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Chlorate (NDC)

Chlorate is a player character played by Noodlewerfer.

Species & Gender: Artificial Intelligence, Female
Date of Birth: YE 39
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Princess
Rank: Ittô Hei
Current Placements: Section 6

Physical Description

Chlorate uses a modified EM-J2 Emma body. She is 5'7. She has the body type of a regular human, and a human looking head. Her body has the shape of a human as well, but does not appear to have synthetic skin, unlike her head; her head is the only part of her with artificial skin. The rest of her body is made of black metal and white plastic plates with a few small seams and lines between various parts on both her torso and limbs. Her bust is not made to mimic a cup size or breasts. Her feet do not have toes and have metal soles that produce a loud clanking noise when she walks. She is still waterproof, however. Her head has a pale white skin color, the rest of her body has the appearance of not having skin. She has yellow irises, and they glow. Her ears look the same as human ears. Her hair is white. She has long, straight hair. Her voice sounds female, though also robotic. She has the Internal Organs, Gravity Manipulation System, and Advanced Muscle Structure upgrades installed. She weighs 78 kg because of these upgrades.


Chlorate is, at the moment, mostly robotic, though she wants to learn about emotions. She can be curious. She can get lonely pretty quickly. She is generally kind to people, though bear in mind at the moment she is fairly robotic.


In YE 39, two androids, “Uranium” and “Plutonium”, experimented to see if they could create an AI. They were successful, creating Chlorate. However, an android drone known as "Strontium" destroyed Plutonium and Uranium. Chlorate managed to escape, as she was able to “hop” across into other computers. She uploaded herself into a small star fighter and fled into space. She flew to Komorebi, where Walter Hyde led her to a forest, only for a strange anomaly to damage her drone and cause it to crash. Walter temporarily uploaded her to his FARS drone. Later on, she created a customized Emma android body with the help of Walter and Azai Kaede.

Mark Oaklen adopted Chlorate as his daughter prior to Mission 10. She was cloned before the Kaiyo II headed to Ayenee- one clone went with the Kaiyo II, the other went with Mark's clone to Section 6 on 188604.

  • Chlorate in Section 6

Chlorate traveled with Mark to 188604 and eventually got involved with testing an experimental robotic body along with Essex.


Chlorate is able to make fast and complicated calculations. She is also able to remotely hop into computers and electronics or upload herself to them. This allows her to move into other electronics even if they're not directly connected to the computer she's in.


  • Knowledge: A small but healthy amount of knowledge about the Kikyō Sector has been instilled in them by an AvaNet Avatar. This includes laws, cultures, and finite history of the Sector.

Social Connections

Chlorate is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Chlorate has the following items:

OOC Notes

Chlorate is capable of feeling emotions and thinking freely, though as she is a new AI these are things she is still learning. In the case Noodlewerfer becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameChlorate
Character OwnerNoodlewerfer
Character StatusActive Player Character

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