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EM-J5-1b - FARS SAOY (Journalist)

The EM-J5-1b is an anti-gravity assistant robot used by the Star Army of Yamatai that serves as a mobile reconnaissance drone and as an autonomous floating flashlight.

Emrys Industries A TC Company


This FARS became available for Star Army Journalist in YE 42

About the EM-J5-1b

Emrys developed the EM-J5-1b as an aid for Journalists in the field. It features a secure communications system that is compatible with the Type 33 Star Army Communications Network Encryption System.

The unit has been modified to serve as a high definition camera. It is capable of recording in 3D. It has a total of six floating cameras. The cameras serve also as lighting. The operator can direct them to various positions to get the best shot.



Standard Accessories

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba Apr 18, 2020 Artwork created by Nashoba with DOGA.

Approval Thread.

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