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FMS Powered Suit

The Fs-M1 Powered Suit is a thin bodysuit of nanomuscle strands what can be worn under a jumpsuit, some street clothes, body armor, and whatever else it will fit under. When activated the nanomusculature tightens around the wearer's body and provides a 50% boost to the user's strength. The bodysuit covers all but the face and has integrated powered gloves and boots equipped with miniature graviton projectors for unparalleled grip on most surfaces. The suit was made available in YE 39 by the Frontier Manufacturing Service for commercial and personal sale.

About the Fs-M1 Powered Suit

This suit is intended for users involved in a variety of situations which demand greater physical strength, endurance, and protection without the additional mass, complexity, and cost of powered armor. Enjoyed by shipboard crew, construction workers, emergency services, paramilitary operators, and more.

Each suit is made to order and requires the buyer to be fitted before the nanomuscle is woven. When activated the nanomusculature tightens around the wearer's body, thus if a wearer with bodily dimensions differing from the owner's the wearer risks suffocation, joint injury, restricted blood circulation, and even death.

Without something to cover it the nanomusculature of the powered suit is vulnerable to increased wear and tear damage. To prolong the life of the powered suit application of the factory provided, rubberized paint or a jumpsuit is recommended, preferably one with a soft interior. The rubberized paint will preserve the powered suit without the jumpsuit but will wear out in only 6 months of light usage, and while requiring more upkeep there are some cases in which it is preferred to use only the paint. Additionally the suit is fire-resistant and the suit and helmet are treated with an ultra hydrophobic sealant.

Perhaps the most valued feature is the incorporation of FMS's trademark insulation method withing the nanomusculature. Effectively enclosing we wearer within a Faraday cage this suit makes it possible to use shield emitting equipment without harm to the wearer.


The powered suit has the appearance of a form-fitting body glove of rubbery, synthetic muscle that is thin enough to be worn under most clothing sized at least one size larger than the wearer's own body. There are reinforced areas over the shoulders, chest, torso, elbows, forearms, thighs, knees, and shins.

The helmet is boxy with a squared off visor that houses the subspace radar and rounded lens. It covers the entire face and has a bulge around the mouthpiece which contains filtration and oxygenation of the air to create a breathable atmosphere for the wearer.


The compact nature of the power suit makes it significantly easier for wearers to interact with their surroundings.


It lacks the defensive capabilities of powered armor.


The increased strength of the wearer makes athletic tasks such as running and jumping far easier. The unit is not flight capable, however flight capable packages such as the packpowerarmor can help overcome this limitation.

Armor Size

The low profile suit is custom-made to it's owner, plus it's dimensions are ever changing.

Height The base suit is always 1 inch taller than the wearer's height
Width The base suit is always 1 inch wider than the wearer's width
Length The base suit is always 1 inch longer than the wearer's length
Weight The base suit is about 30 lbs

Damage Capacity Stats

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for a guide to damage ratings to include.

  • Powered Bodysuit: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
  • Standard Jumpsuit: Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel
  • Tactical Jumpsuit: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
  • Armored Jumpsuit: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel
    • Made with heavy denier Bulletproof Wool with ceramic plates lining the interior.

Getting In and Out

The process of donning the powered suit is similar to putting on a wet suit. Clothing may be worn beneath the suit, however there can be no more than 1 cm of distance between the suit and the skin of the wearer without causing discomfort. Wearers are encouraged to where no more than thin undergarments while wearing their powered suit, especially if the item is near the spinal sensors.

The rubbery nanomuscle “wet suit” is entered through the a split on the back where the user's spinal sensors will eventually be. Limbs must be fully inserted into the integral boots and gloves.

Next the part to equip is the spinal assembly, also called the backbone, which contains the equipment to energize the synthetic muscle in perfect synchronization to the user by use of a minimized quantum datapad measuring input from the spinal sensors. The assembly is segmented like humanoid spine and must be built according to the owner's measurements. It remains rigid until activated making it easy to slide into place through the split in the Nanomuscle bodyglove. Magnets lining the opening in the bodyglove will naturally gravitate into place around the spinal assembly which will then clamp down and energize. When this happens the entire suit will tighten across the wearer's body for a moment before loosening. Your powered suit is now synchronized to your nervous system.

Controlling the Suit

Along the spine of the suit is an array of sensors that monitors signals traveling through the wearer's spine. These nervous signals are directly translated into motion, so the suit mimics the pilot's body. In the event of spasms or any situation where nervous signals for motion would result in harm to the wearer or anything the wearer does not wish to damage the suit will automatically limit the amount of force applied.

Some accessories can be wired into the spinal assemblies Electronics, allowing a user to use gestures or even nervous impulses to control those accessories.


Frontier Manufacturing Service began the project shortly after being commissioned by Mr. Donovan in early YE 39 to design a power suit for mass production that was simple, durable, and expandable. The most important element was universal fitting for use among a variety of species. species, followed by the ability to use a diverse range of equipment from other manufacturers. Origin Industries provided technical insight for the electronic components and made it possible for cross compatibility with their Impulse Powered Armor series of accessories from the project's conception.


These are the components of the powered suit.


While not really qualifying as armor the nanomuscle of the power suit is very durable and the insulation offers fantastic protection against electricity and fire. Unfortunately the powered suit is susceptible to abrasion, which will reduce its effectiveness in just under two years. This is where a jumpsuit, or any fitting covering comes in handy. FSCorp offers a basic jumpsuit with both a tactical and armored variant that can increase its service life to five years.


The Powered Suit can be equipped with a volumetric projection system or an Electronic Camouflage System woven into the nanomusculature requested during its construction but the suit does not come equipped with any camouflage system by default due to the potentially nefarious uses of such technology. The suit is insulated using the FMS Aerospace Insulation Method, miniatuized to fit within the skin of the suit, reducing the signature of the suit smaller than an unsuited human.

Life Support

Air Supply is completely dependent on the helmet. The factory issued helmet is capable of providing clean, breathable air for the average human for up to a week at a time.

The suit is capable of sustaining its wearer in space, keeping them at the optimal temperature for survival. The suit cannot feed its wearer or process excrement but is easily removable in an atmosphere. Of interest to fighter pilots, it also operates as a g-suit.

Should the suit ever be punctured in space a failsafe is in place. When breached the suit immediately pushes the damaged musculature together while the liner secretes a sealant. This is tremendously useful in the event of explosive decompression inside a ship where shrapnel is a major concern.

Should injury to the wearer occur the suit will try to prevent any movement that might worsen the damage, however this can be overridden verbally. By clamping down on broken bones a wearer can often retain enough mobility to get clear of danger before receiving medical attention.

Power Systems

The suit is powered by a single FMS Universal Battery Cells inserted into the top of the spinal assembly. The single battery cell lasts up to a Yamataian week of constant usage.

Sensors and Communications

In order to increase the wearer's ability to feel the items they manipulate and keep a sense of spacial awareness the entire musculature of the power suit is equipped with tactile sensors that send signal back to the spinal assembly. From there the sensory signals are sent to the brain through the spinal cord. This gives the wearer the illusion of not wearing the musculature as it now feels like their own skin. The tactile sensors are very sensitive, allowing the wearer to feel things with near perfect detail. Painful sensations are filtered so the wearer is aware of the damage, though not 'feeling' it like their skin would, which could potentially cause the wearer to feel the pain of injuries twice.

The helmet contains a minimized quantum datapad that can be programmed with any operating system desired by the owner and comes standard with a basic, open-source OS capable of connecting the helmet to most civilian communication networks. This electronic package includes forward facing subspace radar based on the Wz-G3904, Subspace Communications, adaptive polarization, volumetric heads up display, and neural sensors that allow the wearer to control the features via thought.


Individual components or Services may be purchased separately, or the starter pack can be purchased for 2100 KS.

Components Description Price(KS) Rebate(KS)
Helmet Electronics not sold separately. 200 100
Base Suit Suit with spinal assembly. 2000 200
Suit w/Volumetric Projection Must be requested at purchase. 2300 230
Suit w/ECS Restricted to trusted buyers. 3000 300
Fitting May be sent along with body scan data. 25 N/A

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