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Alice Granger

Alice Granger is a player character played by Alexander Greene.

Alice Granger
Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 25日 9月 YE 18
Organization: USO Section 6
Occupation: Fleet Officer
Rank: Fleet Watcher
Current Placement: Section 6 fleet, USV-Anvil

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Physical Description

5'4 inches in height, tan, brunette butt length hair. Her eyes are strange in the fact that her irises are slightly wider in diameter than normal, her pupils are faint but still visible with the iris being a blue color but blends slowly from blue to a green color at the center or middle. her face has an almost heart shape to it, but with a rounded bottom. C-cup, hourglass figure with toned musculature and long legs. her tattoos include a “Fight hard and die harder” tattoo across the right forearm, along the upper left arm is a winged heart that says “In memory of Sara, Scott, and Ashley”, tramp stamp, and finally the phrase “Gelic will be remembered” centered on the upper chest.

Scars include a diagonal scar across the right cheek from a knife, left lower abdomen scar from an old stab wound, right hand scar from stab wound through the hand, a scar from a bullet wound on the upper left abdomen that is from makeshift round that left a sizeable through and through puncture scar that has a scar from tearing that runs around her left side to the respective exit wound.


Flirtatious with both genders, takes respect very seriously, gets along very well with authority figures, very organized,holds honor in high regards, views the mission as top priority but avoids casualties at all costs.


Alice Granger was born in YE18 and lived in the Gelic settlement of the 188604 frontier, which was wiped out in YE28 by bandits seeking protection money. The populace were almost completely slaughtered, with Alice being the only survivor as far as she knew. Believing to have lost everything, Alice wandered the frontier to eventually join a local militia force. The force's main goal was to protect from and eliminate bandit groups in the local area, for in which during her time as a member of, received various wounds and underwent torture at one point in her time of service.

Skills Learned


Alice has honed her aim to lethal precision

Hand to hand

she is very skilled in CQC which was mostly taught to her by her father.


Alice is knowledged in the operation of most ground vehicles


Alice has become very experience at first aid treatment


Alice's years of surviving on her own has honed her skills at finding what she needs and anything else useful.

Social Connections

Alice Granger is connected to:

Sara Granger(mother)-deceased Scott Granger(father)-deceased Ashley Granger(sister)-alive

Inventory & Finance

Alice Granger has the following:


  • -1 duster
  • -1 makeshift revolver
  • -1 kitchen knife(large)
  • -1 leather jacket
  • -1 raggedy jeans
  • -1 worn T-Shirt


  • -1 RKAR-A1, additional barrel(integrated suppressor), 8 extra magazines, additional 3 drum magazine.
  • -1 Edjia Battle Rifle, 8 extra magazines.
  • -1 Sheska
  • -1 combat utility knife
  • -1 USO-P1
  • -1 .40 pistol
  • -1 S6 backpack
  • -1 S6 T-Shirt
  • -9 BDU sets, black and red camo
  • -1 black leather jacket
  • -1 black T-Shirt “The one and only”
  • -1 blue jeans
  • -1 black Combat Boots
  • -1 blue off the shoulder
  • -1 white form fitting jeans
  • -1 white and blue sneakers
  • -6 sports bras, 3 black, 3 white
  • -6 panties, 3 black. 3 white
  • -1 bikini set, woodland camo
  • -1 blue tank top
  • -1 short shorts, purple with green stripe
  • -1 data pad

Alice Granger currently has 38000 DA

OOC Information

This page was created by ashley_granger on 12, 27 2017 at 22:50.

In the case Alexander Greene becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameAlice Granger
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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