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Geshrinari Blast Shutters

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All Geshrinari Shipyards starships are equipped with numerous blast shutter systems in the passageways. The shutters are constructed of the same material as the frame of the ship. They are pneumatically driven and consist of two pieces that when close overlap and form an airtight barrier.

These shutters will automatically close and lock if the ship experiences any significant disturbance. The status of a shutter is displayed on a panel in the shutter. They have three statuses, Locked, Unlocked, Cycling. A shutter can not be opened if locked. Shutters can only be unlocked from the bridge, or crew members who have the access code. Once unlocked the shutters can be opened by the control panel on each of them.

Note: The shutters will issue a warning if you attempt to open one to vacuum from a pressurized compartment. Shutters will function even if the ship has lost computer control and/or main power.

Blast Shutters can also be deployed during security situations to limit moving on the ship.

Ship's built in YE 33 or later have atmospheric force fields added to their equipment. Which allows crew members to enter damaged sections of the ship and not have to decompress the undamaged sections.

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