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In the Star Army RP, a corporation is any business or company that exists within the setting. Corporations should have a comprehensive collection of information about them on the wiki.

Yamatai Star Empire

The following is a list of corporations located in the Yamatai Star Empire. Their Faction Manager is Wes.

Logo Corporation Manager
Advancer Enterprises Wes
animax yoerik
Black Wolf Winery Black Wolf Winery Nashoba
Desperados Restaurant Wes
Doki Doki YSA! Doki Doki YSA! Wes
Dress, Appropriately Wes
Eien Power Systems1) paladinrpg
Emrys Industries Emrys Industries2) Nashoba
Frontier Industrial Mining Frontier Industrial Mining3) Khasidel
Geshrinari Shipyards Geshrinari Shipyards4) Nashoba
Hisui Dynamics5) Andrew
Iemochi Adult Entertainment Iemochi Adult Entertainment6) Ethereal
Iemochi Applied Technologies Iemochi Applied Technologies7) Ethereal
Iemochi Health & Psych Iemochi Health & Psych8) Ethereal
Iemochi Innovations & Sales Iemochi Innovations & Sales Ethereal
Iemochi Insurance Iemochi Insurance9) Ethereal
Iemochi Lifestyle Iemochi Lifestyle10) Ethereal
Iemochi Personal Security Iemochi Personal Security11) Ethereal
Intergalactic Transport Corporation intergalactic_transport_corporation yoerik
Kagayaki Cosmetics Kagayaki Cosmetics Nashoba
Kaidan Telecommunications Wes
Kakujitsusei Propulsion Laboratories12) Andrew
Kessaku Systems13) Wes
Ketsurui Fleet Yards14) Wes
Ketsurui Zaibatsu Ketsurui Zaibatsu Wes
Kitanomaru Soban
Kogaโ€™s Palace Koga's Palace15) Ametheliana
Meat On A Stick Wes
Motoyoshi Fleet Yards16) Andrew
Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha17) Andrew
Mugen Armories Division18) Andrew
Murasaki Biotechnology Murasaki Biotechnology19) Khasidel
Murasaki Keiretsu Murasaki Keiretsu Khasidel
Murasaki Orbital Shipyards Murasaki Orbital Shipyards20) Khasidel
Murasaki Technologies Murasaki Technologies21) Khasidel
Nayacesen Industrials Nayacesen Industrials22) Kyle
nde_productions23) yoerik
NovaCorp NovaCorp24) Nashoba
Osman Heavy Industries Alex Hart
Peacekeeper Heavy Industries Andrew
Ramen To Go Ramen To Go Wes
Red Tsubaki Red Tsubaki Wes
rockwood_films yoerik
Rosenthal's Wes
Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories raz
Sam's Island Grill Wes
Satori Ascendant Electronics25) Andrew
Sea Of Plenty Wes
Shimizu Advanced Space Industries Wes
Star Pillows Wes
Stardust Pictures stardust_pictures yoerik
Subutai Murano Wes
Sunflower Corporation Sunflower Corporation Toshiro
SYNC Systems SYNC Systems26) Nashoba
Taichimora Entertainment Technologies Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET)27) Nashoba
Tamahagane Company Tamahagane Company28) Nashoba
Tamahagane Corporation Tamahagane Corporation Nashoba
The Admiral's Grill Wes
The Catchy Cafe Wes
The Chrome Catgirl Wes
The Snowdrop Hotel and Bar Wes
The Throne Wes
Tonbo Interiors Division29) paladinrpg
Trinary Star Shipping Trinary Star Shipping30) Khasidel
VCE Cafe VCE Cafe31) Nashoba
Unau Wibla Auhali Andrew
Warm and Sweet Wes
Xenedine Corporation Wes
yody_films yoerik
Yugumo Corporation Andrew and Toshiro
Yukosfilm Ltd yukosfilm yoerik
Yuuko's Undies Wes
The Galactic Shipping Agency Bman142

Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia

Abwehran Star Empire

Azorean Commonwealth

The following is a list of corporations located in the Azorean Commonwealth. Their Faction Manager is Wes.

Logo Corporation Manager
Cerceis Multicorporate Cerceis Multicorporate Wes

Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia

The following is a list of corporations located in the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia. Their Faction Manager is Wes.

Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth

Kingdom of Neshaten



Not every corporation in Star Army exists to make a profit. Some, such as the ones listed below, exist to provide help to those in need.

Defunct Corporations

The following corporations no longer conduct transactions, manufacture products, or provide services.

Corporation Historic Manager Fate
CSEIA Unknown Destroyed by the NMX in YE 32.
HIGA Industrial Corporation Unknown Destroyed by Origin Industries in YE 35.
Hyacintho Vulpes Ingenium Eistheid Departed with the Lorath Matriarchy in YE 39.
Kakutama Heavy Industries Unknown Destroyed by the NMX during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.
Lazarus Consortium Osaka/Osakanone Departed with the Lorath Matriarchy in YE 39.
PNUgen Corporation Wes Absorbed by the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 27.
Qel'noran Shipyards Zack Destroyed in YE 26 by the Star Army of Yamatai.
United Manufacturing Cooperative Unknown Departed with the Lorath Matriarchy in YE 39.
universal_cinematics yoerik Went bankrupt in YE 19.
WickedArms Industries Wes Closed in YE 28.

OOC Notes

Frostjaeger created this article on 2018/05/12 20:58; Wes approved it on 2018/07/08 14:30.

1) , 5) , 12) , 18) , 25) , 29)
2) , 4) , 24) , 27) , 28)
3) , 19) , 20) , 21) , 30)
Subsidiary of the Murasaki Keiretsu.
6) , 7) , 8) , 9) , 10) , 11)
13) , 14)
Part of the Ketsurui Zaibatsu.
15) , 36) , 37) , 38) , 49)
17) , 22)
Subsidiary of the Tamahagane Corporation.
Subsidiary of yukosfilm.
Division of Emrys Industries.
Owned and operated by the Tamahagane Corporation.
33) , 34) , 35)
Part of the Sogol Group.
Joint venture between Galactic Horizon and Section 6.
44) , 45) , 46) , 47) , 48)

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