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EM-G2 Emrys Industries Body Armor/Uniform

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-G2-1a Type: Body armor Class: Protective Gear Designer: Emrys Industries R&D section.

Despite the popularity and success of the EM-G1 Emrys Dusk Suit, so much so that the Star Army of Yamatai created its own version, Emrys Industries was still looking for a suit of armor that could be worn in order to allow flexibility, protection, but not weigh down the wearer or be cost prohibitive. And as such, Seru ordered research! And the research created a suit based on one of Emrys Industries strengths: artificial compounds and substances, in this case Felluerere like materials, Titanium Disulfide in particular. These substances are much like the fullerene’s, nano-structures made of carbon, like buckyballs and buckytubes, but instead of using carbon, it uses another inorganic substance. The advantage of this is that it is easier to make, less reactive (and therefore more stable and better for protection), and without the health hazards associated with fullerenes. The uniform is not for sale to the standard public as of yet, but is available to Emrys Employees and to members of the Star Army if wanted (pending deal).

The suit comes in two parts, the trousers, and top. They take the form of a black (color is variable, black is default) flexible elastic material, but with large silvery plates over the chest, and other inflexible parts of the body, for example over the biceps, and upper and lower leg, while leaving the joints unhindered, and also allowing for breathe ability. Both the plates and the fabric use Titanium Disulfride, mixed with the fabric, and making up the entirety of the plates. This means that the plates have above a 350 tons/cm2 strength, and impacts of up to 1.5 km/second by normal sized projectiles. The strength comes from the fact the Titanium Disulfride is made up from nano-tubes. The fabric is also very strong and shock absorbent, but not quite as much, protecting still from most types of hand held projectile weapons not utilizing especially powerful or penetrating ammunition.

Inside the suit is a thin layer of highly effective padding, further dampening the effects of weapons, and making the clothes more comfortable to wear. As an added advantage, the clothes are specially designed to control their temperature in such a way that the wearer does not become to hot or too cold in non-extreme environments. In the upper body part of the uniform, there is a small sensor above the heart to monitor breathing rate and the pulse of the wearer. The fabric is treated to be waterproof, windproof, dirt resistant, easily cleanable and is essentially scentless. The uniform is relatively easy to put on, simple requiring being pulled over the head (for the top), or being put on much like a tracksuit would for the trousers. Over the uniform are a variety of pockets, varying in size and location due to purpose, mostly on the limbs where there is a gap between metallic plates, although there are some on the plates, using adhesive to stay on. In other places there are Velcro straps for additional equipment.

Also included are boots, which are made from a sturdier version of the fabric that makes up the uniform, and also comes with plates, dark ones instead of silvery. These boots come half the way up the lower leg, and are waterproof. The insides are snug and comfortable for the feet, made for long walks, or for crossing difficult terrain. There is an built-in hilt for a dagger, with a strap to secure it in. The uniform also comes with the standard Emrys Industries gloves, with or without claws at the wearers preference.

A helmet has yet to be created, but will be made if there is interest in the product.

The product as shown is in its default stages. The design can be changed for coloration, whether in Khaki or DPM, and has a Infra-red Reflective coat, which makes the wearer less susceptible to night-vision.

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