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Jadg Wolf

Jadg Wolf is a player character played by Jadg Wolf (Thad).

The PCS Jadg Wolf, a Mersina-Class Ship, PNUgen Variant, was named after him. It was an escort of the YSS Destiny.

History and Relationship Notes

Jadg Wolf was one of the first Star Army characters. He started out as an Star Army Intelligence Operative for PNUgen Corporation and later joined Star Army Intelligence as one of the original SAINT agents. He earned his own starship command, the Yui-class Scout GSS Kiyomizudera (GD-45), in YE 22.

He was involved in many SAINT operations, such as ANTIDOTE1) and SILENCER2)

Eventually he became a Taisho and head of SAINT.

Recovered Biography

This is Wolf's update bio from 2006.

Name: Jadg Wolf

General Information Species: Human/NH-8 Gender: Male Age: 28

Family (or Creators): Father and mother alive on Ayenee

Faction: Star Army of Yamatai Occupation: SAINT Agent Rank: Former Taisho (Admiral), now unranked โ€œadviser.โ€ Current Assignment: Classified (SAINT)

Physical Characteristics Height: 6' (1.8 meters) Weight: 165 lbs (77 kg)

Build and Skin Color: Medium build, fit, with light tan. Facial Features and Eye Color: Blue eyes, ordinary American facial features. Hair color and Style: Black, short and straight.

Distinguishing Features: Heavy burn scars (lost pigment/skin color) around shoulders, slight burn scars on face.

(NH-8 Default form NH-7y3, ordinary.)

Psychological Characteristics Personality: Outspoken, nice to close friends. Cautious to a fault, wary of traps and ambushes at all times, unless in a place he deems secure enough (secured bases, starships, etc.), though this does not have a huge impact on his personality; however, he trusts only close friends, associates, and coworkers, which is very apparent in conversation. Does not give out respect easily. Was increasingly irritable and impatient while basically alone on the Kiyomizudera, but currently warming up a bit (still not exactly the nicest guy around, though) back with his friends. While sometimes quick to anger, he tries to hide his emotions.

Likes: Killing, fighting, espionage, guns and other weapons, winning, food, some literature and music. Dislikes: Pretentious assholes, being discovered, losing, other people doing his work. Goals: Long-term still unknown, currently regain self-importance and worth by doing missions again.


No records on childhood. Graduated from college, afterwards disregarding his achievements and helping to form a two man assassin team. After they stopped working together, he came into business with a friend of his in the fields of military research and espionage. Joined PNUgen Intel to explore the boundaries of his skill. Until recently, he was working with the Star Army and continuing with his friends in their business.

After his rather useless stint as fleet admiral and head of SAINT, where he accomplished nothing because of doubt and incompetence, Wolf became an unranked โ€œadvisorโ€ for the Star Army. He has spent the last few years on Ayenee, waiting with his associates for the next big conflict, while occasionally providing information or services to the Star Army.

Awards: Training (Neko History), Command, Experience, Secret Ops, Service, Combat, Distinguished Career

Certifications: Neko History


Communication: Wolf is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from others through headsets, starships, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Wolf is fluent in English and Japanese. Hhe can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.

Fighting: Wolf never took a Star Army training program, because he learned to fight on Ayenee. With years of experience in assassination and intelligence operations, Wolf is a more than capable fighter with or without weapons. Wolf still prefers solid ammo Ayenee weapons over Star Army firearms, though more because of nostalgia and familiarity, not any concern over quality. Wolf is also skilled in Tae Kwon Do and in the use of various assassination weapons.

Technology Operation: If the Kessaku OS was in use while Wolf was on the Kiyomizudera, he doesn't remember it. However, he is competent in the use of most computer devices.

Knowledge: Wolf is familiar with the laws of Yamatai, and the history of Yamatai and PNUgen Corporation.

Demolitions: While his assassin partner was skilled in the creation of explosives, both were capable handlers. Wolf, while no removal expert, can also disarm some explosives.

Rogue: Though he didn't pick up his skills from the streets, Wolf eventually developed talents in some areas that would be classified as โ€œrogue.โ€ Wolf can creep silently, formulate quick plans, pick basic locks, and lie (i.e. fabricate stories).

Mathematics: The neko mind can comprehend advanced math, but Wolf himself only received training up to and including algebra and trigonometry.

Character Data
Character NameJadg Wolf
Character Ownerjadg_wolf
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusRetired
SAOY RankTaisho

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