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EM-J2-2a Shujuu Android (TCSF)

Emrys Industries A TC Company

In YE 36 Emrys Industries produced a specialized model of the EM-J2-2a Shujuu Android (Advanced).

About the EM-J2-2a (TCSF)

This mass produced model was created for use by the Tamahagane Corporation Security Force as a Security force. This version of the android is stronger that the original model, it is capable of carrying 250 kilograms without difficulty. It has human like facial features to help it interact with people better. It is also equipped with a non-lethal weapon. The unit can operate any equipment that a member of the TCSF uses.


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Fielded by: Star Army of Yamatai Nomenclature: EM-J2-2a (TCSF) Type: Security Class: Android Price: 12,825 KS

These androids were customized to the following specifications:


  • Male 5' 11โ€œ - Blonde hair, green round eyes, Nepleslian features, barcode and company logo on the left wrist
  • Female 5' 7โ€ - Black hair, lavender almond shaped eyes, Yamataian features, barcode and company logo on the left wrist



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