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Spacecase Fetch One-Three 13-9832-9347

Spacecase Fetch One-Three 13-9832-9347
Species: Freespacer Type 3
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 6'0
Weight: 125 LBS
Bra Size: n/a
Organization: The Free State (Assigned to Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia)
Occupation: Computer Systems Officer
Rank: E-1 Private Third Class
Current Placement: Unassigned

Spacecase Fetch 13-9832-9347 in Roleplay

Spacecase Fetch 13-9832-9347 is a player character played by devinslevin and is currently involved in the Unassigned plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'0 Mass: 125 LBS Measurements: 32-32 Bra Size: n/a

Build and Skin Color: Fit but not overly muscular or large, with relatively thin bone build and sharp features. His skin is a pale color, owing to his lack of exposure to UV rays while onboard his worldship

Facial Features and Eye Color: Very sharp facial features but a relatively well proportioned face that is pleasing to the eye. His eyes are normal white on the outside but the retna itself is puntuated by a red orb; cybernetic implants added to his eyes that increase his eyesight and allow viewing of several other spectrums.

Hair Color and Style: 'Fetch' has shock white hair which is somewhat long and stands on end, giving him a constant bewildered and shocked look.

Distinguishing Features: His eyes are cybernetic implants, though they are the size of normal eyes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Two words sum up Fetch; excitable and non-professional. While he works extremely hard and is very good at his job, he gets very easily distracted, and has a bad habit of irritating his colleagues. Practical jokes are a favorite of his, and he always seems to have something humourous to say in any situation. However, in a situation where he is needed, he is extremely serious; he becomes silent in nature and extremely quick in actions.

Likes: Change, Discovering new things, Flying Starships, Talking Dislikes: Melee Fighting, Pride, Selfishness Goals: To become Captain of a Very Large ship, and to be Reincarnated as many Times as possible


Family (or Creators)



Fetch has been around for quite a long time, however, like many other Freespacers, he has a minor personal history. He was always effective at his job, and quite a bit of a free thinker, but did nothing to desturb the order of his society. His most recent incarnation was became bored with its rather unglamorous life, and decided to serve in the Nepleslian military, the first time he had ever actually decided to serve for real military duty. Before that, he had been a computer operater and spaceship pilot, but never made an impact in either of these, being an effective yet rather innocous worker.


Technology Operation

Fetch is particulary skilled with operating with computers. This is no large surprise, considering technology is the basis of Freespacer culture. He was raised around them his whole life, and much of his pre-awakening training dealt with it. He can operate any computer he comes across, and can program many of them very proficiently.


Like all of his species, besides the extinct Type One, he was installed at 'birth' with mindware. This is originally used as a method of fast education but has a multitude of other uses.


Having studied starships and other peices of equipment his whole life, he soon developed a penchant for designing his own versions of them. This ability has never been capitalized on, but he still has dabbled in the engineering design field.

Starship Operations

Fetch was raised on ships his entire life, and one of his purposes besides operating their computers was to guide them himself. He was a fine pilot and trained extensively in it over his many subsequent lives.


Computers and ships both rely extremely heavily on the use of mathematics; probablities, coding, dimensions, trajectories. Over time and much subsequent training, he became a veritable expert at mathematics relating to computers and navigation.

Maintenance and Repair

Fetch can repair nearly anything dealing with technology; it is inneficient on a ship to wait for someone to come and do something for you, so if you can, you learn to do it yourself. Dealing with computers and ships systems so long, they became almost an extension of himself, and he became very skilled at operating on them and repairing them, often to better than they were before.


Though it is not his traditional job, he has been trained lightly in the use of various kinds of power armor in order to be capable as a soldier. His skill is somewhat augmented by his ability with technology, but he is still a novice when it comes to using the armor.



  • Black Jumpsuit (x2)
  • Black Leather Boots
  • Loose gray cargo pants
  • White Under shirt (x5)


  • 4 T-Shirts, white
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 1 pair of gloves, leather, black
  • 1 pair of boots, black
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 belt, Dark Brown

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • 1 Pair of trunks, green, fleet number on right leg
  • 2 Short-sleeved smocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green
  • 2 Work-out shorts, khaki


  • Electronic Money Card


  • Necklace made of pieces of computer wire and a gear pendant


Spacecase Fetch 13-9832-9347 is currently an E-1 in the The Free State (Assigned to Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia). He receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameSpacecase Fetch One-Three 13-9832-9347
Character Ownerdevinslevin
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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