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Kotori was created by Fred when he first joined the site on Tuesday, October 25, 2005. She started out a normal PC, was found promising enough to both climb to officer ranks and be adopted by the Ketsurui clan, and was finally used as a GM NPC from the beginning to the conclusion of the YSS Miharu plotship.

Click to access Kotori's artwork gallery
Kotori 血涙 小鳥
Species: NH-29 Signaler Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Parent: Kôsuka
Age: 15 (Born October 25th, YE 27)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Rank: Acting Taisho
Occupation: Starship Captain
Weight: 104 lbs, or 47 kg
Height: 5’ 5”, or 170 cm
Chest: 30”, or 76 cm
Waist: 24”, or 61 cm
Hips: 33”, or 84 cm
Bra size: 30B

Ketsurui Kotori was a princess of the Ketsurui imperial family. The planet Kotori is named after her.

She is a renowned warhero, having captained the YSS Miharu in its mission to destroy the nekovalkyrja rebels known as the Daughters of Eve, along with their leader and longtime nemesis of Ketsurui Yui: Eve. She and her crew also defeated and captured the Mishhuvurthyar warlord Melisson, rescued nearly four-thousand ships whom had been lost in the Second Draconian War, and lead them to liberate Nataria and participate in the defense of the homeworld during the Battle of Yamatai.

However, several events in which she was involved proved embarrassing to the Ketsurui clan - especially in relations to the rebellion of a Samurai splinter group, the Shadow Vipers - as well as her known disapproval of her clan mistress' heavy-handed methods. When she clashed openly with Black Spiral, the Ketsurui clan disavowed her actions and hereby disowned her.

Current Events

Kotori was arrested by Star Army Military police for severe losses caused under her command to two squadrons of Star Army Black Ops (Black Spiral) warships. She was enroute for be tried for her alleged crimes when the Yui destroyer she was passenger on was destroyed by Kuvexians shortly before the Second Battle of Nataria.

Kotori is missing and presumed dead. Her crew believe her death was staged and that she was actually abducted. they are currently looking for clues on her whereabouts.


Kanji Meaning

血涙 KETSURUI: Bloody tears

小鳥 KOTORI: Little bird

Additional art: Kotori's Artwork Gallery

Kotori's Voice

Fred pictures Chiwa Saito's more serious roles as being a close match to how Kotori would sound. The character Senjōgahara Hitagi from the anime Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari comes pretty close to a sober-sounding Kotori (example).

Kotori's Theme Songs

Theme of MoonPhase was chosen as Kotori's theme song when she was created. Born to Survive (Extended version) stands as her battle theme.

Kotori's Appearance

Click to access Kotori's artwork gallery Kotori is a young nekovalkyrja woman whom denotes elegance, grace, beauty, and purity by the way she carries herself in the Yamataian sense; from her traditional well-groomed black hair to her charismatic poise. Tall for her kind, she carries herself with a bearing which, combined with her intense amber stare, evokes fierce nobility akin to a bird-of-prey's.

The yamataian princess is a seasoned leader whom commands with decisive authority. On a more personal level she keeps herself aside from others in a mantle of distant, solitary mystique.

Build and Skin Color

Kotori has a build which foregoes the ample curves of a sexualized beauty in favor of feminine litheness.

Her elfin figure poses a paradox between graceful strength and fragility: on one hand, a warrior's upbringing lent her a lean and supple silhouette. However, her fair porcelain-like skin encourages that impression of delicacy.

Facial Features and Eye Color

Kotori's heart-shaped face bears comely features by Yamato standards; boasting high-cheekbones, soft cheeks, narrow nose with a smooth bridge, slender lips, a defined jawline ending with angular chin and sharp symmetrical eyebrows.

Her eyes stand out as her dominating facial feature: large and almond-shaped, they are of an unusual amber color that stands out against her pale face and in contrast with her much darker hair. On top of that, her irises are iridescent in a manner similar to certain noctunal animals such as cats and owls.

Hair color and Style

Kotori was born with straight, raven-black hair, and she wears it long in a high-maintenance Hime cut hairstyle. Kotori believes that one claim to womanhood nekovalkyrja has is in how she grooms herself to look the part of being female. That belief has her muster the effort to care for her hair so that it may stand as one of her most winning feature.

The end result consists of a symmetrical frontal fringe, side locks, and long remaining hair that dips down her back down to her waist. These parts are all straightened and uniformly cut, creating a layered, but very organized and maintained look. Kotori's neatly worn black hair goes very well with the very structured look, lending it a lustrous curtain-like quality.

Other Distinguishing Traits

About her body

  • Kotori was born a youngling and thus lacks a genetic tattoo. This trait was carried over to her present NH-29 Signaler body.
  • Kotori has four fingers or toes on her each hand or foot (respectively).
  • Kotori's ears are cat-like and mobile, furred dark like her hair, with the fuzz inside a paler shade.
  • Kotori's dentition only has two incisors top and bottom, rather than the four humans usually have.
  • Kotori has little hair on her body save for her head, ears, eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Kotori's milky skin does not suffer from sunburn easily. However, this makes it hard for her to gain a anykind of tan.
  • Kotori's SPINE interface colors the flesh surrounding her backbone a grayer shade than the rest of her skin from between her shoulderblades and down to her hips.
  • Kotori can perspire. This is a trait of her body to help it cool to help with the heat buildup of some of its intensive functions. Her sweat is the salt water kind, and so is odorless.

About herself

  • While no Ketsurui Samurai, Kotori can emulate their flat expressionless glare pretty convincingly.
  • She is usually found wearing flowing Yamataian garments like kimonos and yukatas. If she bears weapons, she will typically prefer to have them concealed thanks to her ample clothing choices.
  • Kotori wears little ornamentation or jewelry beyond her rank pin. The only real piece she seems to prize is a tortoise shell comb set with amber she received as a gift which she either uses to comb her hair or, rarely, set it to hold her hair up.
  • Speaking of hair, Kotori does seem to have an inordinate fondness for hers. It is a frequent habit for her to fondle it, flicking some of it forward for her to caress when she is being thoughtful.
  • Again with hair: Kotori can also adopt a more sporting look by tying her hair into a ponytail, or wear a cheongsam very convincingly with her hair worn in twin-tails (which seems to sell her slender figure and the back of her neck better).
  • Kotori enjoys leaving her shoulders bare, due to her SLICS interface having been located there in her days as a NH-22M Nekovalkyrja.
  • Kotori is a native Yamataian speaker, and has put effort into speaking it more formally ever since her adoption into the Ketsurui Clan. She is fluent enough in Nepleslian to make herself clearly understood over her yamataian accent.
Character Data
Character NameKotori
Character OwnerFred
Character StatusActive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusMIA
SAOY RankTaisho
SAOY AssignmentBlack Knights

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