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Goshen Industrial Safety Suit

GM-PS-I1 “Goshen” Industrial Safety Suit

Designer: Amelia Gillian

Manufacturer: Gillian Manufacturing

Distributor: Customer preference


Impact Resistance: Withstands impacts up to 650kg moving at 40kph

Crush Resistance: Retains shape under stresses up to 20kg/m

Air Reserves: 20 hours of breathable oxygen, extended to 48 hours through use of the rebreather

Filtration System: Medical grade biochemical screening

Radiological Endurance Capacities:

Low radiation: indefinite

Moderate radiation: 8 hours (16 with protective layer)

Heavy radiation: 6 hours (12 with layer)

Extreme radiation/meltdown conditions: 2 hours (3 with protective layer)

Vacuum Operation Suitability: The Goshen is suitable for operation in vacuum.


Polarizing faceplate (standard)

Thermal Dampening coating (standard)

Muscular augmentation motors (standard)

Biotoxin/Chemical filter (standard)

Energetic Particle Interception Layer (optional)

Micropulse Hydrolytic Converter (optional)

Null-G Alignment Gyro (optional)

Magnetic Grip Adaptors (optional)

Suggested Price: 600 KS


Reactive polarizing faceplate: Despite the diversity of environments that the Goshen suit is intended for they with rare exception have in common the presence of blindingly bright sources of illumination. To compensate for this the face plate includes a coating which automatically–and rapidly–darkens in response to light sources which would otherwise be painful to look at.

Thermal Dampening coating: Although the suit itself is primarily composed of alloy metal it also contains an exterior coating that is efficient in ablating and dissipating heat. While it still allows the wearer to feel changes in temperature while still being able to spend extended periods in areas which exceed 1,000 degrees. This is not to say that the layer cannot be burned off; direct contact with materials above 1,200 degrees is strongly discouraged. The reverse is also true: with the layer in effect wielders of the Goshen can handle extremely cold objects and compounds–liquid nitrogen for example–without compromising the integrity of either suit or wearer. Again, there are limits to what can be withstood; however most cold environments do not reach that limit.

Muscular Augmentation motors: Small and efficient, these motors are strong examples of miniaturization at work. Controlled by a small computer contained within the suit which gauges the load being lifted and the force being exerted by the wearer, the motors provide just the right amount of lift assistance and counterbalance to keep the load from dropping. Under normal magnification a line of motors looks similar to a strand of millimeter-thick wire; up close these 'wires' are revealed to be an intricate system of interlocking relays. The sheer number of them means that even if the suit experiences damage it will not compromise the ability to augment the wearer's strength–except if the computer itself is damaged.

Biotoxin/Chemical screen: Some workplaces offer not only the potential to introduce hard impacts to the workers, but also hazardous airborn elements. Noxious fumes, decayed biomass, bacterial pathogens, cyanogen gases–all are intercepted by the medical grade filtration system and removed from the Goshen user's air supply. Filter replacement is a necessary evil, but like the rest of the suit it has been streamlined into a five step process: remove self from toxic environment, remove filter from rear panel on suit, dispose of expended filter in provided biohazard bag, insert new filter, go back to work. The entire process can be done by a single person, but it tends to go faster if you have someone replace the filter for you. Just be sure to return the favor.

Energetic Particle Interception Layer: Radiation is always a concern for plant workers and ordnance disposal technicians and while not all material actively radiates damaging energy there are some materials which must be handled with the utmost care. The Goshen provides basic protection from radioactive environments (though it must periodically be sterilized of buildup); the more extreme the radiation, the less time can be spent inside it between sterilization processes. The EPIL is a supplemental add-on to the Goshen; it is somewhat like the old lead suits worn in the early days of nuclear exploitation. Essentially though it is a shroud that absorbs radiation and disintegrates over time. They are cheaply produced so keeping a box of fifty will not strain one's pocketbook.

Micropulse Hydrolytic Converter: Created for use for underwater operation and with the understanding that the denser liquid environment slows movement, the converter adds a light electric charge to the suit. This causes water to be broken down into its constituent atoms upon contact with the suit, effectively creating a small bubble of air that can be moved within. And of course this has no negative impact on the environment as the water quickly reconstitutes.

Null-G Alignment Gyro: A physical add-on intended for microgravity operation. Through a setting control which is mounted on the wrist of the suit (the control is ambidextrously mountable), the Goshen wearer designates “up” and “down” orientations based on personal preference or the needs of the job, and the gyro exerts force in the proper direction to keep the wearer in the chosen alignment.

Magnetic Grip Adaptors: This may yet become a standard feature; this installs electromagnets into contact surfaces, exerting a mild magnetic field which allows wearers to adhere to compatible metals, as well as attach tools directly to the suit if so desired. Thusly tools, loose bolts, debris and such are prevented from freefloating if they are let go of; instead they will simply adhere to the magnetized areas of the suit.

An Introduction to the Goshen

The M3 Industrial Safety Suit is your first line of defense against the perils of the workplace. Safety is the primary concern in the depths of mines and refineries, and with the Goshen at your disposal you can be guaranteed that your next encounter will be a pleasant one. No advanced training is necessary for the operation of the Goshen; it's as simple as walking and offers no hindrance to normal movement.

Once the Goshen becomes part of your standard equipment workplace accidents will become a thing of the past. Boasting high temperature tolerances to both extremes of the spectrum, impact resistant body casing, advanced environment monitoring and fully integrated power assistance, we at GM hope to provide the backbone of the industrial world greater protection against the dangers inherent in their professions.

Standard features also include toxin filters and corrosive-proof polymer coating, a full rebreather system with hard seals against decompression, as well as a fully thermoreactive undersuit to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. Goshen suits also offer lift assistance to alleviate the stresses of carrying heavy loads without the aid of trams and forklifts; a user in even low physical condition will have no trouble lifting twice what he could be capable of without it.

Modification is also easy and stress free. The Goshen is designed to accept environment-specific alterations many of which are offered free of charge as optional equipment. Working in low gravity is eased with the addition of countermotion thrusters and gyroscopic stabilization supplemented with magnetic grip soles. Radiation becomes less of a concern when the undersuit is enhanced by a liquid interception layer, and underwater operation is hastened through the use of the Personal Area Density Modifier (which uses electrical micropulses to create an air bubble around the wearer).

Regardless of your needs Goshen suits offer one thing above all else: peace of mind. Once you put it to the test your doubs will be laid to rest.

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