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Iemochi Applied Technologies

A subsidiary of Iemochi Innovations & Sales, created as part of the company's rapid expansion plan. It seeks to increase the scope of IIS products to larger scale, such as small ships and larger modules. While it is very much still fledgling compared to the much larger shipyard companies around the universe, it fills its niche best it can.

About the Iemochi Applied Technologies

Applied Technologies was created by Iemochi Chiyo to facilitate the production of larger products in the civilian area to help Iemochi Lifestyle develop. After realising that the facilities allocated to Enkinpo could be used for other projects, he bought out a few local shipyards to allow the production of one or two ships at a time.


“Starbound and reliable.”

General Information

Iemochi Applied Technologies
CEO Aerinoi Genhich
Faction Independent (IIS)
Product Symbol IIS


The App-Tech headquarters are located at Empyrean, Elysia Novus. They're not much to look at, mostly a couple of shipyards of reasonable size, several reasonably sized factories and a mediocre-sized office building to act as their headquarters. It's built in traditional Elysian style but with a few Yamataian influences.


The company uses several dockyards and factories on Elysia Novus, outside of Empyrean itself.

It uses collective Iemochi Innovations & Sales facilities.


Current Products and Projects

Eye-II Class Stealth Corvette
Missile Monitor
Roll on Television
Space Yacht
Construction Mites
Road surfacers
Home Computers

OOC Notes

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WIP Craft

IIS-R1-1a "Mercian" Autonomous Mothership
IIS-01-1a "Mayfly" Swarmer Drone

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