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Godfrey & Morrison Clothing Company

If you can't count the stitches, it wasn't made by G&M.

Godfrey & Morrison Clothing Company (G&MCC) is one of the few companies in the galaxy that has refrained from machine-producing their clothing, instead leading to a handmade approach. They specialise in functional and fancy costumes, armoured clothing, metal clothing including platemail and chainmail, and leatherworking.

They had a surprising amount of customers in the 'live action role playing' sector, which has enabled them to keep designing things to order, as well as bringing out more standard designs.


Founded: YE 11 Bases of Operation: (Primary) Prime City, Nepleslia Prime, formerly Nepleslia, (Secondary) Kyoto, Yamatai Industry: Handmade Custom Clothing and Costumes Supply & Demand Ratio: 134 : 100


Back in YE09, Godfrey & Morrison were a garage effort of two friends on Nepleslia who had skill with a needle and thread, patching up clothing or turning said patches into something that looked cool and could be worn comfortably in any condition. After a year of honing their skills and getting payments out of it, they decided to expand, by creating armoured clothing and expanding their options for what could be made. Positive reception and increased money flow lead them to advertise their services to others. The jobs got tougher, but they relished the challenge.

Their demand rose over the next couple of years, and they realised that they couldn't do it alone, and had to hire people to help them, and so born was the idea of a full fledged clothing company. However, they did have one condition before going corporate: “A machine will only be used to sew, not to fabricate our clothing instantly. That would be cheating, and a bane to the uniqueness of everything we strive to do.” They stuck to that creed, and allowed honest men and women who didn't mind the stigma of sewing and tailoring as an archaic craft in a technological universe to create clothing of fantastic, unique and distinct appearances.


Andrew Godfrey Role: The first brainchild of the company. He specialises in getting the overall skeleton of the clothing in cloth, cutting up, and stitching the pieces together. He also takes people's measurements.

James Morrison Role: The other brainchild of the company. He's responsible for putting the clothing into a whole, adding in the details, and armouring plates from Lizzy. He takes people's design ideas and refines them until perfected.

Lizzy Slingsby Role: The eccentric, and perennially upbeat armour designer, and one of the few people who knows how to create archaic fashions and methods. Also the go-to lady for armouring clothing.

Production Lineup

Here is a list of clothing which is currently available to buy and order without a problem. Commissioned pieces take longer.

Series Codename Mark Availability & Price Description
“Captain” Privateer I Uncommon A jacket fit for a captain, complete with shoulder pads.
Hero II Uncommon Similar to its predecessor, but incorporating a wool lining to keep warmth.
Legend III Made to Order Armoured and Stylish! Choice wear of Luca Pavone.
“Rogue” Criminal I Uncommon A light leather vest with space for concealable and hidden items. Studs adorn the shoulders and belt line.
Outlaw II Made-to-Order An entire jacket which follows a similar design to the Criminal, incorporating a double-breast design. The studs become small spikes.
Rat King III Made-to-Order Quick and deadly, this jacket incorporates the hidden capacity of its predecessors and is given some armouring in the chest area to boot. A section of the left arm missing.
“Wizard” Familiar I Common A double breasted, satin doublet with an intricate, geometric line pattern woven into it.
Circe II Made-to-Order Made exclusively for women, a silk and leather corset with an accompanying pair of arm-gloves, a choker, and stockings with garters, all emblazoned with circular patterns. It's practically begging to be swept up, but be careful of the hidden blades in the arm-gloves.
Merlin III Made-to-Order Made exclusively for men, a black silk, leather and stone-thread backed longcoat embroidered with patterns of fire, dragons and arcane-looking runes. Comes shipped with a big 'wizard' hat which doubles as hidden storage.
“Fighters” Warrior I Common A layer of quilted cloth with a hardened leather breastplate over it, bolstered, bolted leggings, and gauntlets. Protection that doesn't sacrifice your agility.
Soldier II Uncommon Fit for someone who walks like a wall, and hits like a mountain. A simple breastplate, boots, helmet, gauntlets and a large metal kite shield combination. Comes with belts for the storage of adventuring gear and a quilted cloth backing for comfort.
Brute III Made-to-Order These look like the furs of a great cat that was slaughtered with your own two hands - made to compliment the ID-SOL's physique. The head of the cat forms your hood, while the rest of the cat's fur is draped across your back, and its arms tie around your neck. Also comes with 'barbarian skirt', belt and fur boots. Crush your enemies, and see them driven before you!
“Tyrant” Tin Tyrant I Made-to-Order You'll be sure to knock down your opponents in style with this polished durandium breastplate, helmet, leggings, gauntlets and greaves combo. The fluted patterns on the breastplate and 'beaky' helmet are sure to deflect blows from those pesky heroic types. Short, sharp horns on the helmet are optional.
Scheming Vizer II Made-to-Order A stiff outer fabric jacket which stretches from the neck to the floor and a hood-with-face-mask stitched into it, all patterned to your liking. Dark colours are recommended to contrast with the inner shirt, vest, cravat and dress slacks. The jacket is made to be durable and protective with a durandium inserts on each breast, acting as your last line of defence if your schemes do not succeed.
The Dragon III Pending Similar in full construction to the Tin Tyrant, but the helmet has been made to look as though it's the mouth of a roaring dragon - and it can open and shut for combat. The fluted pattern has been foregone in favour of scales, and an inner layer of heat proof materials.

(OOC) To Do List

Create new lines of Clothing. Integrate the Custom Apparel Guide.

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