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Akamaru Reiko

Akamaru Reiko is a player character played by Wolf626.

Akamaru Reiko
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja NH-33 Female
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: IttΓ΄ Heisho
Current Placement: Fort Tokyo

Physical Description

  • Height: 5'3β€œ
  • Mass: 110 lbs
  • Measurements: 36D-21-36

Build and Skin Color: She possesses a deep bronze skin tone with a athletic build.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eyes are a bright blue color, which are framed by a face that seems to have a feral or mischevious look plastered on it. In both her cheeks she has two Neko Markings mimicking whiskers.

Ears: Standard Neko ears with the fur red.

Hair Color and Style: Red shoulder length spiky hair with a side braid on her right.


Reiko is easygoing and calm. She likes being orderly and rational. She shows a small imperialistic view of the universe, but she understands that Yamatai is not perfect. Still, she loves her nation and will fight to the death for it. Reiko sometimes can overthink in a situation, hesitating instead of doing. Reiko also has a much more lewd and perverted side. This side is only exaggerated when she's with her sister, Tenshi.

  • Likes: Flying, music, her sister, love, starships.
  • Dislikes: Indecisiveness, cowardice, Mishuu.
  • Goals: To reunite with her sister, to be stronger.


Akamaru Reiko was born on YE-29 along with her sister, Tenshi. They were inseparable from the start. While Tenshi was a jovial prankster, Reiko was a bookish do-gooder. Sadly, they would be separated from their assignments. She was to be a starship operator. Sadly, a tragedy occurred to the Akamaru sisters. Tenshi refused to answer her calls or to see her. This event greatly depressed Reiko, and after discovering the reason for her sister's actions, it enraged her. She went on to serve several ships, over the course of three years as a starship operator, manning combat systems. She destroyed many enemy ships with the ship's artillery at her disposal. Reiko still tried to contact her sisters over the years, only stopping when Tenshi left for the UOC. After her mandatory service was done, Reiko stayed in Kyoto working several jobs over the years, as a maid, martial arts instructor, waitress, even a small gig as a drummer for a live jazz club. It was during this gig she met her future best friend Sasaki Miyu. She lived well, but a spark was missing. She decided to rejoin the Star Army. This time she decided to be closer to the action. She would be a pilot. Due to her stellar record, and her skill in piloting, she was given a Heisho rank.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Akamaru Reiko has the following notable skills:

  • Communication: Reiko is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Trade (language) and Yamataigo (ι‚ͺ馬台θͺž). She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.
  • Fighting: Reiko received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. Reiko is also highly proficient in the use of the Neku Koyu martial art. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor.
  • Technology Operation: Reiko is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.
  • Mathematics: Reiko received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.
  • Starship Operations: With her fist occupation being Starship Operator Reiko has experience with the operations of large starships. This experience has only grown with her new job as a Star Army Pilot. She's a A ranked pilot. She's especially proficient in flying the Ke-V9 "Nodachi" Assault Fighter, being able to pilot the two person fighter singlehandily with her SPINE.
  • Entertainment: Reiko is proficient in playing drums, be able to play several styles of music, from jazz to heavy metal.
  • Domestic: Reiko worked as a maid for a cleaning company in the lull between employment in the Star Army. She is proficient with cleaning, cooking and laundry. She even got to keep the maid outfit.

Social Connections

Akamaru Reiko is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Akamaru Reiko has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

A small set of Sensor Collars.

Akamaru Reiko currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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In the case wolf626 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAkamaru Reiko
Character OwnerWolf626
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusReserve
SAOY RankIttΓ΄ Heisho
SAOY OccupationStar Army Pilot
SAOY AssignmentStar Army Reserve
DOR YearYE 43

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