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Cirrostratus Ion-Grid Propulsion Drive

Designed in mid YE 40 by Galactic Horizon as the first step towards full-scale starship development and specifically for the IIS commission order they had at the time.

About the Cirrostratus

Based on the almost ancient technology principal of ion propulsion using an ionising grid structure, the Cirrostratus is a more refined and complete system allowing for higher thrust and higher efficiency. Galactic Horizon more often than not uses basic technology principals and builds upon them to create semi unique designs and systems.


Using the Ion-grid propulsion style the Cirrostratus has no need for an exhaust cone and rather consists of a solid cylinder, the emission end of the drive consists of a flat panel ringed by a luminescent golden tube. While functioning the luminescent tube interacts with the ionised propellent to give it a golden yellow glow, the tube can be moved however allowing the drive to produce a much smaller and darker bluish purple colour and be less identifiable as active.


The Cirrostratus was originally a basic combustion propulsion system designed by Kryss Black that was left incomplete after her accidental abduction by the Exodus fleet fleeing the USO. It was modified by Riccard Black to be more efficient while still providing enough thrust to be considered for use on starships and other craft. This system is based off of existing Ion Grid Systems IRL.

Statistics and Info

The Cirrostratus is the first Ion propulsion system developed by Galactic Horizon and subsequently is not a top of the line after-market piece, its statistical information and operating standards indicate the advanced level of design present in the company however it is still only middle ground in performance.

Stats & Info
Nomenclature GH-V1-P4000
Designer Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer Galactic Horizon
Type Ion-Grid
Classification Sublight, average
Cruising Thrust (safe) 0.225c
Max Thrust (unsafe) 0.300c
Lifespan 3 years consistent use
Range 2 weeks standard operation
Price 3 000KS


Using the relatively simple science of Ionising and then expelling propellant particles the Cirrostratus could be considered almost ancient tech for what it's based on. With some extra modifications to the grid structure within the drive the particles are able to be more effectively controlled, this allows for more directed expulsion as well as a higher velocity in turn creating more thrust allowing it to operate at decent speeds.

The Cirrostratus has a safe operation output and an unsafe, the unsafe being the result of extra propellent being supplied and causing small reactions within the grid. This allows it to output slightly above its standard level but can severely damage the grid and may render the drive useless or drastically slowed should the grid structure be damaged.

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