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EM-K1 Emrys Industries Hydrogen Car

Emrys Industries A TC Company

  • Manufacturer: Emrys Industries
  • Nomenclature: Em-K1-1a
  • Organizations Using This Vessel: Civilian
  • Type: Hydrogen Car
  • Class: Hydrogen Car
  • Designer: Emrys Industries R&D section.

The Emrys Industries Hydrogen Car is a highly efficient, economically friendly, and surprisingly cheap car. To achieve this it runs off a highly efficient hydrogen battery.

History and Background

Noting sadly that Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia was killing itself with fossil fuel based cars, and that Yamatai (Planet) could do with a remake, Seru Emrys got his company to design this car.

Dimensions and Crew Compliment


  • Car: Between 5,000 to 7,000 KS
  • Hydrogen Battery: 40 KS


  • Crew: Only one person is needed to drive.
  • Maximum Capacity: 5 (7 if you want two in the boot).
  • Appearance: The Hydrogen Car has a vast number of appearances, from a hatch back to a 4 x 4.
  • Length: Varies greatly between cars.
  • Width: Varies greatly between cars.
  • Height: Varies greatly between cars.
  • Decks: Varies greatly between cars.
  • Mass: ~ 1.5 tons.

Performance Statistics

Here are the listings of performance parameters.

  • Speed: 200 km/h possible.
  • Range (Distance): A single hydrogen cell can supply enough energy to power the car for 1000km. However several spare cells can be kept in the back.
  • Range (Support): The Hydrogen Car is not made to carry any more resources than what is in the boot. It is however airtight, meaning that when the windows are closed there is enough air for a few hours.
  • Lifespan: The Hydrogen Car needs to be checked over yearly, and needs maintenance probably every other year.

Inside the Hydrogen Car

  • Front seats: These seats are very comfortable, but not too comfortable (the driver isn’t going to fall asleep amid driving), and the side board is a very good simulacrum to walnut. On the drivers side there is the steering wheel, and a display board with a variety of dials and monitors, measuring speed, energy remaining, mileage and that variety of things.
  • Back seats: The back seats can seat three people and are comfortable, with relaxing chairs, adequate foot space, and variable angles for the back of the chairs (it is capable to lie down). In the back of the front seats is a screen on which movies can be played (stored in the cars central computer system). The seats are covered in what looks/feels/smells to be leather, but it is actually a synthetic material which much greater tear resistance, and dirt just floats off. The floor actually has a thin carpet on it, but dirt does not stick to it easily.
  • Boot: The boot is simply that. A boot. You keep things in it. The capacity is quite high, but there is nothing complex there.

Ship Systems

  • Body: The body of the Hydrogen Car is Titanium and ceramics, creating a strong frame, but designed to resist hits without resorting to the dangerous tactic of a completely inflexible frame.
  • Doors: The doors require a key to open, and to prevent the use of picking techniques, the key has to transmit a radio code signal while it is inside the lock. It will not work without this signal. However in the interest of either the key or the car being out of power, the power to supply the signal comes from either a battery in the key, or the car. The doors open in the normal, horizontal style, although there is an alternative version with both vertical opening and sliding doors. The windows can compensate for external light sources and become shaded, also boasting the ability to restrict vision to one side of the glass.
  • Front window: This window is firstly almost shatter proof. Knowing how incredibly annoying having your windows broken is, Emrys spent a lot of effort in developing a transparent ceramic which is transparent, light, and very strong. It would take considerably more than a hoodlum with a baseball bat to break this window. The side windows are created of the same ceramic. Additionally the front window can have a image displayed on it, usually a HUD, or a map of the area. However it can also be used to display a video messenger, or a variety of other things, including films for when the car is stationary.
  • Hydrogen Batteries: The high quality hydrogen batteries can drive for a good 1000 km without needing to be replaced. The batteries are recycled once being handed in, and it easy to keep several in the back of the car.
  • Airtight System: Seru had long been interested in the idea of a car driving into water, not necessarily going underwater or navigating it, but just having the capacity to go into water without being damaged. To that end the doors and windows of the car are air-tight, and everything is protected in such a way to make partial or complete submergence not damaging to the car.
  • Air Conditioning: The Hydrogen Car has a most effective air conditioning system, allowing a cool temperature to exist in the car at all times, apart from in the greatest extremes of temperature.
  • Seat Belts: The seat belt of the Hydrogen Car is a standard three point one, although there are varieties that have five point systems.
  • Airbags: There are airbags in both the passenger and drivers seat, and side airbags for the back seats. The airbags are triggered by a computer program, taking into account the direction of a hit, its severity and several other environmental factors. The speed of the inflation of the airbag is dependent on this. The bag itself fills with argon.
  • Music system: The Hydrogen Car uses a high quality speaker system to play music, as selected from a database that can be added to. The quality of the music is very high.

Sensor and Computer Systems

  • Computer: The computer in the Hydrogen Car is quite capable, allowing for automatic driving, and its other systems. It has a large Media Database, and a good auto-pilot program.
  • GPS: The car has a GPS allowing it to navigate.
  • Sensors: The car has a version of radar allowing it to find out how far away it is from other objects.

OOC Notes

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Product NameEmrys Industries Hydrogen Car
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Price (KS)6β€―,000.00 KS
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