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Conquest-class Battleship

Geshrinari Shipyards Logo

The Mishhuvurthyar were starting to really scare the Empire in YE 28. Concerned the Mishhuvurthyar would overrun Planet Yamatai, and because of a number of other age-old issues, the Nepleslian government seceded from the Yamatai Star Empire. A couple weeks before they did, Geshrinari Shipyards received orders to start work on a new battleship that would be a โ€œsymbol of Nepleslian military mightโ€ and that would be โ€œas good as Star Army of Yamatai ships.โ€ The project was assigned to Clark Thompson and his Elysian assistant, Abdyel. Over the course of many meetings (and romantic encounters), Clark and Abby created an impressive yet impractical design.

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