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Watch Communicator

A one-off communicator series designed by Cranth Munitions and Services, shaped like a pocket watch with a red, copper finish, and the Anbruch logo on the front.


Manufacturer: Cranth Munitions and Services
Type: Communicator
Class: Civilian
Designer: Samuel Weber
Price: 150ks

Range: 160.934km (100 miles) on a Yamatai standard planet, with no satellite or communications network. Tracking beacon can be detected from orbit.


Diameter(closed): 6.35cm (2.5in)
Width: 1.27cm (0.5in)


Usage of the device is simple, upon opening the device the time is displayed on screen with a simulated watch face. Tapping the screen will bring up a volumetric 'touch screen' display that can be used to operate the device. While the device is closed, calls can be continued.

The device has basic personal computer function as well as it's communication functions, but it is not especially powerful and only serves the basics. Using a dedicated personal computer would yield better results by far, thanks to limited processing power and storage.


  • Speaker, mic, earpiece headset, 'front' and 'rear' facing cameras
  • Encryption capable
  • Audio communications
  • Text messaging
  • Hi-resolution photo and video recording and playback
  • Real-time translation of Major Languages
  • Wireless networking capable with starships, shuttles, headsets and scanners.
  • Configurable for SYNC, or InterNEP
  • Open communication without network support (private channel communication as well)
  • Internal tracking beacon so it can be located.
  • Comes with matching chain for securing the device.
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