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"Door Breaker" Lockpicks

Organisation Notes

Organisation: CSEIA

In a Nutshell: Lockpicks for the resourceful, modern day Rogue.

Cost: 600 KS for a Basic Set, 950 KS for an Advanced Set. 500 KS for only the PDA/Computer.


Lockpicks are a tool favored by rogues, burglars, safe-breakers and fanciful jewellers of times old. Now, CSEIA has rekindled the concept and object for the handy thief.

Basic Set

One basic set of these picks and locks includes the following:

  • A minuscule, fine toothed, diamondised handsaw
  • A small hammer with a pair of wedges
  • A long-nosed set of Pliers
  • A clamp or two.
  • A selection of various long picks, made from a hard metal to reduce the chance of breakage.
  • A pair of generic Skeleton Keycards.
  • A hand held computer, disguised as a PDA or similar device which can hack into electronically guarded safes and vaults.

The Computer has the hacking options of things such as hexadecimal, binary and many other types of codes. Usually, to break through a door with this system requires a few minutes worth of concentration to unlock a door. However, you'll need to cover up traces of the tampering and hacking manually.

A basic set comes in a cloth bag with pockets and slots for everything which can be easily concealed and stored.

Advanced Set

An advanced set includes all of the basic objects, plusโ€ฆ

  • A small, plasma-powered blowtorch
  • 12 quieted thermite strips, which can be used to blow doors open
  • 4 pounds of Blasting Gum
  • A detonator (Includes wires)

An advanced set comes in a small briefcase made of a very hard material.

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