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Akemi's is a full service fast food restaurant with a spectacular menu and particular eye for customer satisfaction.

Wanting to crush all sub-Neko scum and show them the obvious time tested superiority of their eternal masters, Koga Akemi decided to create her own fast food franchise and hostess club, knowing that the way to win Nep hearts and minds was through their corpulent stomachs as well as their even lower, disease ridden extremities. Unfortunately, her business concept was so Nepleslian it couldn't exist in Yamataian space so she decided to move to Nepleslia.

Akemi's, founded in YE 37, was directly inspired by the ever popular and fast growing Neppies Burger Restaurant and her love of a nice, fat, juicy burger. It wasn't enough to simply have a more popular chain, she wanted to beat them at their own game and make one that she could see herself regularly frequenting. To best all other competition, Akemi's aims to expand throughout the entire known universe. It will work with and hire anyone regardless of their background and/or the potential fallout from doing so as long as it can turn a profit and isn't violating any laws. Pirates, smugglers, gangs and Mishhu are more than welcome to do business. Akemi's was born through this bold approach as it was funded by crowdfunding and investments made by organizations and persons of questionable repute looking to set up good relations with it early on. It is particularly interested in making deals with Black Syndicate, Reds and On'nin Ikemen.

Akemi's will do whatever it legally can to win.

[This scene takes place in Nepleslia in which there are some Nekovalkyrja whether their presence is legal there or not.]


True to the traditional strength and ideology of Yamatai, Akemi's takes an already successful idea and improves upon it by essentially copying everything Neppy's has to offer on its menu and making it all even bigger and more unhealthy to the point where some items are outright lethal to anyone who isn't an ID-SOL and doesn't have a similarly strong digestive system. As a result, customers are regularly seen signing waivers before being able to dig in. In addition to Nepleslian themed foods and drinks, there are tons of different dishes, burgers, toppings and sides specifically tailored to Yamataian tastes. Where dolphin and whale are allowed they're on the menu. Anything goes at Akemi's. Deep fried Elysian and Lorath wings and literal Kodian and Kohanian bear paws are likewise served wherever they can get away with it. No one is safe, but everyone is welcome.

If people will buy it, Akemi's will supply it. This bangin' burger business is perpetually looking for new exotic items to add to its menus. Restaurants will pay for meat from anyone as long as it's in sufficient demand, even someone without any special credentials who just happened to kill a critter on his way over. Of course such ingredients are tested to make sure they are no more dangerous than they would normally be and there are always waivers ready to be offered to anyone who simply demands the freshest of fresh food. If you can kill it, Akemi's will grill it. Stores often have bounty boards to inform the public of what is currently most sought after. All restaurants encourage and have their own official eating contests that grant victors discounts and a plaque in a place of honor. This is to ensure the more intimidating items receive enough promotion for sufficient sales. Many a sapient has died in a dinner duel to the death. If one has the necessary paperwork, cooks will even be willing to turn your deceased friend or loved one into a tasty treat. Should anyone ever wonder what they taste like staff can take a DNA sample of such a customer and create a burger with meat grown using their genetic blueprint. At Akemi's, unlike anywhere else, customers may truly have their burger their way.

Meat of sapient species such as Kodians is grown in a nutrient filled vat and not taken from actual people without consent. A sapient being with a brain is not grown to generate these controversial meats hence whatever the meat once was never felt or thought anything. Such meat is not sold on regular Nepleslian planets, but it is still sold in out of the way, hard to reach places such as a store on an asteroid. Akemi's takes great care not to advertise these products in Nepleslian media so as not to cause some kind of diplomatic issue for its government by seeming to condone it being sold openly. Advertisement through word of mouth is not regulated thus allowing such establishments to still gain considerable exposure from the allure of taboo and novelty. Stores without these items are free to operate and advertise anywhere in Nepleslia.

Staff and Service

At Akemi's, everyone is guaranteed a smile with their meal and will find this listed free of charge on their receipts. Stores are overwhelmingly staffed by women and specifically Neko wherever they can be found. They are usually dressed in signature short skirts and sleeveless tops which vary in style and address customers however they wish, though they commonly refer to them as master, captain or sir. Sexual harassment is welcomed and encouraged. If anything, reports of such are a sign an employee is doing something right and they are factored into performance rankings. It is common to see two scantily clad women standing to either side of the entrance to an establishment shamelessly beckoning customers over with suggestive voices, poses, gestures and expressions. Sometimes they even wear nothing at all, except perhaps a signboard or a few tastefully placed holograms. Employees regularly wear costumes during theme days to further attract the maid cafe enthusiasts. Nurse outfits are a popular choice, but one must remember none of the staff are guaranteed to be medical professionals. When they aren't busy taking orders waitresses regularly sit and flirt with customers to get them to order more as well as whatever they've got on their personal menu.

Food and beverages aren't the only things one can order for takeout at Akemi's. Many of the workers are also prostitutes who will gladly take care of any cravings beyond one's appetite for deep fried dishes. Restaurants essentially double as hostess clubs with customers being able to reserve the company of certain girls for a price while there and to take them home for even more. Some establishments naturally try to be more upscale to emphasize this service. On the other hand, the business prides itself on its speedy service and takes full advantage of Nepleslia's lack of restrictions on public nudity so a bold customer might get down and dirty right on the spot if one doesn't mind spectators. This utilitarian mindset makes Nyotaimori an ever present dining option. Akemi's eagerly and openly sells its employees uniforms, costumes and undergarments. In Nepleslia, Akemi's targets the poorest of the poor in the nastiest neighbourhoods when seeking out fresh meat. Many young women end up being sent to Akemi's to work off their debts to organized crime and find themselves staying afterwards because of how lucrative and laid back the business is.

Delivery, Catering and Street Food

Akemi's does takeout and delivery and will cater for events for those of all ages such as birthday parties, funerals and weddings. To save money and promote restaurants workers will take to the streets and serve food from vehicles to give as many people as possible a taste of what they have to offer.

Offer to Egg Layers

Akemi's will pay handsomely for eggs from Lorath and other species. It will also pay well to record the birthing process and allow spectators to watch it in person. Those who donate their eggs have their names written on them or listed on their storage containers if allowed so customers can look forward to regularly eating eggs from the same person.

Partnership with Nepleslian Military

Akemi's can be found on Nepleslian military bases anywhere within and outside of Nepleslia's territory so long as it can turn a profit or break roughly even. Chefs are willing to cook and serve anything soldiers can manage to catch. Akemi's also buys transport ships from NAM at a discount and outfits some to serve as traveling restaurants and brothels for servicemen as well as to advertise itself to civilians. In addition, Akemi's provides discounts to Nepleslian military personnel and veterans and supplies rations.

Adult Video Industry Involvement

Akemi's will pay to film its staff and customers having sex and will make and sell promotional videos of its workers if they so wish.

Virtual Reality Services

In order to gain as much exposure as possible for staff willing to sell their personal services Akemi's will facilitate virtual reality sessions for pay between them and customers.


Stores vary greatly in appearance as the business will take any real estate and furnishings it can get in order to compete with the tremendous growth of Neppy's. All establishments try to make their seats as ample and comfy as possible as they are likely to share more than one occupant. Many are as close as can be to a love hotel, gun store and/or hospital. Akemi's attempts to partner with such businesses to ideally offer deals and discounts for ordering at either. To facilitate this, the business has its own points card system. During major sporting events stores are prepared to bring out a massive screen for those interested. What externally unites stores aesthetically is that they all have giant, flashing, multicoloured, alternating lights for signs and generally use other similarly gaudy decorations. It is also common to see the names and images of staff on duty in the windows and the services they are willing to provide should they so choose to openly advertise them. Akemi's never stops looking for ways to make its establishments stand out such as allowing local graffiti artists to regularly paint and repaint their stores to compete to see whose art stays up longest.

Besides burgers, restaurants serve a wide variety of foods from all over our Earth with an emphasis on Eastern and Southern Asian dishes. At Akemi's, chefs try to use as many parts of animals as possible and often serve food raw or even alive or at least while it is still twitching. At the same time one can always count on being able to get their food thoroughly grilled or deep fried. Many dishes involve mixing several types of meat or fish depending on what is on hand.


Akemi's is always looking for famous and attractive people of all species to endorse its food and to name new items after. Any positive reviews are welcome here.


Akemi's aims to have an establishment wherever Reds, Black Syndicate and On'nin Ikemen set up shop or hang out such as anywhere a Bravemart resides. Akemi would be especially interested in a store on The Black Moon given its immense criminal presence and the amusing nature of building an establishment of a company run by a Nekovalkyrja on the land where the memorial to the Freespacer genocide resides. Great Lighthouse is plenty appealing for the same line of reasoning. It is especially interested in dealing with Mishhu and criminal elements originating outside of Nepleslian space for novelty, to tap into markets that are still relatively new and to see if they might be able to provide help in ways most can't. Additional example priority areas are Ukmirt II, Darso VII and Fortuna's Money Town. Delsauria is also a significant interest as Akemi thinks Delsaurians look cool and cute. A partnership with Treasure Trove Frozen Treats is highly desired as she believes no one would be able to resist burgers and ice cream. Relations with the Iromakuanhe Underworld are naturally on her to do list for this reason in addition to her desire to do lewd and degrading things to an Iroma while using its horns like handles1), her wish to act out the fantasy of drinking from a hollowed out Iroma horn and the fact they might feel some gratitude toward her for helping to prevent any trouble from the VSV Boutros incident on Asura III. Akemi would love to make Akemi's a household name among the peaceful mining Mishhu of Splrug. Urtullan, Nassau and Nell would be desirable areas for expansion as they are neutral trade hubs. Valaad is a no-brainer given its rich history and the fact that Akemi's wants to sell as many Basilisk burgers as possible before some namby pamby do-gooders like Yamatai declare them a protected species like dolphins and whales. Besides criminals, Mishhu and isolationist species, Akemi is very keen on marketing her business to aliens as she would be thrilled to be the owner of the first company from known space to set up shop on a largely unknown world.

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