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Thomas Canterbury

Thomas Canterbury is a player character played by Cowboy.

Thomas Canterbury
Species & Gender: Nepleslian
Date of Birth: YE 10
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army First Officer
Rank: Taisa
Current Placement: YSS Wakaba

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Age: 33

Height: 6'2โ€œ

Weight: 190lbs

Skin: White

Eyes: Left Green, Right Red

Hair: Red

Distinguishing Features: Sports a mustache and mutton chops. Has a blue dragon tattoo holding an anchor and star under his right eye. It's a clan mark.

Tattoos: A blue dragon tattoo holding an anchor and star under his right eye. A Daisy Power Armor on his left arm.

Cybernetics: Full computer interfacing ability. Right eye: infrared, magnification, low light. Glows red. Right arm: added strength, conceals a blade and a 3 shot plasma shotgun. Looks robotic.


Personality: Thomas is a hard worker and fiercely loyal. He holds himself to a high standard and expects others to do the same. While he maintains a high level of professionalism, there is an underlying rogue that is just kept in check. It would not be a stretch to imagine him as a pirate. He loves a good fight and has lead more than one cutting out expedition to capture and take as a prize an enemy ship. Despite all this he also enjoys playing the violin.

Likes: Big Starships, Boarding an enemy ship, strong whiskey, playing the violin.

Dislikes: Any disrespect towards the Navy, laziness, unprofessionalism

Goals: To retire an admiral. To see the Reds returned to Nepleslia.


Thomas Canterbury was born in YE 10.

Pre RP Thomas Canterbury was born on Nepleslia. He is part of the Canterbury Clan, a group of very skilled and respected warriors who have been slowly growing to a national stage. Their ancestry is shrouded in mystery but they have strong ties to the Reds of Nepleslia. Though they despised the Nepleslia civil war, they were not ones to back down from a fight. Some of the clan were die hard Reds, while others were more neutral and only fought when their families were threatened. Thomas' parents were part of the die hards and fought against the Greens with everything they had.

Thomas was 19 and a junior officer in the Red Navy during the fateful battle of . After that defeat, Thomas sought refuge in Yamatai and enlisted in the Yamatai Navy. He's plan was to bide his time and see what recourses he could secure for the Reds to overturn the Greens. But the more he worked along side the men, woman and even the Nekos his desire for revenge changed. The Star Army had earned his respect and loyalty, something that is very precious to him.

Thomas quickly rose through the ranks. He was constantly studying ship designs so he would know exactly where weak points might be. He also spent a good bit of time training the crew of whatever ship he served on in how to board and capture intact an enemy ship.

At the Battle of Glimmergold he was a Shosa and second officer aboard a Sharie-class Battleship, probably his favorite ship design. He led a group of boarders and successfully boarded and captured an enemy Battleship, but his own ship was destroyed as the Star Army began its withdrawal so he piloted the enemy ship back to safety. For his heroism, Thomas was promoted to Chusa and assigned as First Officer to the Sharie-class Battleship YSS Wakaba.

YE 44

* Promoted to Taisa

Social Connections

Thomas Canterbury is connected to: Cousins: Jacob "Lucky Jack" Canterbury II, Caffran Canterbury

Friends: Setsunu Meiosei Thomas Canterbury and Setsunu have served together on and off over the years. They have come to know one another very closely and share a love of music.

Skills Learned


Being a Nep, and a Canterbury, Thomas has been taught from a very young age how to use all manner of weapons. He will always be carrying his clans Straight Silver blade along with other such weapons as needed. Thomas keeps up to date with many styles of fighting. He is particularly skilled in ship boarding.

Warship tactics:

Thomas has studied Starship tactics and is quite proficient.


Knows stuff

Starship systems

Knows the ends and outs of his ship. He also makes it a study of all ships incase he has to board one someday.


Underneath his professionalism beats the heart of a pirate. Thomas will use any method, tactic or trick to overcome his enemy.

Inventory & Finance

Thomas Canterbury has the following items:

Personal equipment: *SiZi Model 38 Special Duty RevolverX2

*Ke-M2-W3703 Special Operations-Derived Combat Knife

OOC Notes

This character for whatever reason was a lot trickier to make since I was trying to stay with my theme of having all my characters related in some way but didn't wanted them to each have their own flavor. Inspiration came from all over the place with this one. My Grandfather's name, Tom Dodge from the movie Down Periscope, Color Sargent Bourne from the movie Zulu.This character article was generated using the PHP template form.

In the case Cowboy becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameThomas Canterbury
Character OwnerCowboy
Character StatusActive Player Character
PlotsYSS Wakaba Plot
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankTaisa
SAOY OccupationStar Army First Officer
SAOY AssignmentYSS Wakaba
SAOY Entry YearYE 29
DOR YearYE 44

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