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Joachim "Joey" Demaro

Joey is a technical sentry role-played by Imp Syndrome. He is currently not assigned to a post due to Imp's inactivity.

Joey Demaro
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Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 6'1“ / 1.85m
Weight: 175 lbs / 79.38 kg
Organization Star Army of Yamatai, Third Expeditionary Fleet
Rank Ittu Hei
Occupation Technician
Current Placement None
Current Post Count 29


Family: Born to Magnall Demaro (father) and Dana Kasaiyou (mother) in YE 09; Father honorably discharged from Star Army of Yamatai (rank: Shoushou) in YE 08; Dana deceased at age 63 in YE 25

Build and Skin Type: Physically fit; pale skin Eye Color and Facial Features: Silver eyes; Caucasian facial bone structure; thin lip-line; commonly wears a stern expression, probably because he strains his eyes too much when working on his inventions Hair Color: Black hair; buzz-cut (not shaven, but short) Distinguishable Features: When not in uniform, wears black fingerless gloves; wears wristwatch on right wrist, despite being right-handed; hair grows rather slowly, reducing frequency of necessary haircuts



Joey was raised on the standards of Star Army veterans, taught to follow orders quickly and precisely. But, although his father wanted him to grow up a soldier like his predecessors, Joey would rather build a gun than use one. Being so different from his family of soldiers, Joey is naturally somewhat dissident. Still, he knows that following orders is just as important to officers as it is to the enlisted. He exhibits a fast learning curve, quick to pick up a new idea or theory and even more eager to test it. A natural inventor, he has high hopes of putting his creations and innovations to good use as a Star Army technician.

Sexual Orientation

Joey is most definitely of the heterosexual persuasion, but he doesn't base his relationships with women on his primal instincts. He'll make friends with a girl the same way as with a guy (with a few gentle exceptions to details). He puts more interest into a woman's personality and intellect than her looks, although he would never deny that her physiology is certainly a factor. He has a certain partiality to female engineers or women with backgrounds in technology or engineering and would have no trouble attracting them to himself. However, he focuses more on his work than on those women who would like to work on him.


Likes: Alternative/Techno music; designing, creating new inventions; women with an eye for engineering Dislikes: Alcoholic drinks; disrespectful people; combat, especially killing Aspirations: To build his own power armor; To prove his worth to his father and the whole Star Army as a great technician; To meet a woman who shares his appreciation for mechanics

Personal History

Joey is the youngest in a line of Yamataian Star Army veteran soldiers. He was trained to be a soldier, but as his fascination with mechanics replaced his interest in being a front-line unit, he became determined to be a technician. When he heard this, his father scolded him, saying that he had “shamed the Demaron bloodline”. All the more headstrong, Joey enlisted in the Star Army as a technician to prove to his father that an engineer was all the more important to the war as the soldiers who fought it.

History in Star Army

Santou Hei

Arrival on YSS Celia

Joey was enlisted as a technician (Rank: Santou Hei), and assigned to the YSS Celia. He was shuttled aboard the Celia while she was in orbit above Yamatai, flown in on the personal transport craft Kindling, piloted by Calen Ferinju (NPC). He was greeted by his CO, Sasaki Sakai (NPC; Officer, Shosa), upon his arrival, who introduced him to the ship. After unloading his gear, he set out to familiarize himself with the halls of his new home.

The Lost Pin

Shortly after leaving his quarters, Joey happened upon a lost rank pin belonging to a Santou Hei. He asked the Celia's AI to look into the matter, but no missing reports had been filed for it. Thus, Joey had to seek out the only other two Santou Hei on board besides himself: Zug Leonhart, who was in the mess hall, and Aoki Orie, who he happened to meet immediately after talking to Megami. Aoki had her rank pin, so the two of them went to the mess hall. There, Leon met Zug Leonhart, who turned out to be a towering troll. Though Zug already had his rank pin on his uniform, he did inform Joey that he had carried a spare pin aboard with him. When Joey checked the back of the pin, he realized that the words 'Property of Zug Leonhart' were scratched there. The Santou Hei promptly returned the pin to its rightful owner, and he stayed to have some food and get to know his comrades.

Cargo Transfer to Freya's Heart

After enjoying a quick meal and a chat with his new friends, Joey was called to duty on his first mission. Joining a team led by Ittou Heisho Tangozulu and supervised by Shosa Itkatsu Kiyoko, Joey boarded the Freya's Heart and aided their crew in the transferring of several dozen crates of cargo onto the ship. The mission was suddenly and abruptly interrupted, though, and Joey and his team returned to the Celia on extremely tense terms, leaving the crew of the Freya's Heart to complete the transfer on their own.

Pirate Attack

After returning to the Celia from the Freya's Heart, Joey and his crewmates were tasked with responding to a report of a pirate-raid-slash-hostage-situation on SAY-designated ships carrying medical supplies. While Branard-Taisho consorted with the pirate leader, Joey and his comrades, led by Ittou Heisho Tangozulu, infiltrated the hijacked vessel, rescued the civilian hostages, and managed to force the pirates to retreat. After securing the vessel, the team returned to the Celia and disarmed, while the medical frigates continued, under escort, to their intended destination.

  • NOTE: Joey was awarded a service medal for aiding in the defusing of the hostage event. Upon completing his mission in full, he was promoted to the rank of Ittou Hei.

Present Mission: None

  • After his previous mission, Joey was brought back to Yamatai for more focused training in engineering, specializing in power armor construction, maintenance, repair, operation, and troubleshooting. Now that he has completed his training, he is prepared to receive his next major assignment in the Star Army fleet.



Joey always had a knack with electronics, but as he grew up and learned dexterity, innovation and logic, he took his skill to the extreme. This ability came to fruition at age 17, when he created an extremely detailed 1:64 scale model of the YSS Sakura from scrap metal parts he had collected. Since then, he continues to create new, creative gadgets from random slag metal.


Joey's inventions did not always work properly, and on occasion, their malfunctions would rebound upon his environment, causing significant damage. After several such incidents, he bought a heavy-duty tool kit and began teaching himself how to use the various tools inside. He learned that he could apply that knowledge he gained when he joined the Star Army.

Technology Operation

Though most of Joey's mechanical creations were inanimate objects, he occasionally created animated inventions. It required complex planning and a brilliant mind to learn how to set up the electronic hardware, but with some practice (mostly of the trial-and-error kind), he learned how to assemble, utilize, and disassemble countless kinds of circuitry. Plus, in doing so, he also learned how to diagnose malfunctions in the electronics and correct them.


Before Joey's mother died, she taught him his general education according to his strengths and weaknesses. With his engineering knowledge, he learned amazingly fast in the area of mathematics, advancing to advanced levels of geometry and algebra at a relatively young age. At the zenith of his schooling is the ability to solve basic calculus equations that some people of his age could not grasp. In this way did he stand out from the other trainees before becoming an enlisted technician.


Being born to a family of veterans, Joey was forced to endure many long-winded addresses made by his father to the public of his hometown on Yamatai. Although he found them extremely boring, he learned to carefully observe his father's form and delivery, and he eventually learned to speak almost as powerfully and persuasively as him.


Before Joey set down the path of the technician, his father trained him hard. During his youth, he was subjected more, not to combat practice, but to intensive conditioning, during which one pushes one's self to the utter limit and exceeds it to stretch one's own boundaries. Through these exercises did Joey gain stamina, and he became a quick runner and an even faster swimmer. Constantly using his entire body during each exercise also helped him to understand how to use every muscle he could control; this sense of self became a vital aid for him while training for the Star Army, especially when operating power armor. By using only the muscles necessary to use the controls, he saved himself precious energy during his lessons and endured trials that would otherwise have seemed extremely daunting.


Even though he doesn't care much for fighting, Joey knew that he wouldn't be able to avoid it, being in a war and such. His father trained him in the art of man to man combat, not only with his bare hands, but with melee weapons and firearms as well. Though he didn't particularly like it, he gained an average aptitude for firing a gun quickly and accurately, and he learned some standard melee skills. After setting his mind to becoming a technician, these abilities deteriorated somewhat, but after training in the Star Army, he polished his skills and improved upon them. During his lessons, Joey learned to apply some of his footwork and evasion tactics to piloting power armors in combat. It was through this training that he discovered a newfound respect for them.

Personal Posessions


Duty Outfits

  • Light blue-grey pants, two pair
  • Black cotton undershirts, two count
  • Blue uniform jackets, two count
    • Both jackets have the Hinomaru on the right arm and fleet patch on the left arm
    • Red colored panel to denoted enlisted status
  • Dark grey leather boots, one pair
  • Dark grey leather gloves, one pair
  • Dark grey leather belt, one count
    • compatible with Type 28C NSP pistol holster, included
  • Ittou Hei rank pin, one count
  • Service medal, one count

Weather Gear

  • Black ankle-length overcoat, one count
  • Black felt tricorner hat with red trim, one count

Assorted Garments

  • white yukata bearing Hinomaru, one count
    • black sash included
  • black bikini swimsuit bottom bearing Hinomaru, two count
  • white ringer T-Shirt, two count
    • bears Hinomaru; pocket over upper-left torso
  • black sandals, one pair
  • black cotton briefs, four pairs
  • black boot Socks, four pair

Casual Garments

  • Black fingerless gloves, one pair
    • made from inexpensive yet durable fabric
    • mostly worn to improve grip while working, but also have aesthetic value


  • Ketsurui Zaibatsu Type 28C NSP, one count
    • BR-28A Battery Magazines, three count
  • Solid diamond survival knife, one count
    • Rubberized grip; lanyard
    • includes black sheath, clips to attach to belt


  • shampoo, one bottle
  • liquid soap, one bottle
  • deodorant, one stick
  • toothbrush, one count
  • toothpaste, one tube
  • towels, two count
  • facecloths, two count

Assorted Items

  • Electronic Currency Record, one card
  • Type 29 Communicator, one count
    • charger included
  • Wooden medal case engraved with Hinomaru, one count
    • velvet interior lining
    • holds a single service medal, awarded for his role in disarming the hostage situation during his assignment aboard the YSS Celia
  • Electronic datapad, one count
    • displays accurate information about the YSS Celia's layout

Personal Posessions

Personal Travel Bag

  • Joachim's multipurpose tool kit
  • Several small bits of scrap metal
  • Customized glasses
    • outfitted with bifocal lenses for precision micro-engineering
  • Custom-built music player
    • Attached headphones also custom-built
      • not compatible with manufactured music players
    • holds all of Joey's favorite songs on a single playlist
      • list shuffles after playing each song once

At Home on Yamatai

  • YSS Sakura stationary model ship
    • 1:64 scale
  • Custom-built stationary power armor model, two count
    • 1:16 scale, both models
    • First model name: “DMX Parmonas”
      • designed for combat, both close- and long-ranged
      • named “Brennock” upon completion
    • Second model name: “DMX Ardniche”
      • designed for precise retreival of items in zero-gravity environments
      • named “Halvose” upon completion
  • Thermal conditioning unit designed for power armor
    • compatible with most power armors
    • fully functional; currently not installed
  • Analog wristwatch
    • background changes colors at random; backlight illuminates display at nighttime
    • watch currently runs 43 seconds slow vs. Yamataian standard time
Other Belongings
  • Assorted scraps of various metals
    • Accurate count has not been taken of all metal scraps
  • Most of Joey's casual clothing
    • Accurate count has not been taken


Previous Statements (Currently no entries)

Current Statement: From Date of Star Army Introduction to Assignment on board YSS Celia

Starting Balance: 3000 KS (per standard beginner's funds)

Deposits: None

Withdrawals/Payments: – Multipurpose Tool Kit: 550 KS – Micro-Engineering Glasses: 350 KS

Ending Balance: 2100 KS

Character Data
Character NameJoachim "Joey" Demaro
Character OwnerImp Syndrome
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankIttô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician

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