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Havok Customs

Havok Customs was founded by Jackson Winston-Allibaster Howard in early YE 39 after the SAoY mechanic struck literal gold during a Second Chance Salvage Company giveaway event in late YE 38. Jackson saw his new wealth as an opportunity to make money from his old hobby of modifying and repairing airbikes.

Logo and Slogan

Havok's logo is a simple, red β€œH” that is designed to look like it was created by the claws of a big cat.

Slogan: β€œWreak some Havok.”

Target Audience

  • Airbike racers and enthusiasts on both Nepleslia and Yamatai
  • Adrenaline junkies
  • Military and law enforcement entities who operate airbikes and need specialty work done.


  • To provide custom, one of a kind airbikes to riders who are dissatisfied with the performance or design of mass-produced β€œone size fits all” models sold by most large corporations.
  • Repair or modify existing models of bikes to the rider's specifications.
  • Provide custom graphics and other aesthetic modifications to airbikes and small personal vehicles.
  • Eventually develop means for mass-production.
  • Custom weapons.
  • Custom ship modifications.
  • General R&D.

Misc. Products

These products from Havok do not really fit under any category.


  • Havok Motors - Havok's growing line of original and exciting machines!


Havok Customs is located in the Uesureyan Fields on planet Planet Yamatai, in a massive hangar with the company's logo on the side walls.

Havok's secondary location, Howard Station, is an ORIN Orbital Shipyards (OOSY) currently under construction in orbit around Planet Osman.


For quotes and assistance in designing your new custom Havok, contact Jackson Winston-Allibaster Howard (Blizzard) via SYNC


Currently, most employees of Havok are NPC. If interested, contact Blizzard to set up a job interview. Many slots need filling, so more than pure engineering types are needed.

Racing Team

The Havok airbike team, a joint venture between Koga Akemi, competes in the EP-76cm class of the Nepleslian Airbike Circuit. 10% of the team's earnings are donated to Akemi's charity, which delivers supplies to impoverished areas of the known galaxy.

OOC Notes

Blizzard created this article on 2017/02/11 11:58.

*I plan on making an art gallery in the future featuring possible and already created designs.

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