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Emrys Industries Rain Coat

Emrys Industries

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

The coat goes down to the ankles, and does not cling to the legs, but stays a few inches away in a free flowing style. This helps to prevent the legs getting wet. It covers most of the body, going all the way down to the arm, going slightly below the wrist, and a hood covers the head. The hood is deep enough to protect the head from rain in most directions, and when up also obscures features.

On each side of the body there is a deep pocket, which has a cover to prevent the content getting wet, and another just underneath the breast, roughly as deep as the hand, and there are several more pockets on the interior. Around hip level there is also a concealed pocket on the right or left hand side, depending on the version, preferable to bias. This is made for a concealed weapon, but that is not on the sales talk, only that it is that which it is most useful for. It can fit a handgun, pistol, or a knife/small club.

The Coat opens down the middle, and is close by both a zip and a series of buttons, the buttons on a flap of material that goes over the zip. Also inside the coat are a series of Velcro straps, that can be used to hold an object in place. This could be anything, depending on the number of straps use, a pencil case, a small bag, a folder, or a sub-machine gun.

The fabric that makes up the coat has the texture of leather, however it is entirely waterproof, and breathable in some areas, for example under the armpits, to prevent the clammy and warm sensation one can get from wearing such a coat.

The fabric is also made to be extremely tear resistant, although its ability to prevent bludgeoning is only supplied by the padding for warmth and comfort, a knife stab or a sword swing or even stab is unlikely to cut it, albeit it is far more likely to cause the wearer bruising, and possibly other internal damage. The padding is very efficient, making the coat very comfortable to wear, and also warm, although reactive materials mean that if it is hot outside the coat does not insulate the wearer as much, preventing overheating.

The Coat comes in a variety of colors, the most common being Black, or very dark Green and Darks, although khaki and brighter colors are available.

Price: 130 KS.

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