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Galactic Horizon

Established in YE 40, Galactic Horizon is a small independent business that specialises in creating designs for technology including weapons, vehicles, digital systems and suits and is not limited to military tech. Being small, Horizon relies on corporate giants for manufacturing prototypes and demo models for its clients and in return can offer its designs and services for a trade price discount.

About Galactic Horizon

Galactic Horizon created in YE 40 was designed to be an outlet for creative minds by CEO Riccard Black, he wished to gather a group of people as passionate about technological design as he is and have them work on projects together. The business operates primarily on the design and sale of technological blueprints for many areas, this includes both militaristic and civilian uses which helps to increase their capacity for work, as well as providing employees with a variety of options not solely limited to one area of technology.

In the closing weeks of YE 39 Riccard and his two children, Kryss and Donvan, along with a small group of his associates created a basic analytical AI they named Project Dawn. Having heard of S6 through various technology developers such as himself, Riccard and his group moved from their homes in Yamatai to 188604 to pursue the group. After several meetings to discuss the advantages of a partnership to provide S6 with a new independent design group and Horizon with the opportunity of a start-up alongside an advanced research group an agreement was reached.

Together Riccard and his group designed and built the company while further developing Project Dawn to assist them in running a business with the limited staff they had. On the day of the new year, Galactic Horizon became an officially recognised entity after the group was approved purchase of an unused office building in Section 6 territory after they were evaluated and approved by S6. In exchange for permission to purchase land and the building and operate their business out of S6 territory, they agreed to be transparent about major digital system breakthroughs including their own AI and other systems, along with cooperating with all S6 requests and having restrictions placed on security personnel numbers.


“With a new day comes a new idea, and with that a new horizon.”

General Information

Galactic Horizon
CEO Riccard Black
Faction Independent
Product Symbol Gh


A small 4 floor office building with pentagonal shape, ground floor consists of reception and relation services, second floor consists of initial design team and system code team, third floor consists of secondary design team and post design team, fourth floor consists of the management offices and conference room.

It’s run by CEO Riccard Black and was purchased after the business was approved independent operation from within S6 space, on the condition they are transparent with Section 6 and cooperate with any of their requests and have restrictions imposed on security personnel.

It's Located within Section 6 territory, 20mi west of Osman city and 1mi south of the S6 complex on the planet 188604


Galactic Horizon does not own any production facilities or storage warehouses at this point, their size and business does not require them to operate effectively instead relying on their HQ for all main operations.


Initial Design Team: Consisting mainly of graphic designers the Initial Design team draws up plans for devices, vehicles, suits and other physical technology in concept and detailed sketches showing rough sizing and dimensions.

Secondary Design Team: Consisting mainly of engineers and theoretical science researchers, the Secondary Design team is responsible for checking and validating the probability of Initial Designs.

Post Design Team: Consisting mainly of fabrication and production specialists the Post Design team performs the final check of physical products and creates lists to accompany the design sheets for clients that includes material requirements, estimated production time and special notes concerning the product.

System Code Team: Consisting of Programmers and system designers the System Code team designs, writes and tests all the digital systems for horizon equipment and contract orders and often work with the Initial Design team to create the UI for each program.


Current Products and Projects

Pending approval: Adrenaline Utility Gear

Past Products and Projects

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