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Ryu-Mizumitsu Masashi

Ryu-Mizumitsu Masashi is a NPC controlled by GM Demibear.

Ryu-Mizumitsu Masashi
Species Genshrin
Gender Male
Age 62 years old, DOB: 1日 3月 BYE 19
Clan Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan
Organization: Ryu Keiretsu
Occupation: Businessman
Rank: Company President
Current Placement: N/A

Character Description

  • Height: 5'10“
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Build and Skin Color: Athletic, tannish
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown (almost black)
  • Eye Color: Orange Red (Cybernetic Eyes)
  • Distinguishing Features: Hands are clearly augmented with his fingers having a dark carbon texture.

Psychological Characteristics

To the public, Masashi is a very enigmatic individual. From what he allows others to see, he is a handsome man that is intelligent and gives off the perception of a sauve businessman. When in public, he often dresses in clothing that could be described as cold, threatening elegance with an air of formality (common for workers of the Keiretsu).

Privately, Masashi prefers to remain in the company of androids and gynoids fashioned in his own image. They are the only individuals he truly trusts, despite his preference to let his appointed CEOs within the Ryu Keiretsu function independent. As long as they follow his general guidance. He has been known to come down on subordinates that fail him like a strike of lightning however.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes: Slow Retribution, Calligraphy, Swordsmanship, Breaking Oathbreakers
  • Dislikes: Anyone that promotes chaos, NMX Neko, loud music


One of the most enigmatic members of the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan and the hier to the clan, Masashi guards any past history about himself with an army of Nepleslian-trained lawyers. They have been known to launch legal torpedoes in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and the Yamatai Star Empire towards anything that threatens the purely professional persona as a suave and intelligent individual.

Born in BYE 19 to the current leader of the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan (Ryu-Mizumitsu Yuki), Masashi is the 3rd of 5 child. As such, he was never really expected to lead. As a child, he was rarely brought out to the public in Nepleslia unlike his elder sisters Megumi (1st) and Aki (2nd). When the pair were out acting as the Clan's face during ceremonies and business dealings, Masashi was kept protected in the back with his mother. As such, his main understanding of the outside world came from his sisters, mother, and their tutors.

At the start of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War in YE 31 , his family were transiting through the outskirts of the Nataria System on the way to Yamatai. Among the ships that were caught in the NMX surprise attack was the personal ship of Ryu-Mizumitsu Aki. Aki was declared dead when her ship was destroyed and no escape pods were recovered.

Prior to his marriage in YE 05, Masashi ran with a Yakuza group by the name of the “Red Wolves Group” on Nepleslia. Even after his marriage, he continued to mutally operate with them. But openly running with the wolves instead of keeping them on a leash like most clans do would be a negative mark on the Ryu-Mizumitsu. Thus Yuki set in motion a number of “clean up” operations to launder his reputation now that he was someone that mattered in her eyes beyond her baby boy.

The fall of the clan's fortunes and the chaos of the war benefited in masking a lot of the more violent actions as casualties of the war. Ryu-Mizumitsu lawyers dealt with most of the rest to maintain Masashi's enigmatic past. In YE 35, he was named the 2nd choice to be heir to the clan after the dust settled.

In YE 40, his sister Megumi stepped out of the public spot light for a few months until she reappeared stripped of her title. Marrying a “commoner” Nepleslian businessman in a secret ceremony on Nepleslia, she had caused a bit of a scandal within the clan. While the Mizumitsu and their samurai were the more opened-minded individuals culturally, the Ryu were fairly staunch conservatives that preferred the status-quo to be maintained. Since they were also the ones in control of the businesses, they were the ones that held more influnce within the ruling Ryu-Mizumitsu family.

With Ryu-Mizumitsu Megumi becoming Mizumitsu Megumi, Masashi became the heir to the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan. In YE 42 he as named the President of the new Ryu Keiretsu. He gained the position (previously operating his own shipping line) after his mother declined to take it.

History In Roleplay


Connections and Relationships

Outside of members within his immediate family and heads of the sub-clans, Masashi has few connections to the outside world.

  • Mother: Ryu-Mizumitsu Yuki
  • Father: Unknown
  • Sister: Ryu-Mizumitsu Aki (Presumed Dead)
  • Sister: Mizumitsu Megumi
  • Brother: Mizumitsu Takashi (Dead)
  • Sister: Ryu-Mizumitsu Rie

Inventory and Finances


As a Genshrin, Masashi is augmented with cybernetics to keep himself relevant in the face NH series lifeforms. He processes the following cybernetics:

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Demibear on 2021/11/12 19:55.

(Put art credits if applicable)

Character Data
Character NameRyu-Mizumitsu Masashi
Character OwnerDemibear
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Current LocationTatiana
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
Political PartyIndepdendent

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