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Cold Climate Suit

The Cold Climate suit (CCS) is a utility suit designed to provide warmth in situations of extreme cold, built and designed by Galactic Horizon in YE 40 for use on the open market.

About The Cold Climate Suit

A relatively low-tech yet still effective suit designed to be an affordable and useful tool for anybody in an extremely cold climate, it is a single suit with included facial protection for the user. It is not overly resilient to weapons beyond a knife, yet it is enough to cushion any bumps or scrapes the user might run into.


The Cold Climate Suit was built in YE 40 by Galactic Horizon in anticipation of their upcoming expedition to a frigid wasteland of a planet, it is designed to keep the user warm in the coldest conditions, a side effect of its design means it is fairly protective against cuts and impacts.

After this expedition, they company made the suit available to the civilian market, a relatively cheap form of simple thermal protection that excels at doing what it was designed for.

In YE 40, the Star Army of Yamatai purchased 500,000 cold climate suits1).

About The Cold Climate Suit

Groups using this Product: Open market
Type: Utility Equipment
Nomenclature: GH-g5-3c
Designer/s: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Entered Production: YE 40
Price: 150 KS
Weight: 3kg (6.61lbs)
Life Expectancy: 5 years guaranteed


The Cold Climate Suit is a 2cm thick all in one bodysuit with a somewhat rigid, androgynous silhouette. The material it is made of most closely resembles a grey polyester while the insides are lined with a white faux fur for insulation. The suit has a hood with a tight opening that frames the user’s face, the suit comes with a fleece lined face shield and a large pair of anti-glare, anti-fog goggles, black boots and gloves that are removable, the fingertips of the gloves are conductive, so they can work with the simple touchscreen interface on the left forearm. There is a long, magnetically sealed, seam that runs vertically down the front of the suit which is how the suit is donned and doffed.


Underneath the various insulating layers of the suit there is an array of flexible heating elements which are controlled by the touchscreen interface on the left forearm and powered by a Galactic Horizon Power core which can provide power for up to 72 hours of constant use, the suit itself is not airtight nor was it built to be body armour yet the sturdy materials used in its construction along with the segmented heating elements within mean that the suit is partially protective against cuts, blunt force trauma and puncture wounds. The suit is loose fitting enough for a reasonable amount of clothing to be worn underneath, the non-bulky nature of the suit means that backpacks, vests and other bits of gear (the AUG for example) can be worn over the top.

Donning and Doffing the suit

The wearer undoes the seam at the front of the suit and steps into legs of the suit, they then pull into the sleeves and shrug the suit over their shoulders before closing the seam, simply reverse the process to take the suit off.

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