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Takuma Kimura

General Information

Species: Yamataian

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Employer: Star Army

Occupation: Engineering

Rank: Jôtô Hei

Current Assignment: Technician on the YSS Miharu

Played By: Aria

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10“

Mass: 155

Build and Skin color: Slightly above average build, white skin color.

Facial Features and Eye color: Blue eyes, small hint of green

Hair color and Style: Dark brown, semi-long, mostly straight hair. Decently kept.

Distinguishing Features: Takuma's almost shoulder-length hair hangs fairly straight on his head with a little poof, except for a bang protruding the right side of his head. The hair curls into a spiral there, jutting out the hair in front of it. Despite his effortless attempts to fix the rebellious hair, it always prevails in the end. When Takuma is not wearing his uniform, he tends to wear cargo pants so he can fill all of his pockets with gizmos, notepads, and other useless junk he may need at any moment's time.

Before Takuma left to join the army, his brother Kiyoshi gave him a red wristband to wear as a memento. There is a small, black design on the front, but since it is old and slightly worn, he cannot remember what it used to mean. The only time he takes off the wristband is when he cannot physically wear it, such as in combat. Even in uniform, he will have it tucked under his sleeve.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Takuma hates to leave things he started unfinished. The downside is that not only can he be determined to finish something rather pointless, he hates to commit to things that he may not be able to finish. This tends to make him a rather shy person, but he can be lively once someone gets to know him.

He does not pay a lot of attention to his physical appearance, but has developed the habit of at least trying to tame his hair.

Takuma has a good sense of humor and tries to use this to his advantage. A small joke used wisely can ease tension on a situation and make things easier on him. A small joke used badly often ends badly.

Likes: Breaking a stressful situation, challenges and the feeling of success if won.

Dislikes: Surrendering to a challenge, free-falling.

Goals: To become a successful technician and find the meaning behind it all.


“Maybe the answer lies in the abyss,” Takuma said to himself, gazing up at a night sky. The captivating twinkle of the heavans invited him to a search for what it was that life meant.

Kiyoshi wandered out to their backyard, stopping next to Takuma. One look in his eyes and he knew what he was thinking.

“Whatever you want to find, you won't find in a backyard,” Kiyoshi said with a sigh.

Takuma didn't respond, but his face looked a little sadder.

“If you escape this planet, perhaps you can find it. I would call that an adequet challenge for you.”

Takuma's ears perked up at the word 'challenge' and looked over at Kiyoshi.

“The ultimate challenge,” he said quietly. Kiyoshi nodded with a smile.

Takuma's features brightened at the prospect, his mind flowing around the thought of a journey.

“The Star Army…” Takuma muttered with a smile. Kiyoshi looked over at him, slightly surprised.

“What better way to see the universe than to join the Star Army of Yamatai?” Takuma asked his brother on the warm summer night.

After a moment of concern and confusion, Kiyoshi smiled.

“You know, that's not such a bad idea. Once I'm old enough, I'll follow you. Someday.”

Takuma nodded and gazed back up at the starry night sky.

“Star Army…” he muttered.

At the age of eighteen, Takuma left his home planet behind and joined the Star Army as a technician. Two years later, an opportunity arouse that allowed him to become a pilot for a small transportation shuttle. However, since his post was a space station, he never got more than a hundred miles away from where he was placed.

A little over a year of flying shuttles, he requested a change of jobs and was granted the position of technician aboard the Takumi Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser, YSS Yūgumo as a Jôtô Hei. However, before the ship got off the ground, internal delays postponed the launch of the ship. Instead, he was reassigned to the YSS Odori no Umi in order to aid refugees fleeing from Taiie in civilian ships. After the YSS Miharu came to the aid of the Odori no Umi, Takuma was transferred to the YSS Miharu and currently resides there.


Communication: Several years of serving in the army taught Takuma the basics of communication, such as vocal, telepathic, radio, and texts between armors. He has been trained to utilize these methods in combat and non-combat situations.

Fighting: Takuma has been taught intermediate karate training, giving him a decent build for his body. His training also includes how to operate a power armor for combat.

Technology Operations: Takuma has recieved certification for the Kessaku OS suite as well as a few less used operating systems, for when the technological convinence is not avaliable.

Starship Operations: Takuma's experience as a shuttle pilot gives him the experience needed to fly any small ship. He does not have combat experience in fighter planes yet.

Mathematics: Takuma's mathematic's skill is high enough to meet technician standards set by the Star Army of Yamatai.

Maitenance and Repair: Takuma's keen interest in computers led him to his position as a technician. He can fix a malfunctioning computer skillfully and give adequete repairs to a power armor on the field.

Demolitions: Back in his teens, he had a part-time job aiding in a construction site. His time there taught him the basics of explosives, from safety, effective use, and disarming simple explosives.


Exploration Award Tsuyosa star system Bowhordia star system

Secret Ops Award

Service Award For serving aboard the YSS Miharu on her first mission For serving aboard the YSS Miharu on her second mission

War Medallion For participation during the YE 29 Mishhuvurthyar Conflict

Training Award For participating in the simulated Miharu vs. Meng Po scenario

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