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Lazarus Consortium

This organization may not be adopted.
Company Statistics
EstablishedYE 33
EmployeesCore employees, 244 (formerly 400)
Associated FactionsIndependant, Lorath Matriarchy, UMC
Nomenclature IDLAZ, LOA, AM

Welcome to the Lazarus Consortium public server.

Mission Statement

The Lazarus Consortium provide unique and innovative solutions to problems the customer haven't yet identified with lateral thinking, giving them the edge over their financial and military opponents. Our approach is one of semi-anonymous autonomy, working with many engineers from many different companies on a private and very personal level.

โ€œIf I had asked people what they wanted two hundred years ago, they would have said faster horses. The true answer to the problem was he car. We want to be the ones providing the answers to the questions the people don't know how to ask.โ€

Specifically, Lazarus deals in intellectual properties and the design of products rather than dealing with fabrication and distribution specifically at this time, which is often leased to other companies. At this time, their primary market is the design and creation of software solutions and conceptual technologies with experience in the area of Power-armour design.


The Consortium is divided into 12 members and 12 subsidiaries, each owned by different members anonymously. Importantly, the majority of subsidiaries at this time remain unknown, as does ownership information.

  • Reason, inc. โ€“ an engineering firm focused on turning base technologies into useful products.
  • Grafter, limited โ€“ A transportation and mining company with a focus on the production and use of large starships and advanced mining platforms.

The Consortium is also currently searching for sub-contractors.


Originally a communications and software company, Lazarus inherited a component of Lor's military legacy with the acquisition of Lorath engineers and intellectual property โ€“ namely ARIA and the AMX series. They have expanded to work almost anonymously, focusing over decentralised systems and simulation โ€“ possessing only a small live-testing area for manufactured equipment. The controlling interest of the company work autonomously and anonymously and have refused all attempts to be identified though they seem to work as a combined CEO and engineering staff which is unusual for a company of Lazarus' size.


Lazarus is looking to expand into independent work away from the Lorath Matriarchy and the UMC to establish a name for themselves in the sectors of civilian construction, propulsion and manufacturing internationally. Particularly, the consortium seeks to create its own network of fabrication and distribution chains.

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