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Baa'al Baa-ae Black-ra Zebul

Baa'al Baa-ae Black-ra Zebul is a characters.status played by headlesskoko.

Baa'al Baa-ae Black-ra Zebul
Species & Gender: Male tsumi
Organization: NDC
Occupation: Warrior Cadre
Rank: Novice
Current Placement: @@Assignment@@

Physical Description

Age: 19 (appears early to mid 20s)
Height: 328 cm (10'9β€œ)
Weight: 160 kg
Skin: Black; scarred and toned. Tight and without flaw, save for those earned in the arena.
Hair: Black; curly and fluffy. The softest part of the hair is the wool-like fur that covers the ears, which grows slightly shorter than most Tsumi ears, with a more horizontal lean and slightly triangular shape.
Eyes: Red; a particularly reflective hue of crimson that can glow with even the smallest amount of light. Narrow and deep set, the eyes only pop when in the shadows, where the conditions for a faux glow are met.
Horns: Charcoal black; curves backwards into a spiral and ends in a sharp point that would be deadly if it was not tucked away into the curve of the horns. The horns shine with pride and meticulous maintenance; they have to if the head is to be cleaned properly as most of the sides are covered by the ram-like horns.

This young Tsumi, still just a teen and considered a child by many at the fresh age of 19, doesn't look anything like a child. He bears all the features of a fully grown man, having already finished his puberty years ago, at an age abnormally young even for his kind. Not an ounce of baby fat is left on his chiseled features and his build is filled with the toned and pronounced muscles that his race finds so attractive. Scars litter the body, trophies from countless fights in the arena and elsewhere. However, no tattoos. He hasn't had the luxury. For a race that holds appearance in such high regard, Baa'al is blessed for having such desirable physical features, both public and private, without any modification.


Likes: Food
Dislikes: Nothing to do

It's genuinely hard to find a simpler character than Baa'al. Work hard, play hard, rest hard. He is a man of extremes, yet also enjoys the moderate aspects of life. Coming from a life where he had nothing, much of the world fills him with awe and wonder, and he just can't get enough of learning and experiencing more. He is, in many aspects, still a youth despite having the appearance of a full grown man. However, in many other aspects, he is far older than his age tells. Those from the ghettos he hailed from had to grow fast or lose the chance to grow at all, and so long as a body was ready, there was little concern over what occurred inside. Such characteristics of his past show themselves in the uncharacteristic maturity of this 19 year old.

It's easy to tell when Baa'al is most in his element. He looks exactly like a kid in a candy store, and works best when he enjoys his work, which is promising for his latest cadre. Don't be fooled by his more peaceful interests. Like many of his Tsumi kin, Baa'al has a primordial taste for blood and the thrill of combat.


Baa'al Baa-ae Black-ra Zebul was born YE 23 in the Black Ship of the Tsumi Fleet.

YE 41 to YE 42

Baa'al is one of the rare Tsumi who call the NDC home. A resident of the capital, Obsidian City, since he was 17 years old, he's simultaneously struggled and enjoyed with finding his own place in the heavily structured society. He's hopped through several different cadres, with his longest stint being in the labor cadre. However, even the culinary arts of the labor cadre failed to hold him as their approach to food as a profession rather than an enjoyment gave Baa'al no time to pursue cooking in the way he wanted. His latest attempt is with the warrior cadre, which he has only recently joined. He is, at the moment, but a novice in the military cadre, perhaps one of the oldest novices and by far standing out over the rest of the ranks with his height. To some in the NDC, he may be seen as an anomaly, but it's a life he is happy with. However, he didn't always live such a comfortable life.

YE 23 to YE 40

In the ghettos of Zebul, no one asked and fewer cared for the personal details. It was a dog eat dog world. Occasionally, Tsumi eat Tsumi, even. Zebul was the epitome of those wretched dens where cannibalism was but another, albeit drastic, means of survival and the laws were but words on paper. Only the Saweyan faith held any power here, and that was only in that the strong survived while the weak were destined to be but feed.

Born to a mother who died young, Baa'al survived in Zebul through any means possible. Blessed with a fine physique and abnormally rapid development, he quickly learned to take advantage of his body. At the young age of 14, he already looked full grown and was earning his keep fighting in underground rings for the public entertainment of his bloodthirsty kin and accepting offers to provide a more private performance for strangers who took an interest in his strength in the arena. It was not planned, none of this could have been planned by someone who, despite however old they may have appeared on the outside, was but a kid on the inside, but in Zebul, innocence does not feed mouths. He learned the best way to earn his keep, and he would not give it up to plead for something as worthless as innocence. So long as no one asked, Baa'al was no kid; he was a full grown adult, and an acceptable partner by Tsumi customs. Similarly, it didn't matter how that first time might have felt. Baa'al learned to enjoy it; he felt that he should at least enjoy what he had to do.

Introduction to the NDC changed the monotonous daily blur Baa'al's life had taken after only a few years of living the life of a Tsumi underground fighter. It was but a taste at first, quite literally. Some eccentric tourist from NDC with a sick fascination in the hell on earth that was the Tsumi ghettos asked for a night of Baa'al's night, and among other things, Baa'al had a taste of food from the outside world, just a simple hard candy, but the sugary sweet infused in his mouth flavors he had never tasted before. He was obsessed immediately.

After that first taste of flavor, Baa'al began to cultivate an interest in food, and the pleasant preparation of such. He was better off than most due to his profession, as rewarding as it was risky, but ingredients were scarce in Tsumi ghettos, and advancement to a better place a miracle. Fast forward through various processes and preparations. Baa'al had finally managed to escape the ghettos he had struggled in and entered the NDC. Knowing little of the outside world, he knew of no other factions.

Skills Learned

Physical acrobatics, running, etc. A Tsumi's bread and butter. Their bodies, with multiple arms and evolutionarily honed muscles, are natural powerhouses.
Fighting martial arts, hand-to-hand combat Another set of skills that come naturally to the Tsumi, but Baa'al has honed this one with his fists since he was 14. Though he has long since left that life behind, the skills serve him well as a new novice of the warrior cadre.
Culinary bakers, chefs, butchers, cooks Baa'al's passion. He came to the NDC for food, and he takes full advantage of it. Though he but barely reached apprentice rank in the laborer cadre as a galley cook, he learned a lot in his time, and continues to keep in contact with those he once worked with. By far, however, the resource he finds most valuable is the very community he lives in, a veritable melting pot of different cultures from different parts of shape with a seemingly never ending variety of foods and recipes to sample from. More than from those whose profession is to cook, he's learned much more from the nice, old grandmother who lives next door.
Domestic laundry, basic cooking, cleaning, infant care Look, just because most Tsumi are all apex predator and survivor of the fittest doesn't mean that they like living in filth. Even when he was only 14 years old, soon as he got the money to spare, Baa'al would make an effort to live as cleanly as comfortably possible. This value he puts on homely cleanliness and organization also shows in how he returns favors and shows that he cares. While others might go the extra mile by working overtime, Baa'al generally does so making sure everyone in his team has a set of clean clothes to wear.
Entertainment acting, performing, sexual techniques To the Tsumi, power is attractive, and the hell hole that is the ghettos make them a lucrative spot for otherwise shameful transactions.
Vehicles mecha, tanks, cars, trucks, hovercraft Still just a budding skill, but out of all the fields in the NCO's warrior cadre, Baa'al decided on the mecha focus. Why? Because ship to ship warfare is too foreign but he doesn't think there's anything more he'd like to know about punching people in the face.

Social Connections

Baa'al Baa-ae Black-ra Zebul is connected to:

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Inventory & Finance

Baa'al Baa-ae Black-ra Zebul has the following:


Weapons & Gear

Baa'al Baa-ae Black-ra Zebul currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by headlesskoko on 12, 13 2020 at 14:44 using the Character Template Form.

In the case @@Character Owner@@ becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameBaa'al Baa-ae Black-ra Zebul
Character Ownerheadlesskoko
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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