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EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh"

The EM-J6-1 “Rayleigh” is a combat robot produced by Emrys Industries beginning in YE 37.

Emrys Industries A TC Company

“We will build heroes.”

The failure of the EM-J3-1a "Dennis" to impress some customers was not unheard from within the Emrys Security Android division, it became clear that a market was open for a modern, truly combat focused android. In a review of Emrys design philosophy, the Rayleigh was born.


Notes: The Rayleigh can either refill its batteries through standard outlets, or replace each of its batteries separately.


The Rayleigh resembles less of a man so much as a walking suit of archaic armor, with a dash of sci-fi gadgetry of course. It is painted a dull grey color as stock, with camo patterns available on customer request. Its large, heavy armor may at first appear cumbersome, allows it a large degree of movement. It features two modes, its non-combat mode with visor open and shoulder armor rotating back. In full battle mode its neck guard raises, its visor shuts and the shoulder armor rotates to cover its arms.

Keeping to the traditional Security architecture, the head includes the iconic mono-eye arrangement of previous models, however the eye is now able to be shielded behind a pair of heavy armored shutters that cut down exposure to a small slit. Alongside the central eye on raised “cheekbones” are arranged the axillary sensors.

The very top of the head of the Rayleigh is flat, but when the top shutter is open it takes up that area. Around the rim of the sides and back of the head is a much more subdued rim than what the Dennis was equipped with, the armored cheeks merge into this rim along the sides of the head. The bottom shutter slides down to create a chin when undeployed.

The neck is supported by shrouded servos along the classic black electro-muscle, surrounded by a thick collar which can be raised or lowered depending on alert status.


Two large armored shoulder plates dominate the top half of the torso with a pair of plain pauldrons protecting the armpit area, these pads are plain and clearly thickly armored. They immediately look good for shoulder bashing things, and knocking them down.

The center torso has a flexible armored breast plate designed to shift and move with the movement of the arms, bending and deforming as required, it appears as two main plates, with a central plate, connections between the three are behind what would be the pectoral area.

The lower half of the torso has smaller interlocking plates which are flexible for torso twisting and bending.


The upper arms are mostly covered by the large shoulder plates , but for the most exposed areas, such as near the elbow and the bicep, there's a small curved plate of armor embedded against the electro-muscle. The arm has a large armored gauntlet with retractable fist plate for punching hard things while keeping the more fragile fingers and palm safe.


Thick armored thighs with external carriage for sidearms or other items in its combat load also carry hips closely carried over from the Rayleigh's brother, Dennis. The knee is covered in a simple raised plate, while the greaves are thick, solid and taper into a small square, from which a pair of unconventional feet emerge.

The feet are made of four prongs emerge at corners, long dark toes which provide ample leverage from which to run, dodge, or dive. A central, well suspensioned pad central of the four toes is the closest the Rayleigh has to a conventional foot made to harsh landings, slippery floors, and soft ground. In the event of poor ground the “toe” can flatten and fold down four additional pads, giving the Rayleigh a wider, more stable “footprint”.


The Rayleigh is Emrys's first “unadulterated” entry into the combat droid market, with softcore and utilitarian designed androids and bots preceding it, it continues the vein of the J1 and J3. While much of its chassis may be based of its brother, Dennis, the Rayleigh is a far more hardcore machine. With new matierials, remachined parts, much thicker armor, upgraded electro-muscle fibre and re-focused design philosophy, the Rayleigh is a true fighting machine. More walking tank than droid.

The new Rayleigh is agile despite its weight, strong, and resilient. Heavy enough to barge through light walls with ease, strong enough to lift small armored vehicles, and tough enough to brush off all but the heaviest small arms fire with only superficial damage.

While heavy, the Rayleigh is no slouch when it comes to speed and reflexes, with a sprint speed exceeding 60kmph in certain circumstances and limb coordination accurate to within 0.3 millimeters of error with less the 0.22 seconds from full arm extension to curl and return and 0.34 seconds of full shoulder traverse making the Rayleigh a fearsome adversary for any opponent in close combat.


Emrys prides itself on having the technology and background with the best and the brightest talent of both Nepleslia and Yamatai to augment any organic or hemosynthetic based armed or engineering force. Whether from small utility bots to full bio-mech assistants, Emrys has always looked towards the future. Not content to let nay-sayers complain about the Dennis's security-orientated focus, Emrys engineers skipped their holidays and dove straight back into their next project, and now they're ready to introduce a new generation of machines. So today, Emrys would like to introduce its latest achievement;

The Rayleigh.

In field testing, the Rayleighs new heavy armor design destroys the competition in any mechanical android category in both ballistic and martial testing. With the latest firmware of Emrys' patented AI technology the Rayleigh is capable of intricate and perfectly orchestrated squad tactics with a speed and fluidity almost impossible for any organic force to match. Coupled with its sturdy chassis and impressive aether-power-to-muscle-strand ratio the Rayleigh is capable of inflicting vastly more damage on enemy units while mitigating damage to friendly units severely, and can do it all while often only suffering superficial damage to the surface armor.

The Rayleigh takes the torch from the Dennis as possibly the most modern and capable combat android available on the market, with the Dennis itself originally aimed at the Security market.



The Rayleigh is well-equipped for security, combat, and close protection, but has options available for more specialized missions.


Keeping to the tradition of Security designs in this nontraditional role, the Wakizashi is present and accounted for, stored under the right forearm of the Rayleigh and ready to be deployed to hand with a quick flick.


Comes with the Emrys Security signature mono-eye and auxiliary arrangement, the Rayleigh has excellent eyesight as well as multiple visual sensors. The central dome also provides some sensor capacity, including more primitive pinhole cameras arrayed around the edge, the Rayleigh can literally see behind it.


The Rayleigh has radio communication built-in as standard. It also has speakers and microphones for human-level communication.


Optionally equipped with full first-aid kit, defibrillator and intubation equipment. The Rayleigh can act as a fully capable first aid medic and life support for wounded, organic colleagues.


Specialized variants of the Rayleigh are sold as Commander units, designed to coordinate the actions of a host of other androids while providing customer support and close protection for the VIP. These Rayleigh units have upgraded sapience functions and are able to converse easily with organic personnel. Certain models may be highly customized to be even more powerful than the base model.

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Product NameEM-J6-1 "Rayleigh"
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Year ReleasedYE 37
Price (KS)12 ,000.00 KS

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