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Junsa armor

The Ke-M8-1a/lb Junsa armor is the first armor made by Ketsurui Fleet Yards specifically for civilian usage.

About the Junsa armor

The Junsa (Police) armor is another instance of adapting Star Army of Yamatai technology for use by civilians.


Developed by Ketsurui Fleet Yards to help ensure that those who protect the citizens of Yamatai are themselves protected from the growing presence of advanced weapons getting into the hands of criminals. The Junsa serves as both armor and uniform for the Yamatai National Police.

Key features

The Junsa is form fitted to the wearer, designed to be compact it only adds several centimeters to the wearers profile. It provides the basic tools a law enforcement officer requires.

The Junsa comes in two variants:

  • 1a - for normal police officers dark blue
  • 1b - for elite police officers black

The Junsa armor provides the wearer with approximately twice their normal strength and dexterity.

Putting on the Armor

The Junsa is put on in segments rather than the pilot stepping into it.


  • Wearer puts on the shoulder segment and secures it.
  • Next the wearer attaches the chest section and ensures proper connection to the spinal shield.

User can choose to put the leg sections on or the arms next, matter of personal preference.

  • Leg sections: The wearer puts their foot into the boot closes it, then aligns and closes the lower leg section, followed by the upper leg. Repeat for other leg.
  • Arm sections: The wearer slides the armor over the arm and secures it to the shoulder unit. It will then close the sections to ensure a proper fit. Repeat for other arm.
  • After all extremity sections are in place, the wearer then puts on the waist segment. Once connected the power supply initiates a boot of the system, and the computer performs as system check. As part of this process the thermal control fluid begins to circulate. (Note: The waist section can be removed to allow the wearer to take care of necessities.)
  • Last the wearer installs and locks the gloves to the lower arm.

The Junsa is now ready for usage. To remove the armor reverse the order.


Sleek and form fitting, the Junsa is covered in glossy panels. The panels correspond to portions of the body. eg. The upper arms would be one panel, and the lower arm another. The sections of the armor are 5cm wider than the actual body part. All major joints are protected by a Durandium mesh on the inside of the joint, with panels covering the exterior. The helmet when deployed resembles a motorcycle helmet.



Organization Using This item: Yamatai National Police Type: Police Armor Nomenclature: Ke-M8-1a/1b Designers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu Research and Development teams, Takumi Manufacturers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Entered service: YE 31

Dimensions and Mass


The Junsa with helmet deployed adds approximately 7.5cm (3โ€œ) to the pilots height and 5cm (2โ€) to the pilots width.


  • Junsa 1a weighs approximately 35kg (70lbs).
  • Junsa 1b weighs approximately 40kg (88lbs).

Propulsion and Range

Anti-grav: 200kph (125mph) 1a Anti-grav: 400kph (250mph) 1b


The sections are covered in ceramic coated Durandium panels over a Yarvex mesh. Each section opens along the inner axis to facilitate donning and removing the armor. The shoulder segment includes an articulated spinal shield. This is what the abdomenal segments attach to.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: 1a - 4 SP (Armor scale)
  • Body: 1b - 5 SP (Armor scale)


Each segment has synthetic muscles that respond to the wearer's actions. The ends of the segments contain both physical and electrical connections. The inside of each segment of the armor is covered with a fluid filled membrane. This fluid circulates and regulates the temperature of the armor to keep the wearer comfortable. The mebrane is also porous and absorbs the wearers perspiration.



  • The Junsa has an integrated police radio, capable of encryption, sending and receiving video, it also has telepathic interface capability.
  • A holographic projector is built into the right forearm capable of displaying a screen up to 24โ€œ wide.

Ke-M8-E3100 - Computer

The Junsa armor uses a compact, quantum computer that runs the Kessaku OS. It uses a program to make it interactive with the wearer, but it is not an AI. The computer is mounted in the chest segment of the armor


  • The gloves have small electrical contacts, for use with the Ke-M8-W3100 Jisshi, however when in contact with a perpetrator they can be used as a taser weapon.


  • Integrated with the armor. It can filter the air of the wearer indefinitely.
  • It is retractable. It splits open in the front and then collapses into the shoulder section.
  • Provides nightvision, thermal, and x10 zoom.
  • Has built in microphone, speakers and video displays.


  • The Junsa uses a Ke-M4-G2902 Aetheric Generator and Capacitor System mounted in the small of the waist segment.

Shoulder segment

The shoulder unit has the following integrated items:

  • High intensity mini-spot lights in the front that track where the wearer looks
  • Video cameras center of chest and back
  • Response lamps are mounted in the front and back of the segment. When activated they alternate blue and red to indicate the wearer is responding to a call.
  • Sonar range 100 meters
  • RADAR range 5km
  • External speakers


Ke-M8-W3100 - Jisshi

The Jisshi handgun is designed to work exclusively with the Junsa armor. It receives its power from the contacts in the armor's gloves. Thus preventing the weapon from being used against the officer. It uses magnetic acceleration to fire the bullets, and encodes each round with the officers ID. The weapon fits into a holster built into the Junsa upper leg segment.

Rate of Fire: Single or 3 round burst. See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system. Damage: 2 (Personal scale) Clip: 30 rounds

Ke-M8-W3101 - Left forearm weapon

  • This weapon is basically an integrated version of the Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 30. But the weapon is permanently set to stun mode. Weapon port pops up out of the armor when activated.

Ke-M8-W3102 - Right forearm weapon

  • This weapon is an integrated compact mini-grenade launcher. Weapon port pops up out of the armor when activated.
  • Capacity 6 Ke-M8-W3102 series grenades.

Typical load

  • 2 Ke-M8-W3102a Type 31 Tear Gas Grenade - same functional specifications as the Star Army Tear Gas Grenade, Type 30 except modified to fit into the launcher.
  • 2 Ke-M8_W3102b Type 31 Sleeping Gas Grenade - same functional specifications as the Star Army Gas Grenade, Sleeping, Type 30 except modified to fit into the launcher.
  • 2 Ke-M8-W3102c Type 31 Fire Suppressant Grenade - Upon impact the contents react with oxygen to produce a smothering foam. A single grenade can cover a 3m x 3m (10' x 10') area with foam. Developed to assist the Junsa wearers when responding to vehicular accidents.

Ke-M8-W3103 - Tactical Assault Unit (TAU)

The Tactical Assault Unit is an attachment made for the Junsa and used by elite members of the Yamatai National Police. It attaches to the shoulder assembly of the Ke-M8-1b only and adds the following features.

  • Telescopic sighting, with thermal and night vision, and laser range finder
  • Shoulder mounted Sniper rifle with the performance of the GP-12A
  • Holographic project - for concealing the officer in well lit environments.

Ke-M8-S3100 - Crowd Containment Barrier (CCB)

The CCB attaches to the chest segment. When activated it projects a force field 1 meter wide by 2 meters high approximately .5 meters in from of the armor. Used in concert with other equipped officers, they can be used to contain an unruly mob without resorting to violence.

Competitive analysis

Comparing the Junsa to the Emrys Industries EM-M1 Enforcer Powersuit.

  • The low weight of the Junsa allows the wearer to interact in the civilian environment easily. A Junsa wearer can sit on most furniture with no fear of damage. This allows the officer when talking to people to assume a more affable posture. Because of its size and weight the users can operating normal equipment such as cars and motorcycles as required. The low weight also makes the Junsa ideal for entering residential structures that could not take the 1700+ pounds of the Enforcer. Also because of the low weight of the Junsa, it allows law enforcement personnel to safely use unarmed combat techniques.
  • The Junsa uses a battle proven power system which provides continuous power. This makes the only limiting factor of the Junsa the endurance of the wearer. In a twelve hour duty shift the Junsa would be operational for the entire period. While the Enforcer would have to return to a charging station and be offline for two hours.
  • The Junsa's retractable helmet allows the police officers to be seen as people rather than impersonal power armored enforcers, a public relations boon.
  • The segmentation of the Junsa means that an officer can remove the damaged section and put on a matching one and be back in service in minutes.
  • The Enforcer seems to carry a more lethal weapon load, for most law enforcement situations that fire power is excessive. And there is no restriction on what hand held weapons a Junsa wearer can carry if necessary.

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