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Raven Sport

The Raven is a civilian purpose vehicle, and fits the role of a sports car for recreational driving as well as transport. It is not recommended for underdeveloped areas, and only for paved, or grated roads. It is relatively decently priced and easily purchaseable from Section 6.

About the Raven

This vehicle does not fit any other purposes, other than as transportation, and to be driven for recreational purposes. It can achieve high speeds and is made of a sturdy construction.

Key Features

The Raven is capable of reaching a very high top speed for a ground vehicle, and features a new plasma engine design. It also features rather luxurious upholstery and top of the line systems created by Section 6.


In late YE 39, Jack Pine decided to move focus less on militant projects, and more towards civilian oriented projects. He got with his engineering department and tasked them with designing a high quality vehicle that could be made and sold to the public, and also include as many safety features as possible. In early YE 40, the designs were finished for a civilian market sports car, and thus the β€œRaven” was designed and finalized. Final safety tests were run within the first couple months of the new year, and is now ready to be sold on the open market.


The Raven has a very sleek look in the front with a more slanted, and blocky look to the back where the engine is housed. The vehicle's clearance from the ground is low, as it's meant more for urban environments. Paintjobs can be done custom, but the default finish is black with red in some areas.

Statistical Information

  • Crew: 1
  • Passenger Capacity: 4
  • Emergency Capacity: 4
  • Length: 9ft
  • Width: 4ft
  • Height: 5ft


  • Ground speed: 0-265mph
  • Range: 6 months
  • Lifespan: without maintenance 2 years, with maintenance 5 years


The interior feature high quality upholstery, holographic dash readouts, a HUD feature for the windshield, and includes cupholders for all 4 seats.

Onboard Systems Descriptions

The Raven features a Plasma fueled high performance engine unique to this vehicle. It also includes luxury amenities such as a windshield HUD, holographic dashboard readouts, full safety measure(airbags, seat belts, and kinetic buffers), and a radio/comms unit with sound system.

Cargo Capacity

The engine is located in the rear section of the vehicle, so a small trunk space is located under what is normally the hood in the front, as well as a couple small compartments for small items on the inside of the vehicle, and a glove compartment.

Standard Equipment

Every Raven comes with a roadside emergency kit(flares, small tool kit, emergency food rations, and a some replaceable parts for the onboard comms unit), and a first aid kit.

Plasma Cores

The engine for the Raven uses standardized plasma based power cores as a fuel source to power it. They are a new design used in S6 tech as of YE40.

Also with every purchase, comes three of these plasma cores for the engine free of charge.

OOC Information

I made this because I want a cool vehicle, and I got bored. This has been a Section 6 PSA.

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesvehicles
Product NameRaven Sport
ManufacturerBlack Wing Enterprises, Frontier Service Corporation
Year ReleasedYE 39
Price (KS)3β€―,000.00 KS

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