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Akuma Kage

Akuma Kage is a Player Character played by SirSkully

Akuma Kage
Species and Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Female
Alias/es: Mocha
Date of Birth: YE 39
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Rank: Santô Hei
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Placement: YSS Komainu

Physical Appearance

Kage stands at a rather average height of 5’5”, a rather typical-looking neko in most aspects besides her brooding and distant ways – a few noticeable curves to her hips and a slight swell to her chest with a faint hint of athleticism in the form of some rather toned definition here and there though nothing out of the ordinary for a neko as far as proportions go, Kage’s skin is a rich mocha colour and contrasts rather violently with the ghostly white hair and eyes she possesses.

Her hair, which once flowed down to the curve of Kage’s toned derriere, has since been cut into a short and choppy bob that comes just shy of her uniform’s collar. Kage’s eyes are somewhat narrow and possess hauntingly white irises that generally bare dark circles beneath them from another of Kage’s many sleepless nights, her facial structure is comprised of high cheekbones and a jawline that rounds off into a triangular chin, with a mousey nose sitting above Kage’s pert lips and elven-style ears topping it all off – her eyebrows are somewhat thick and arched, silvery rather than white while Kage’s fluffy tail is the same snowy hue as her hair, with black tiger stripes and a dark tip.

She can usually be found wearing some variation of the exercise uniform or the Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22, hoodie covering Kage’s torso and the hood pulled down to cast shadows over her facial features – sometimes using her volumetric capabilities to enhance those shadows if she is feeling particularly antisocial.

Her BWH measurements are 34b-20-35


Kage is a quiet and noticeably troubled creature who keeps to herself for the most part, burdened by her own failure to meet the expectations thrust upon her from birth she feels as though she can only ever do wrong by the people who try to get close to her – it’s hard to maintain eye contact with Kage and even harder to get her to speak more than a few whispering murmurs of a phrase.

Kage maintains a lot of the customs drilled into her by her mother when Kage was young, which only makes her stand out more as she refuses to eat in the presence of others and instead sits there with a mostly blank face save for the occasional heavy breath. Despite her troubled past, many flaws and occasional panic attacks onset by the scent of industrial-strength cleaning products, Kage is a well-oiled killing machine and a good soldier who has very little to complain about.


Akuma Reisu was a Eihei-no-insen class of samurai from the Ketsurui Samurai house back in its prime and joined the Star Army of Yamatai as an Star Army Intelligence Operative after their fall from grace – maintaining her beliefs, ideals and routines through the change in occupations though despite the stoic façade she put up Reisu felt as though something was missing.

In early YE 39 Reisu gave birth to her Daughter and soon to be apprentice, Kage, a near perfect replica of herself save for a few features left up to chance – Reisu found the tiger stripes adorning her daughter’s tail amusing for a reason she never figured out, but the amusement soon faded as Kage was told how she would handle herself, much pressure was put on the young Eihei and it was met with a stern nod along with the promise that she would do her mother proud.

Kage showed great promise, becoming a prodigy with a blade under the intense training regime of her mother and a warrior with a sharp mind it was decided by Reisu in mid YE 40 that Kage was ready – Kage continued to show great promise during her time in the SAINT Training Activity and by no means was it easy but she managed to just scrape through, earning her black panel with a curt nod and a bow.

Things were going as her mother had planned and Reisu oversaw her daughter’s first mission, it was smooth sailing for the most part and the handful of operatives were following up rumours about a pesticide plant when Kage was suddenly rocked by an explosion – her body being thrown through a tempered glass window, the resulting impact against a heavy pipe shattering her spine among other things, the fall leading to multiple fractures and breaks in her skull as Kage’s reeling figure splashed down into a shallow puddle of chemical runoff.

By all logic Kage should have died, though her charred and bloodied form was later recovered by a medic, Kage somehow remaining conscious throughout the whole ordeal of her compromised system being overwhelmed by the noxious nature of the mixed chemicals that she had landed in – she was alive though the damage had been done, with medical personnel having to heavily anaesthetise Kage to make her stop screaming and writhing.

Reisu was hopeful her daughter would bounce back quickly, but the older Eihei took one look at her offspring in a therapist’s chair recounting the demonic figures hallucinations she’d been subject to and knew that it was too late, turning around without another word – Kage only finding out her mother had disowned her once the legal paperwork had been processed.

Kage would never hear from her mother again despite her best attempts to find the older Eihei, and before too long even her original body was taken away to be replaced with an NH33, due to Kage’s current therapist deeming her mentally unfit for service – it hit Kage hard and for about a week she simply refused to speak, having everything torn away from her.

Kage’s life became a schedule of rotting in a small apartment in downtown Kyoto during the days between her visits to the therapist, not much progress being made until it was decided maybe a different approach should be taken – Kage’s therapist handing the troubled cat a blank mask and sliding a block of sculptors clay over, telling her to reflect how she sees herself and how she thinks others see her in this medium. Kage had no expectations that it would change anything but she decided to humor the kind Minkan if only to add variety to her own bland and sad existence – being pleasantly surprised when the end result brought her spirits up if only a little, feeling like the horribly disfigured representation of a Hannya mask had helped lift a great weight from her chest, progress was slow but finally it was being made and eventually Kage was even deemed no longer an at-risk individual.

Though Kage knew with the way her mind was wired that she could never fit in with a 9-5 job, she was born a weapon and there was nothing that could change that, not even the removal of the very body that made her a weapon - managing to get herself in a good enough headspace to re-enlist in YE 41 where she was assigned to the YSS Komainu as standard infantry, holding herself together throughout the process despite the lingering issues.


Star Army Common Skills

Fighting: Being trained from birth has left Kage as an exceptionally lethal individual with anything she can get her hands on, though Kage favours the two transparent Kodachis given to her by her mother – moreso keeping them around due to the fact they are the weapons she is most proficient with, having a deceitful fighting style that involves Kage using her body’s volumetric abilities to project a thick cloud of volumetric smoke around herself, leading to fellow Yamataian-speaking individuals that have seen her fight sometimes likening her to a mythical Enenra. She still maintains the belief that one should never unsheathe their sword unless they are intending to draw blood.

Physical: The intense training regime Kage was put through when she was young pushed the youngling to her limits and usually involved hot coals, despite losing the body she had then, Kage maintained the mental fortitude that allows her a notably high pain tolerance – further training since returning to service has also given Kage a sharp sense of special awareness for every part of her body.

Rogue: Having been a fully trained and certified Intelligence Operative early on in her life, Kage is no stranger to moving about unseen and unheard - her normal footfalls rarely registering with the ears of her fellow crew-members even when casually strolling down a hallway.

Social Connections

Akuma Reisu1)

Inventory & Finances

Star Army Standard Issue Items

Twin Transparent Zesuaium Kodachis given the Yamataian name Fantomuburēdo2)

Dark Navy Blue Uwa-obi

Psychotherapy Mask3)

Vaporizer unit

Akuma Kage currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameAkuma Kage
Character OwnerSirSkully
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankSantô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry
SAOY AssignmentYSS Komainu
estranged mother
Phantom Blades
resembling a Hannya mask with flesh above the eyebrows being torn away to reveal a cracked skull, one of the horns being broken and the face twisted into an expression of pure terror and fear

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