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Drakon company

Drakon company seemingly popped out of nowhere. While this isn't entirely true, they only became a blip on the radar of bigger companies after they renamed themselves Drakon company and started to produce consumer-grade AIs and robotics. They were originally known as Ofron Corp. And mostly focussed on being a middle man between science departments and big suppliers of robotics and assorted AIs for their research. Though after a while, they became a player on the market in terms of AIs and robotics and decided to rebrand themselves as Drakon company, starting to produce androids and robots focussed on trauma care and quick respone to natural disasters or firefighting. This rebrand happened on YE 36, whilst Ofron Corp. was founded at YE 28.

Drakon company is now known for their Drakon units, often bought by the extremely rich and reputable to have a sort of bodyguard. Though Drakon units aren't the only thing they produce. In natural disasters, fires, etc. some of their robots and AI's are used to proper effect. They're not the most effective, but they're not the most expensive either. And do what they're required to do.

Drakon Units were and probably will be their only attempt at manufacturing combat droids.

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