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Jacob Daniel Shelton

NOTE: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved as canon.

Jacob Daniel Shelton is a young Nepleslian man played by Floodwaters.

Jacob Daniel Shelton
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Age: 29 (born February YE 09)
Height: 6'5“ (195.58 cm)
Weight: 234 lbs (106.14 kg)
Organization: TBD
Occupation: TBD
Rank: TBD
Current Placement: TBD

Preferred Plots

  1. TBD

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Jacob is tall and muscular, with broad shoulders and a trim waist. His skin is tanned and has a somewhat leathery, weathered look to it, making him appear older than he actually is.

Eyes and Facial Features: Jacob's face is square shaped with a prominent jawbone and strong chin. A solid brow and eyebrows that have only a small amount of arch to them set atop a pair of greenish brown eyes that shine with intelligence and a good humor that is somewhat at odds with his otherwise stoic, brusque facial features. His nose is sharply pointed with a convex bridge, giving his face something of a raptor-like quality.

Ears: Jacob has nominally human ears with attached earlobes.

Hair Color and Style: Jacob's thick hair is a brownish-blond of a shade that middles between light and dark. He keeps it trimmed neatly on top and shorter on the sides, in a style comparable to a military crew-cut but just outside the long end of “regulation length.” It is nearly always toweled or brushed forward just enough to make it lay down, but he makes no fuss over ensuring that it's perfect. He keeps a neatly cropped full beard nearly at all times.

Dominant Hand: Jacob is right-handed.

Voice: Jacob's voice is a low, booming baritone, and he finds it difficult to speak quietly. His normal conversational tone is almost too loud for polite, high-society company, and it has a faint gravelly scratch to it. He speaks with an accent that sounds crude and uneducated to the social elite.

Distinguishing Features: WIP

Psychological Characteristics


  • Likes: WIP
  • Dislikes: WIP
  • Fears: WIP
  • Religious Beliefs: Agnostic
  • Goals: To eke out a life for himself, come to terms with his past, and to one day discover what became of his sister if not reunite with her once more.



Jacob was born naturally in YE 09 as the first child of Carson and Midori Shelton on the planet of Neo Kohana. His father was a skilled mechanic and electrician working in the shipyards at the time, but harbored deep anti-authoritarian beliefs that grew over time. Before his fifth birthday, his parents had given up the meager but comfortable life they knew to take up the cause of the Nepleslian Reds, then still an upstart faction. Within the space of a year the family had pulled up their roots and began a life constantly on the move, with little predictable structure to give his childhood any semblance of cohesion or order. Jacob remembers very little of his homeworld and early childhood as a result.

As a young boy he frequently would work alongside his father when he was permitted, having inherited his mechanically-inclined mind.. He quickly developed an instinctive understanding of machinery and electronics, a gift his father continued to nurture anytime they were together, and one that Jacob himself would find himself trying to improve any chance he got while alone. Aside from that, his father insisted on physical activities such as boxing and grappling, something Jacob enjoyed far less at the time.

His younger sister was born in deep space while the family was between worlds on an unregistered vessel only remembered as the “Katja” when Jacob was two months shy of his seventh birthday. Having no real friends of his own due to their nomadic lifestyle, Jacob was immediately smitten with his baby sibling, and was eager to play a role in her care and upbringing from the day she was born. It didn't take long before their parents, fully invested in their revolutionary ideals, began to rely more and more heavily on Jacob's assistance in caring for Sienna. It was Jacob who witnessed her first words, first steps, and various other milestones that their parents missed.

Jacob had been taught from a young age to hate the Yamatai Star Empire and everything it stood for, and for much of his childhood, he obediently followed his parents' teachings as a loyal son would. He knew better than to openly voice his “opinions” in the wrong company, but he found excuses to play mischievous pranks on Yamatai sympathizers and officials whenever he could, a hobby he would soon share with his younger sister.

The family's unscrupulous lifestyle meant enemies, however, and his parents' increasingly long and frequent absences forced him to develop a keen sense for danger. He took his baby sister's safety as his personal responsibility, teaching her what he had learned thus far about self-defense and self-preservation. When they were not scraping together meals from leftover food they could scavenge or eluding those unfriendly to their parents' causes, the siblings spent more or less every waking moment together, and developed a strong bond.

(join Red ground forces at 18)

(Kennewes Offensive at 20 - survives and regroups with CO only to desert after a conflict of conscience)

(Work as an enforcer for a local syndicate of dubious legality, wounded in gunfight? Arrested?)


Social Connections


  • Father: Carson Shelton
  • Mother: Midori Shelton
  • Siblings: Sienna Shelton (sister, younger)



Skills Learned







Maintenance and Repair




Survival and Military




Inventory & Finance

Jacob Daniel Shelton has the following items:


OOC Information

In the case Floodwaters becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameJacob Daneil Shelton
Character OwnerFloodwaters
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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