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Diej Heavy Industries

Diej Heavy Industries is a salvage and storage business that collects space debris from battles, high traffic planets, and trade traffic routs. After collection, debris is transported to Atraxes IV for deposit and salvage. Company was formed in YE 40.

About Diej Heavy Industries

The company was created to provided a much-needed service to the Kingdom of Kuvexia and other minor transit companies due to the dramatic increase of space debris from multiple wars and conflicts. The debris was beginning to threaten space travel and block up transit on planets or interplanetary trade. A Kuvexian named Qlupha Diej founded and formed the company and with it came a contract with the Kingdom of Kuvexia and secondary contracts were quickly taken.

Diej Heavy Industries is a brand-new business which purchased the ownership of Atraxis IV for continued salvage operations. Qlupha Diej, along with several minor investors, purchased it from a general salvage company after they decided to go toward new ventures.


“You Wreck It, We Rack It”

General Information

Diej Heavy Industries
CEO Qlupha_Diej
Faction Kingdom of Kuvexia
Product Symbol DHI


Diej Heavy Industries headquarters is centered in Diej Prime Colony on Atraxes IV. It is the tallest and largest building in the Colony. It is Run by Diej Heavy Industries with the top floors completely submerged in water for Kuvexian comfort and business meetings. The middle floors are business administration, accounting, and corporate booking. The bottom floors are Human/alien resources, contract managing, and security HQ.


Located exclusively on Atraxis IV (Atraxis), these are the listed assets and facilities of Diej Heavy Industries.

Diej Prime Colony

The Diej prime colony holds 150,000 people. It is a large city encompassed in an environment sealed 310 km²/120 mi² dome from the planets natural environment. The city has multiple sky scrapers where the wealthy live while the mid to lower class live in slums or small ground level apartments. The colony also uses gravity nets to pull the gravity inside Diej Prime and its facilities down closer to a comfortable 1 gravity.

Salvage Facilities

Massive warehouses and sorting facilities catalogue and store the salvage and materials collected by the independent salvage sub-contractors.

Scout Facilities

These facilities are specifically designed to monitor the planet's air space, patrol the dump zones, and direct sub-contracted dumpers that come to the planet for dumping. The remaining official 50,000 planetary population is dispersed among these locations and patrols planet wide. Most of this population is rotated out every year from the Diej Prime colony. Pay for those positions outside the Diej Prime colony is usually higher due to the health risks and living conditions. These positions are usually volunteer and filled by parents trying to get their families out of the slums or singles, so they can live comfortably when they get back to colony for a year. Due to increased gravity, planet weather, and indigenous life forms, out facility/scouting work isn't pleasant or safe work.


Diej Heavy Industries follows a classic tiered corporate structure.

Corporate Management Division

This division is responsible for guiding the company, as well as accounting/payroll from various government and private entities.

Salvage Division

This division is responsible for collecting and sorting the various salvage acquired.

Diej Security Division

Diej uses high grade energy weapons as a standard, power armor, and fighters to patrol the dump zones. They have no established military heavy armament due to the lack of need. On any Diej facility or colony, the Diej security have the regulated authority to be judge, jury and executioner depending on the crime. Most mid to upper level crimes result in expelling from the colony and all other Diej facilities. Though the security has the authority to make judgment and convictions, they are required to report to their superiors all sentences. Bribes do assist in the dropping of crimes, but most security hold true to the duty of sentencing to mid to lower classes. Upper class almost always get off.


Salvaged parts from various star ships.

Current Products and Projects

Salvage operations on Atraxis IV

Space debris removal sub-contracted out to independent contractors.

Past Products and Projects

Has no past projects

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