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Talih Petram

Talih Petram is a player character played by IQ.

Talih Petram
Species & Gender: Female Shukaren Daur
Date of Birth: 10ๆ—ฅ 3ๆœˆ YE 20
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: unemployed
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Section 6

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Talih is a rather small individual with a lean and moderate build. She doesn't have particular big boobs or wide hips, but at least one thing she has going for her is extremely strong legs, sculped with muscle and weathered through her rock-surfing. Talih features a darker tanned, caramel skin with natural white hair growing. She has a soft yet sharp face with skinny cheeks and pronounced cheekbones. A set of blue eyes adorn her face as well as freckles that are a tad darker than her copper skin. All in all, she's a rather skinny individual. Odd blue marks are seen on her hands. And travel up to her entire forearm. Ending in a diamond with empty hole, these tattoos glow up whenever her nanites are flushed and forced into action. These marks are visible on the stone she manipulates as well.

She's often seen wearing thick, blue robes with fur lining. Both to compensate for the baking Osman sun as well as the ice cold desert nights.

As a shukaren draur, Talih has large, white feline ears, substituting for the traditional human ears. Talih often wears her hair tied up, braided in a large bun. Her hairline, however, extends down to where traditional human ears would have been. Both her tail and the tip of said tail are a pristine white, similair to her hair.


Talih is brash, playful, yet easily flustered. Taking her past with Psychopomp in stride, she's someone who's in tune with the killing them with kindness shtique. The testing facilities were pure horror and while she more than often has nightmares concerning, Talih can succesfully cope with it. Due to her extremely strong mental fortitude. Which was instilled during her time in the Neshaten Youth Corps. The girl is caring, warm and affectionate, more than often jumping in sticky situations to protect the weak or those who can't fight for themselves. A selfless attitude both applauded and criticised.

But the strain takes it's toll. While Talih is not easily swayed and snaps herself out of flashbacks due to her PTSD relatively easily, there are periods of depression. The sentient mind can only take so much before it snaps. And Talih has teetered close to that breaking point. But always pulled herself back from the brink.

On the other hand, Talih may even be seen as uncaring or even reckless. She remains playful and peppy even when met with extremely serious situations. She has repeatedly explained that it's a coping mechanism like any other.


Talih Petram, originally and fully named named Otep'hime Barro'kesh, was born in YE 20, or Era of Restart, Year 762. Aboard a shuttle, from a young age on, Talih was surprisingly patriotic. Enlisting in the youth Corps as a volunteer, though she originally was nothing more than a custodian. Talih managed to work her way up from her young age, began to spend more time on the repairing time of things. She clocked in several days in the armoury and portrayed her ability for desk work, though she didn't seem to mind getting her hands dirty. While she didn't mind repairing weaponry, she just knew the passable basics, maybe even too little in some people's opinion. Though she was a natural with melee weaponry, a natural born smithy. That's why they kept her in the armoury longer than the rest of her working around. A knack for sharpening weaponry and repairing armour. Something she obviously, thoroughly enjoyed.

Though, as a member of the youth corps, Talih was enlisted to gaurd a merchant vessel that wandered beyond the Neshaten systems. Which became targeted by a Psychopomp shuttle, who killed and imprisoned the crew. Still, to this day, Talih believes she's the only survivor of the attack.

When imprisoned, the girl was subject to gruesome experiments and torture, much to the likes of Koroleva Lezviy or Charlotte Verschil. Though, leading to her being implanted with powers similair to the aforementioned. And, like the former two, Talih managed to escape the facility. Sneaking her way on a transport shuttle, to finally be stranded on Osman and be taken in by a wandering tribe that happened to visit the city. Where she was named Talih and raised to the woman she is now.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Talih Petram has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting: Talih was trained, from a young age on, to be able to use longswords. While she still decides to sometimes mock fight as a work-out, Talih is slightly rusty. She falls back on hurling rocks and boulders with the nanites Psychopomp implanted in her. These nanites are able to root in any unliving, biological matter, such as rocks, sand, dirt. And shape it, or lift it. Though they can't recreate extra material and are limited to what they either dislodge or cut off. Talih needs to have skin contact with the objects she infuses with nanites.
  • Regeneration: A secondary objective of the nanites implanted, though slowed down or unavailable when she is using them for their primary directive, these nanites can heal cuts and lacerations. While they cannot regenerate limbs, they can staunch severe bleeding.
  • Musical: Talih has a beautiful voice and learned to play violin when out with her nomad tribe. She often went into Osman to perform on the streets, to save up enough to record and sell some tapes.
  • Agile: Talih, as a Shukaren, is pretty agile. Moreso than she is actually muscled.
  • Blacksmith: In the Youth Corps, working firstly as a custodian, then in the armoury, Talih resonates with bladed weaponry, she never had a knack for guns and knew the service basics. She prefered melee weaponry. Able to sharpen weapons to extreme cutting power, repair hitches in blades or remove dents in armour.

Social Connections

Talih is connected to:

  • Kum'arren Stri'alias Barro'kesh(Father)
  • Bie'mirai Hime'kao Barro'kesh (Mother)
  • Alfon Petram (Adoptive father)
  • Sineya Petram (Adoptive father)
  • Kallen (Tribesmate / friend)
  • Mira Stammen (Tribesmate / friend)
  • Steija Banaya (Tribesmate / friend)
  • Kumiko (Tribesmate / friend)
  • Hiro Yamato (Tribesmate / friend)

Inventory & Finance


  • 3 sets of similair designed robes, blue
  • Blue hand - and feetwraps
  • Assorted underwear


  • N/a


  • tribe necklace
  • Golden hairpieces

OOC Information

In the case iq becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameTalih Petram
Character OwnerIQ
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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