feels the same way about me…

Character Data
Character NameTesuro Urameshi
Character OwnerSeth Johnson
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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