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Yago Shenoy

Yago Shenoy is a player character played by Winterrebelm78.

Yago Shenoy
Species & Gender: Male Anthro
Date of Birth: 25ๆ—ฅ 7ๆœˆ YE 13
Organization: Nexus Private Security
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: Trooper
Current Placement: Combat Unit

Physical Description

Yago is 6'1 with a slender build. He has pink skin that is covered by grey fur. His eye color is green and his eyes are the shape of narrow ovals. He has a black buzzcut hairstyle. His body resembles a Greyhound of Earth with a pointed snout and short, floppy ears. Yago's voice is slightly deep.


Yago is quite callous, though he does think about his brother Mateo at times. He delights in using his fear gas on unsuspecting enemies, though he dislikes getting into direct combat, preferring to provide support from the back with his allies. If he is alone or most of his allies are dead however, he will instead opt to flee if the danger is too great. Yago will often use stealth in an operation, making use of areas where he can cause the most havoc with his terror gas.

He has a strongly negative view of the Democratic Imperium of Neplesia due to the fact that he was exiled from there after nearly getting busted on illegal drug possession and only wishes to spread chaos and terror within the territories whenever he can.

Yago views his allies primarily as associates to help get the job done and usually will not go out of his way to help them should they become injured unless he feels that they could serve a greater purpose for him.


Yago was born on the planet Neplesia. His interest in chemistry could be traced back to his childhood years when he witnessed various drops of food coloring mix in a glass of water. As he grew up, he and his brother Mateo's interests grew apart with Yago shifting more toward the field of science and Mateo preferring the competitive scene of sports. Despite the dangerous criminal underbelly of the mega city and the general Nepleslian's less than ideal attitude toward them, the Shenoy family managed to get by.

When Yago became a young adult he pursued a higher education in chemistry while his brother moved to Kyoto, Yamatai. Unfortunately during this time, Yago's parents were killed after getting caught in the crossfire of a local conflict between two gangs. This sent Yago into a lengthy period of depression, but nevertheless he pressed on and eventually completed his studies in chemistry. Soon after that he managed to find a job at a pharmacy in the city of Roger Wilco.

While Yago was making a decent amount of credits, he felt that it was not enough, and soon opted to manufacture illegal drugs for smugglers and addicts in the more dangerous parts of the city. This risky move allowed him to rake in a greater income, but it would come to an end when a user went on a drug-fueled rampage that resulted in the murders of several people. As soon as the perpetrator was wounded and apprehended he exposed Yago as the supplier.

A police squad was deployed to arrest Yago, but thanks to some close contacts he was able to flee from Roger Wilco and hide out in Hanya.

Alone and abandoning his morals, Yago began to experiment in a small abandoned warehouse. He would eventually develop his fear gas, a type of gas that would cause the affected to hallucinate their worst nightmares. His first test subjects came in the form of gangsters who were looking to cause trouble.

Yago deployed the gas and the gangsters proceeded to become terrified. Two of them cradled into the fetal position while the third outright died from shock. Satisfied with the results, Yago would further test his weapon by releasing it in several small-scale terror attacks. Civilians affected would cower in fear, die from shock, or even attack each other.

This chemist turned terrorist eventually fled Neplesia to elude the authorities who were closing in on him. In his exile he would cross paths with and join the PMC known as the Nexus Private Security as a means to experiment in relative safety and to earn exorbitant amounts of income.

Skills Learned

Chemistry: Yago would often read up on different chemical compounds and work with them in school all the way up to higher education. He is knowledgeable in many known chemicals from the harmless to the extremely dangerous. Utilizing this skill has allowed him to craft fear gas bombs that disperse a hallucinogenic gas which causes the victims to see their worst nightmares.

Physical: Despite not being as skilled in physical activity as his brother Mateo, Yago can use his strong legs to move swiftly when danger comes close. This has helped him avoid Nepleslian law enforcement when he carried out his terror attacks.

Social Connections

Yago Shenoy is connected to:

Ingel Shenoy-Father (deceased)

Edyta Shenoy-Mother (deceased)

Mateo Shenoy-Younger Brother

Inventory & Finance

Yago Shenoy has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

Yago Shenoy currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by winterrebelm78 on 05, 05 2020 at 14:02 using the Character Template Form.

In the case winterrebelm78 becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameYago Shenoy
Character OwnerWinterrebelm78
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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