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Zenny Ontarius

Zenny is the Yamataian Director of Test Operations on the OIF Atuan ship. He is an adventurer, on a Crusade for Justice.

zenny.jpg ジエニー オンヂャーリアッス
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Yamataian Height: 180.3 cm
Gender: Male Weight: 65.8 kg
Age: 19 Measurements: n/a
Organization: Origin Industries Bra size: n/a
Ship: OIF Atuan Hair color: Black-Brown
Occupation: Mecha Testing Director Hair type: Mid-Length, Spiky
Rank: Lieutenant Commander Eye color: Green
Zodiac: Cancer Boot size: 10.5
Theme Songs: themes Accent: American!
Current Mission: Bored >:(

Zenny in Role-play

Zenny is a player character / semi-GMNPC, currently out on the path of independence, in hopes of achieving the level of awesomeness of his idol, Luca Pavone. His affiliation with Origin Industries is more out of personal interest than obligation. He worships the independence that Luca represents. He is played by Teddo.


Zenny has fairly peachy, pale skin. His build is a bit slim and lanky. His shoulders are not very muscular, rather, they slant down a bit. He has fairly well-defined six-pack abs. His arms and legs are long and skinny, but still well-muscled. He is in good shape for a man of his age.


Ally to good, nightmare to evildoers.1)

Rebellious, selfless, not too bright, always means good, unyielding honour to those above. He never takes much time to consider how he thinks, probably because forethought is a vague concept to him. Zenny always goes with his gut instincts immediately and without question. Zenny works for nothing more than excitement, adventure, action, and meeting Awesome new people. He doesn't observe manners or customs. In fact, he really doesn't seem to notice that anyone is any different from each other. He is, however, kind and benevolent. He seems to have an almost perpetual optimism no matter what the situation yields, babbling on about something involving “Justice Always Winning in the End.” If the situation seems grim, all he needs think is, “WWLD?”2) Zenny seems to be unusually calm and collected most of the time. Fear just washes through him without any visible effect. He is both so intent on being like Luca Pavone, and so convinced that life IS, in fact, like a movie, that he has overcome fear. However, when things turn out to be disappointingly unlike a movie, he vindictively starts a furious rant about how he will bring 'Awesome Justice' to the galaxy.

After being honourably discharged from the Star Army of Yamatai, Zenny decided that he was destined for something greater, like his idol, Luca Pavone. He considers himself to work independently, but his fascination with Giant Robots generally leads him to working with R&D divisions of major arms corporations. However, Zenny tends to think that adventure finds him, and instead he's just being set on course for his Crusade of Justice. He's still as optimistic as can be, if not completely overconfident and quick to reference the movies, or Luca Pavone!

He Likes: Awesomeness, Giant Robots, Luca Pavone, Adventure, Beer, Women, Action, Mateship, going to the Movies, Anything that makes a loud noise/fiery effect, Mysterious Stuff (it always leads to Awesomeness!), Awesome Music, Anything Awesome He Dislikes: Stressful people, Mysterious PEOPLE (frustrating compared to mysterious stuff), Evildoers, Obnoxious People, Upstagers, Anything Boring, Taikutsu Starbase, Commander Yobunna His Goals?: Many and Unclear. Ranging from becoming a Superhero to being able to lift up a house with his bare hands and being able to smash through a wall with his face. The overlying ones seem to be living up to his idol, Luca Pavone, becoming a Warrior of Justice, and being a Super-Awesome-Adventure-Good-Time-Really-Cool-Daring-Yeah guy.


Introduction: Spread Your Wings, Warrior of Justice!

Born and raised on Yamatai, Zenny had an uneventful life until the age of 17. He'd always wanted to be a Super-Awesome-Adventure-Good-Time-Really-Cool-Daring-Yeah guy, so he figured he'd join the Star Army of Yamatai, and find some glory and Awesomeness in the far reaches of space. After a year of basic training and another of twiddling his thumbs at the most boring starbase EVER, Zenny decided the life of a soldier wasn't for him. It was around the time he joined the army that he heard of Luca Pavone. By the time he finally got out of the military, he was an avid fan of Luca Pavone. He proceeded to seek a career in Giant Robot Adventure.

Act One: Prove Your Origins, Warrior of Justice!

Disappointed as he was to leave the army just before the onset of a Super-Awesome-Cool-Action-Fun-Time war, Zenny had consolation in the fact that he had managed to secure a position as “Awesome Ace Pilot, Gold Leader One!”3) of a Giant Robot test ship (yeah)! With a crew of daring, Awesome test pilots, Zenny was ready for some adventure!

Notable Relationships


Zenny sees this man as his icon.


Zenny has taken well to the following crew members and friends

  • NLeon Zan Jezosuki, a fellow Warrior of Justice, who he grew up with on Yamatai.


Zenny is prone to declaring people as 'his villainous arch-nemesis.' He believes every Awesome hero needs recurring antagonists.

  • Commander Yobunna, the villainous commander of Taikutsu Starbase, stationed in the middle of BORING.


Zenny, as a former soldier of the Star Army of Yamatai, is well-versed in the more useful skills from his training. Others, of course, he forgot the minute he finished basic. His assignment to Taikutsu Starbase only required him to wear a uniform. Breathing was optional. In his free time there, which was most of it, he read internet guides on How To Be Like Luca Pavone.


Zenny can speak conversational Trade and Nepleslian, as well as fluent Yamataian. He is familiar with radio and Communicator operations.

He is also able to use Telepathy, as can any other Yamataian. He often does this, almost acting like he is narrating his own actions in other people's heads.

Fighting (Unarmed, Firearms, Powered Armor)

After reading about some of Luca Pavone's Awesome Moves, Zenny spent much of his time on Taikutsu Starbase improving his hand-to-hand combat training. He is now proficient in unarmed combat. He can perform almost any basic action, including, but not limited to: disarming, grappling, throwing, getting out of a hold, punching, and roundhouse kicking. His primary school of training is Wushu, as it is somewhat showy and flamboyant.

Zenny specialized and continually practiced the operation of powered armors, and is skilled in the use of them, despite his lack of combat experience.

He also has standard Star Army training in the use of firearms. His basic philosophy in any combat situation is “it's only awesome if it LOOKS awesome.” As such, he always fights like he's in a movie.


Zenny is quite an athletic fellow. He can Sprint, Swim, and Jump quite well. His specialty is jumping, as he has spent an exceptional amount of time teaching himself to make huge, showy jumps, like those in movies and anime.


Though Zenny tends to get a bit overly-excited during intense situations, he knows exactly what he's doing. Kind of. He has military training both in shipboard damage control and shipboard firefighting. He also has the foolproof method of WWLD4) to turn to whenever he's in a tight spot. In reality, Zenny only truly pulls through because of his rock-solid, immovable determination. Sheer willpower often perseveres over complete incompetence.

Vehicles (mecha, basic starships, & other military vehicles)

Zenny is a semi-self-taught expert on how to operate Giant Robots. It has always been a dream of his, and he has prepared himself for years for the day he finally gets to pilot one. Due to the similarity of configuration, Zenny's power armor experience supplements his competence in a mecha. Zenny also has military training in the operation of starships and military vehicles.

Maintenance & Repair

Zenny can maintain, operate, repair, and navigate with any Nepleslian or Yamataian vehicles, power armors, and weapons. He tends to believe that Nepleslian technology is more Awesome than Yamataian, so he has versed himself in the use of it.


Though he has never been put into a position of leadership, Zenny has a strange charisma about him. Though most of the galaxy would probably think his personality to be REALLY weird, this action hero-like persona expresses a determined sense of confidence. He is able to deliver orders to his peers, and in some cases, to others. He is able to co-ordinate and direct people into or away from a fight. Generally into, as Zenny is the kind of guy who thinks the odds being against him just gives more opportunity for Awesome Victory. He does strike a slightly arrogant tone, however, as whenever he gets a chance to lead, he thinks he is Mr. Super-Awesome-Commander-Man.

Items and Possessions

3 Origin Industries Uniform
Worn5 white T-Shirt with OI Logo
1 Orange button-up Sleeveless Windbreaker
Worn1 “Warrior of Justice Jacket” Dark blue jacket with a large white band running across the chest and arms. Blade of Justice insignia patch on left shoulder. The inside is wool-lined.
Worn5 Pairs of Denim Jeans
Worn1 Pair of Combat Boots
Worn6 Pairs of Dark Green Socks
5 Pairs of Black Socks
Worn1 Pair of Blackened Leather Fingerless Gloves
Worn2 Belt Pouches for Ammo, worn behind holsters
Worn1 Ammo Buttpack, worn on and behind belt
Worn1 pair of Improved Combat Suspenders with spaces for Grenades and spare magazines on the chest
1 Standard Energy Pistol
A Money Card
Zenny's Communicator
Portable Music Player with Headphones
A Huge Suitcase
Assorted Candies
1 Hygiene Kit (includes the following:)
1 Toothbrush
1 Tube of Toothpaste
1 Bar of Soap
1 Bottle of Shampoo
2 White Towels with OI Logo
1 Bathrobe, White, with OI Logo
None, as of yet.


Zenny gets 900 KS (bling bling!) a week for being a sap for Origin.

Total Savings Deposit Withdrawal Date Reason
3000 KS Savings from former Star Army employment.
1500 KS -1500 KS New clothing and gear.
2400 900 6/17/31 Salary
3300 900 6/21/31 Salary
4200 900 6/27/31 Salary
5100 900 7/04/31 Salary
Total Savings: 5100 KS

Medals, Awards, Rewards and Documents

Picture Name Reason for Receiving
Santô Hei Star Army Service (Retired)


Memorable Quotes and Actions

  • “AWESOME!” - Every other sentence. Kind of like his catch-phrase/crutch word.
  • Thumbs Up - His signature move.

OOC Notes


  • Luca Pavone
  • Goku, from Dragonball Z. His over-the-top Warrior of Justice persona! Also gives Thumbs Up.
  • NLeon Zan Jezosuki, my Awesome friend.
  • Kakashi, from Naruto. One of the few characters who still cares about giving Thumbs Up.
  • Chad, from Bleach, to some extent. He is another Warrior of Justice, with the Thumbs Up.
  • Edward Elric, from Fullmetal Alchemist. Occasional proponent of the Thumbs Up, as well as, on occasion, being impossibly self-righteous.
  • Edward, from Cowboy Bebop. Life is a game to her him.
  • Gundam. He thinks like he's a supremely exaggerated main character for a Gundam series.
  • Yusuke, from Yu-Yu-Hakusho, maybe. He's like Yusuke on a perfect day.
  • Master Chief. Always has his pants on.
  • Anime in general. One of those ones that has episode titles like the ones I have in the History section.
  • Stinko Man, the Japanese-anime-style version of Strongbad, from WAY over-the-top.
  • Strong Bad himself.
  • The Cheat Commandoes! They be fighting for Freedom! Buy all our playsets and toys!
  • Han Solo! AKA Han So-Low~~ The original scoundrel.
  • That funny show with the giant blue robot-car from outer space. I only vaguely remember it, but the intro song was AWESOME.
  • POWER RANGERS!!! (the old ones, that didn't suck)
  • Creepy Pedo Dad in FLCL
  • Duh! I just remembered! Wait, never mind. I forgot. Damn it.
Character Data
Character NameZenny Ontarius
Character OwnerSirSPT
Character StatusInactive Player Character
PlotsOIF Atuan
like you, Frieza!
What Would Luca Do?
Note: this is only his self-appointed title, which changes sporadically. His real title falls under “R&D Testing Division, Senior Advisory Position,” AKA 'RTD SAP,' AKA 'ReTarDed SAP,' AKA 'Zenny Ontarius.' It is unclear where the aliases for the title originated. General belief is that Zenny has Mysterious Adversaries within the company. Yet to be unmasked and brought to Awesome Justice.
See footnote 2

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